How to Plan Debate Competition

The right to speak and express an opinion is the universal right and should be given to every person in the world. People have a different point of views about all the things and the exchange of these point of views is called a simple conversation. The flow of knowledge and the exchange of ideas can be done formally or informally. When this discussion takes a formal turn when each person gets a special stage to speak out their opinions, it is known as a debate.

The debates have solved a lot of problems all over the world. The debate is a great way to encourage people to speak their minds and also get information to the public. From school and college children to the big political parties, there is a debate going on everywhere. A political debate may help the people choose the best candidate to work for them for a small period of time. A school or college debate can be helpful in increasing the knowledge of the children and create a healthy environment where everyone can speak their minds openly.

Debate competitions are held all over the world on large and small scales. Organizing a debate competition is not a very tough task but as the size of the debate increases so does the responsibility. The debate competitions need a lot of planning and precision. Before planning a debate competition go through the points below so that you can have a systematic start to your plan. Keep reading:

Decide The Topic For Debate

There is no debate without a proper topic. Hence make sure you have a well-thought topic ready before the competition. Another thing to keep in mind while deciding the topic is to ensure that debating on it will not hurt public sentiments or might create conflicts between the parties. If in case there is a need for such topic then make sure there is enough provision to take care of the situation that might arise eventually. Also, keep in mind that there is a conflicting aspect to the topic to debate upon.

Decide The Time and Date For The Debate Competition

Decide the time and date in a manner that all the audience and candidates are available on them. Avoid days like festivals and public holidays when people are usually busy celebrating. Also, do not plan the debate during the holidays since most of the people are on a vacation and might not be able to attend it. Furthermore, check the timetable of the judges and the participants before coming to a conclusion about the dates.

Get A Budget For The Debate Competition

Decide a feasible budget for the debate competition. Do not spend a lot of money on the small event. However, if branding and huge venues are to be booked, money is required. This can be made possible with the help of the sponsors. The sponsors can advertise their products during the event and in turn, take care of some finances. This is a win win situation for both parties.

Invite The Candidates For The Debate

Selecting the perfect candidates for the debate competition is also a tedious process. You need people who have the ability to interact with the audience. Furthermore, they should have a thorough knowledge about the topic so that they can easily counter the facts and figures of the competitor. Select such candidates and send them personal invites with the venue, date and time. Also, do not forget to mention the topic so that they come well prepared. You can also have a screening and interview of the candidates.

Invite The Judges To Decide The Winner For The Debate Competition

The next task is deciding the judges for the debate competition. Select the judges that have knowledge about the subject and the topic. If it is a big debate, having a big panel of judges is advisable. Make sure you have enough funding in order to pay the judges. You can also have famous personalities on the judging panel to increase the popularity of your event.

Decide A Venue

Decide the venue properly. Make sure the venue is spacious enough for all the people attending. Additionally, check the sound and audio reception of the room. This is very important since the sound quality determines the success and failure of the event. There should be no echo and the sound system should be moderately loud.

Keep In Mind All The Facilities

The other facilities include the seating arrangements of the audience, the judges, and the competitors. Additionally, make sure you have the menu pre decided for the food and beverages. Furthermore, make sure that there is enough parking space in or around the venue.

Publicize The Debate

Make sure you use all kinds of methods to publicize your event. Make the most of the free social media marketing to publicize your event. Additionally, print flyers and posters to attract attendees. You can also call famous celebrities to the event in order to attract a lot of press and eventually a lot of people to your event.


As already said, debates are a great way to encourage people to put forth their thoughts and learn about the perspectives of the other people. So, you can easily plan and execute a successful debate competition by following the above steps. Also, keep in mind to start the planning as early as possible. The earlier you start, the easier it will be for you to make each and every arrangement. Make sure you visit a few debate competitions. Check out all the new technology and facilities used in them. Work under an event manager or an event management company to gain experience.

However, do not forget to be a little innovative and add your own inputs to the debate preparation. Do not shy away from making last minute changes and a little failure in the beginning. But most of all be confident and never shy away from taking help from the other people.

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