9 Simple Ways to Plan Dinner Dance Event

Dinner and dance events have been a major part of different cultures all around the world. They can be big or small, formal or informal, masquerade or any other theme. Dance and food are two things that make everyone happy. Attending a dinner-dance fulfils both the needs and also helps you interact with the people and build connections.

Organising a dinner dance event is not all fun and games. Depending on how big the event is, the size and intensity of the preparations increase and can make you really anxious if you are just a beginner. With so many different technologies and new ideas being used to host these dinner dance events all over the world, it becomes really tough to come up with something that makes your event stand out.

Set A Date And Start Early Preparation For The Dinner Dance Event

Set a date for your dinner dance event as early as possible so that you can start the preparation earlier. The date should not clash with any other big event or holiday coming up. If the dinner dance is an informal one, try to fix a date during the weekends and if it is a formal office dinner dance, fix a date on the working days so that the people do not have to spend their holidays for office functions. Starting early will also give you time to find the perfect team and arrangements.

Make A Guest List

Secondly, make a guest list. Decide how many people you want to invite to your dinner dance event. If it is an invitation based event, note down all the names and give them a call personally to know about their availability. If it is an event that sells tickets, define an accurate number of tickets that will be sold. Add some celebrities and famous people to your guest list to increase the publicity of the event.

Select A Theme

An innovative and interesting thing can instantly make a boring party into an exciting one. Take examples from the internet. Depending on the size and the age of the people in the audience decide a theme such as a masquerade ball or an 80s party etc.

Pick A Venue

Depending on the number of guests and the theme pick a venue that would make the event look even more magnificent. Keep in mind that the venue has all the following facilities available:

  • There should be enough room to fit all the guests and enough space for them to dance and move around.
  • Make sure there are enough chairs and table for everyone to sit and eat.
  • Parking facility is a must. So, make sure there is enough parking space around the venue.
  • Location of the venue should be in a quiet area and easily accessible to all the people.
  • The facilities like electricity and sound systems should be provided by the venue owner. If they are not, then make arrangements as soon as possible.
  • Manually check every decoration that is done on the venue and supervise the job. It should be in accordance to the theme.
  • Make sure the dance floor is proper and not slippery. A, so see that the dance floor is big enough to fit all the people easily.

Staff and Volunteers

It is a big task to organize a huge event all by yourself and you will need the help of a few volunteers and a team. You need different people to handle the different aspects of the plan. Make sure you audition these people before hiring them to work with you. Remember not to hire anyone that is not qualified for the job. Give each member a particular job to take care of. Take everyone opinion on anything to broaden your options. Brief your staff regarding everything they have to during the event and after the event.

Food And Drinks

Food and beverages are a very important part of the dinner dance event. Serve food that suits the theme of the event. If the theme of the event is the 80s, make sure you serve foods that are in accordance with that time. The fancier the theme, the fancier the food should be. It does not mean that you have to go, gourmet. Ask your chef or the catering staff to take the simple food and turn it into something interesting. Innovative food designs and decoration attract a lot of people. Put up a bar and have one bar tender per 100 people. Ask the catering staff to attend the guests while they eat.

Seating Plan

The seating arrangement is another important task. Make sure you seat adults with adults and children with children. Check out all the guests and do not give separate tables to the people who belong to one family or a group. Try and seat them together.

Invitation and Tickets

In an invitation based dinner dance event, an invitation card has to be printed. Make sure the date, theme, venue and itinerary of the event are clearly mentioned on the invitation card. For the ticket based events, price the tickets appropriately an start selling them as early as possible. You can sell the tickets online and offline. Make sure that you publicize the event well to attract as many people as possible.


Publicity will greatly help you in selling tickets and increasing the attendees. Publicize on every possible platform. Use social media and email marketing to your advantage. Social media is the free promotional option for you. In addition to this, print flyers and distribute it to the people. Also, put out newspaper advertisements and hoardings for the people to see and get to know about your event.

During the dinner-dance try and meet as many guests as possible and thank them for attending the event. Treating the guest in the best way possible should be your responsibility. Although you are the head of planning for this amazing event does not mean that you should not have fun. Once everyone is settled and all the guests have arrived, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the party to the fullest. Moreover, with these amazing steps, you will never have any problem in throwing an amazing dinner dance event.




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