5 Incredible Ideas to Ensure your next Event Tickets are Sold Out

Are you hosting a new event in the near future? If so, you need to know about how to prepare your event so that it will be successful later. Moreover—and this is very important from a business perspective—you need to ensure that you can sell all the tickets without having to sell them on the spot.

Depending on the number of tickets that you are planning to sell, it is highly possible to sell all of them out even a few days or weeks before the show actually takes place. What you need to do is to construct a good strategy in your marketing and promotion for your event. No matter what type of show or performance that you want to hold in the near future, selling out your tickets will help to move your event organizer business to the next level. Here are 5 incredible ideas to ensure that your next event tickets are sold out:

1. Prepare the Event Page a Few Months Before the Show Date

Many event organizers might start preparing the event page on their website a few weeks or even a few days before the show date. This practice is not a good one to follow because if you do that, you would rush into selling all your tickets via the webpage in the course of a few weeks or a few days. That might be fine if you are holding an event that only requires a few hundred attendees to fill the seats, but for bigger events, it would be a disaster.

It is better to prepare the event page a few months before the show date so that you can have lots of marketing and promotion time for this show. Moreover, you can give various offers for those who decide to purchase the tickets early, which can help boost the ticket sales significantly.

2. Ask Social Media Influencers and Sponsors to Promote It Regularly

Without promoting your event regularly, you won’t get anywhere even though you have prepared the webpage for the show a few months before. So, in order to smooth the promotional process, you should have some social media influencers as the kind of “brand ambassador” for this particular show. Of course, you need to choose the ones that are also fans of the artists that will appear in the show.

On top of that, you should also ask the cooperation of the sponsors to help promote this particular event regularly. This way, you will have enough time to create a hype for the event and attract as many interested people as possible.

3. Make It Easy for People to Buy the Tickets

Promoting your event regularly is a baby step to ensure that you can sell all the tickets that you have for the show. The next step is to ensure that the purchasing system is as smooth as possible for the attendees. You can’t risk losing some attendees that are interested to watch the show just because they have problems in purchasing the tickets. So, it is better for you to use an established ticket-selling platform that can reach the audience easily.

In this way, people from any city, whether they are located near or far from the city where the event will be held, will be able to purchase the tickets without problem. Moreover, you need to use the platform that supports purchasing the tickets from mobile devices, as well as purchasing it using various payment methods.

4. Give Discounts to Special Attendees

Giving discounts for your event tickets will help you to attract even more people to attend the show later. You can give discounts to special attendees that meet the specific requirements, such as those who are living in the same city as the venue location, college students, those who purchase the tickets early, and so on. Make these discounts available for a limited time so that people can grab the tickets fast.

This can help ensure that you can sell as many tickets as possible in a short amount of time. Moreover, it will help create more hypes as more people are rushing to purchase the tickets before they are sold out.

5. Make It a No-Brainer for People to Attend the Event

Last but not least, you need to make your event so special that it would be something regrettable if people don’t attend the event. This is usually done when the show features various artists that are very popular, and they don’t create this type of event often. If that is the case, people would miss the possible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with the artists if they don’t attend the event, especially for long-term fans of the artists.

You can also make the event a special experience for the attendees by giving them various benefits that they won’t get when they decide not to attend the event directly. For instance, you can offer giveaways, special Q&A sessions, chances to take self-portrait photos with their favorite artists, and many other benefits that will entice them to purchase the tickets right away.

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