Dance Event For All Age-How To Organise?

Dance is a form of art that has lots and lots of dimensions for different people. For some people dance if a form of exercise, for some it is a career and for some, it is just an art form to relax. No matter what the reason is, everybody loves it. With the increase in dance reality shows all over the world, more and more people are getting attracted to dancing. People have started attending the dance shows and competitions more readily now and dance events are becoming increasingly popular.

A dance event is a great way to promote dancing and also to bring out dancers from all around the world to showcase their talents. Dance events can be big or small depending on the size of the audience and the purpose of the event. A dance event can be anything from a dance competition to a dance party to a casual ballroom performance event. Many people have been organising these shows from all over the world and they are becoming instant hits. Different choreographers are coming up with new forms and new ways to perform the already known dance forms. Different technologies are being immersed into the dance forms to make it more attractive and entertaining. If you want to experience all of this under one roof, you should definitely attend a dance event.

If you have planned to organise a dance event by yourself, remember that it needs a lot of knowledge and experience. It is important for you to go and check out some big dance events of all sorts and thoroughly observe them. This observation will help you build a plan of your own. However, if you are still not able to understand how to make this arrangement work, we are here to help you. We have made a guide of the steps that you should include in your plan to organise a dance event.

  • Decide The Type Of Dance Event

    First thing first, decides the kind of event that you want to host. Like we have mentioned above, it can be a dance competition, a ballroom party or anything. Make sure you decide the type based on the theme and the reason for the event. Once the type is finalised, decide the theme of the event as well. Be creative with the selection of the theme and make it as grand as possible.

  • The Budget For The Event

    The next thing is the budget of the event. The budget of the event greatly depends on the sponsors. Make a detailed plan and mail it to the potential sponsors to approve. Make sure you email it to more than one sponsor. This will help in cases when one sponsor backs off, you will have another one ready to help you organise the event. Let the sponsor know what kind of profit will come to them if they invest money in your event. Without any profit, there is no chance that the people will be interested in giving you money. Do not overspend but also make sure you do not compromise with the quality.

  • Number Of Guests and Performers

    Decide the number of guests you will be invited to the dance event. If you do not have a definite list of the people, make sure you have a rough estimate. Do not just ignore this step since it is very crucial in deciding the steps that will come ahead. Do not invite people more than you can actually accommodate. Invite some professional dancers and performers to the event in order to make it even more exciting and enjoyable. If you are inviting some really famous performers, send the invitations or the proposals early. They usually have a packed schedule and you will have to book the dates with them early on.

  • The Venue

    The selection of a good venue is the most important step in planning the dance event. The venue should have enough space for the people to sit and enjoy while for the other people to dance and perform. Make sure the stage or floor is big enough for all the people to get accommodated easily.

  • Facilities and Utilities

    There are many facilities that need to be taken care of when organising a dance event. The facilities include the parking facility for the guests, the accommodation for the guests that have been invited from outside, the food and beverages and much more. Make sure there are enough water supply and enough toilets for all the guests. Set up the volunteers to guide the guests through the venue so that they are able to find all the utilities easily. Make sure there are enough chairs and table for the people to sit and relax.

  • Music and Dance Floor

    Since it is a dance event, floor and music are the most important factor in its success. Make sure that the dance floor is comfortable and not slippery for the people. The music system should be proper and the sound should be audible in the whole venue but it should not be too loud. The electricity is another major arrangement to look for. Make sure there is enough electricity supply in the whole venue throughout the event.

  • Invitations and Publicity

    Send out the invites early so that the people free their dates to attend the event. If it is an event without a definite guest list start promoting the event early on so that the people get to know about it. Use social media and email marketing to make the most out of free promotional options. Also, put up hoardings and distribute flyers for the people to get to know about the event. If there is an entry ticket to the event, make sure you start selling them early and price the tickets such that more and more people buy them.


After the dance event is over, make sure to thank all the dancers and the guests for attending. Set up a group of volunteers to escort the important guests out of the venue. Post the pictures of your event on social media so that the people get to know more about it. The publicity will help your next event get even more famous. Do not forget to shake a leg yourself and have some fun at the event. Afterall dance is the best form of enjoyment and even though you are organising the event, you should not stay away from the fun.

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