Distinguished Alumni Lecture Event for Students

A Distinguished Alumni Lecture is an event in which the alumni of the institution get together and share their experiences and achievements with the fellow students. Arranging a distinguished alumni event is very helpful in inspiring the students and helping them to push themselves to work harder and be successful. The speaker in such events is usually someone who has an experience and has achieved something extraordinary in any field.

A distinguished alumni lecture is a great opportunity for the present students to interact with the ex-students and share their experiences and thoughts. These are the people who can relate to each other and this helps build harmony. Usually, an alumni lecture event I held at a college or a school and different speakers come up to share their words. The event can also be organised as an alumni meet and greet.

Such events are regular happenings in most of the big colleges. They happen on a very big scale and new ideas keep popping up to make this much more fun for the students and the speaker. Unlike the old days when a person would get up to the stage and just give a speech, the people have found some really interactive ways to grab the attention of the audience. Technology is being used everywhere. The concept is explained to them by the means of presentations and movies and much more. So every next distinguished alumni lecture event stands out from the others until the better one comes along.

If you are planning to arrange a distinguished alumni event in your college or institution you should keep in mind that it will require a lot of planning and precision. Depending on the size of the event, the complexities keep on increasing. We assume that you have come here to know how to arrange a alumni lecture event. So without any delay, let’s get into how you can arrange an amazing distinguished alumni lecture without a lot of experience.


List the Alumni as the speaker for the distinguished alumni lecture event

First thing first, the main thing in the event is the speaker. So, list down all the possible speakers that can come and share their achievements with the students on the day of the event. The alumni can be anyone from any batch. Make sure the person you choose can speak in an interactive manner and has a good reputation amongst the people. The more famous your speaker is, the more attention he will grab the audience.

Plan the event

Planning is the next major step in hosting any successful distinguished alumni event. Your planning should involve the following pointers:

Date and time

Set the date and times as such that all the attendees and the speaker are available to attend the event. The date can be decided according to your preference but make sure the day is a holiday or not a long work day. Set the timings either on a holiday or after work. Make all the preparations based on the duration of the lecture.


The venue usually is the college or the school auditorium but if in case they are not available to book another venue. Make sure that the venue has a proper stage and seating arrangements. Ask the venue organisers about all the facilities they will provide you including electricity and catering.


The size of the audience greatly affects the planning. Make a rough draft of the people that will be attending the event. Choose your venue and team accordingly.


Your team will be the one responsible for making the event a success of a failure. So, choose wisely. You do not want people with no experience or skills to ruin the event for you. Take interviews and explain the work to these volunteers properly.

Plan all the activities and the topics to speak

The activities are important to hold the attention of your audience. Look at the kind of crowd you have targeted and then decide the topics of conversation with them. Small activities such as performances and skits can also make the  Distinguished Alumni Lecture more interesting. Ask the speaker to be interactive and talk to the people in the audience so that they feel involved in the process.

Get The Budget

The budget is the next big thing. If this is an event being organised by the university, there is a big chance that they will provide you with all the fundings. But if you lack fundings then looking for a sponsor is the best way to go about it. You can also put up entry tickets for the attendees to make some money. The sponsors are not easy to find. So to attract the best sponsor, make a detailed plan of the event stating all the pros and cons in detail. Let them know how they will be benefitting from the event and how much their contribution will matter.

Call or Invite The Attendees

You have the budget and you have the plan. Now is the time to reach the speakers. Go to each potential speaker separately if possible and ask them to come and share their wisdom with the students of the college. If the speaker is not available in the city or the town, try and video calls them. If that is also not possible call and email them. Ask them bout all their needs and the facilities they want to attend the event. Arrange for their transportation and accommodation. In addition to this make sure to discuss their speech and how they will be interacting with the audience.


Any event needs attendees to be successful. Attract the crowd to visit your Distinguished Alumni Lecture and make it a huge hit. To do this all you need is a social media account. Since most of the audience you are targeting is the youth, you need to publicise your event on social media. So, create an account or an event page and send the information across to all the people. In addition to this try email marketing and flyers. If your institution has a radio show, make sure to make announcements on them regularly.

On the event day

Reach the venue at least an hour before the audience starts pouring in. In addition to this have a chat with the speaker and solve any problems that he has. Make sure all the sound and seating arrangements are done properly. Also, check the catering arrangements. If there is any problem, make sure to find a solution to it as soon as possible.

After The Event

After the event goes to the alumni and thanks him. Give him a token of appreciation if possible and take special care of them. Post the pictures and videos of the event on social media. Take feedbacks of the attendees for future references.


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