10 Reasons why Targeted Email Promotion can Attract Loyal Attendees to your Events

There are many ways to promote your events.And if you are a good event organizer, you should be able to create a diverse promotional campaign for each event that you will hold. However, there are two important things that you need to remember about event planning and promotion. The first thing is targeted campaign, and the second thing is email promotion.

If you combine them together, it will provide the best way to keep a loyal audience for your events. In other words, you will be able to attract more loyal audience to your events if you use them properly.

Here are 10 reasons why targeted email promotion can attract loyal attendees to your event:

1. You Send The Message Straight To Your Target Audience

When you put your ads on various platforms, such as social media, blogs, websites, and others, you are actually targeting a group of people who might be interested in your events. On the other hand, when you have send promotional messages to your email subscribers, you have send the promotion to the targeted audience.

This is why targeted email marketing is such a powerful way to attract repeat attendees to your events.

2. Your Subscribers Trust Your Event Organizer Brand More

Your mailing list subscriber are usually people who have a big trust in your brand. They love the past events that you hold throughout, and they are looking forward to the next events that you will hold.

This is why when you send email promotion to them, they respond quite well to your promotion because they have a high level of interest in your events and your brand.

3. You Keep Good Communication Going With Your Event Attendees

A good event organizer will always ask their attendees to subscribe to their mailing list to get more information related to the events that they hold. Some event organizers may even ask the people to join their mailing list straight after they complete their first ticket purchase.

This is why many good event organizers are getting bigger by the years. This is because they keep a good communication with their event attendees through effective email marketing campaign.

4. Your Mailing List Consists Of People Who Have Attended Your Events Before

Why ask other people who never attend your events before to attend your event, while you can simply ask those who have attended your events before? Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to undermine the importance of putting ads on other platforms.

However, since your mailing list subscribers consist of people who have attended your events before, at least most of them, then it becomes easier for you to motivate them to attend your next event.

5. You Will Get The Highest Conversion Rate

Your mailing subscribers consist of people who consider your event organizer brand to be reputable, and they love your brand. That’s why they decide to subscribe to your mailing list to get more information regarding your next projects.

This is why you can easily convert your subscribers into attendees with the right targeted email marketing campaign. It gives you the highest conversion rate when compared to other marketing methods.

6. You Keep Your Best Audience Glued To Your Events

Of course, some people will not stay long on your mailing list. Some of them may decide to unsubscribe from your list due to various reasons. But, the many people who stay on your list are your best audience. These are the people who are interested to keep your emails in their inbox simply because they want to know more about your next events.

This is the reason why targeted email promotion is so effective in attracting more attendees to your next event. It is because you are promoting it to your best audience.

7. You Make Your Audience Feel Special

A smart event organizer will run different promotions for their subscribers and non-subscribers. Why is it important? That’s because they want to value their subscribers more than the others. That’s why a smart event organizer will usually offer special discounts and bonuses for their subscribers only, while letting the others to pay the full price.

When you run a targeted email campaign like this, you will make your audience feel special and make them want to take your special offers.

8. You Save A Lot Of Time Attracting New Attendees For Your Events

Email marketing is simple, and the results can be measured quite easily. It’s different when you run some promotional campaigns on various platforms. You don’t know whether people will respond well to your event promotion or not. Usually, you also need to split test your campaigns to ensure that you get the best results from your promotion.

However, when using targeted email marketing campaign, you will be able to save a lot of time attracting new attendees to your next event, simply because you already know the best way to promote to them.

9. You Make It Easy To Encourage Your Audience

Encouraging your audience to attend your event is easier to be done with email marketing than with other methods of promotion. Since your mailing list subscribers are people who trust you, and they generally like to attend your events, you can easily persuade them to attend another event that you hold.

You just need to give them the right offer and an interesting event to attend, and they will likely go for it.

10. Your Emails Will Always Get Through Their Inbox

Promoting your events through relevant websites or blogs may not get your marketing message read by your audience, since they can block your ads or simply ignore it. But, with targeted email promotion, you will always make your emails get through their inbox, no matter what.

In this way, your promotion is always ready to greet them when they open their inbox. That’s why email marketing is easier to be done than the other marketing methods, especially if you are holding your next event soon.

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