How to Create an Active and Passionate Community of Event-Goers Around your Music Events

Nowadays, people are willing to attend to a music event if it is held by a reputable event organizer. It’s not only a matter of who will perform at the event, but it is also a matter of who will organize the event. This is because when the event is organized by a well-known and reputable event organizer, the event will tend to be well-managed, and it will be satisfying for the audience to attend the event. Thats why you need to create the event-goers.

But, if the event organizer is known to be not too good at organizing events, the audience will get the feeling that the event will not be satisfying to attend. So, as an event organizer, it is your job to build your own reputation in holding successful music events from various artists, bands, and musicians.

One of the best ways that you can do to make it happen is to create a community around your music events. In this way, you can build your own fan base which consists of people who love to attend to your music events. So, whenever they hear that you are going to hold a music event, they will be willing to attend to the event and book the tickets immediately.

Here are 7 tips to create an active and passionate community of event-goers around your music event:

1. Create The Identity Of Your Audience

Many successful event organizers usually target a specific audience for their music events. They also usually hold only events that are suitable for their specific audience. For instance, there are successful event organizers that specialize in holding jazz music events. There are others that specialize in holding rock music events, or oldies.

What can be learned from their success is that they have a specific audience to target. So, you should do the same for your music events. You need to give an identity for your audience. You have to specialize in holding the events that appeal to your audience. Think about it in the perspective of long-term business. When you do this, it will be easier for you to create a loyal fan base for your event organizer brand.

2. Listen To Your Audience Constantly

If you want to build an active community around your music events, you need to listen to the feedback of your audience constantly. Without listening to them, you will never know about what they want from you. It can be really bad for your brand if you cannot provide what your audience wants.

By listening to your audience, you can improve your music events from time to time. You can provide a better service for them in the long run, too. It will help to attract more audience, and you will be able to build more respect for your brand.

3. Keep Them Event-Goers Informed With Your Latest Projects

Are you planning to hold some music events this year? You have to inform your audience about the latest projects that you are doing. It can help you gain your audience’s trust, as well as get constant support from them.

By informing them about your latest projects, you will also be able to build anticipation toward your next music event. It helps you to spread the words about your next event more effectively. Don’t be secretive with your audience regarding your latest projects. It is because you might lose the chance of promoting your next music event early.

4. Email Marketing As Your Follow-Up Tool

Building an active community around your music events cannot be done effectively if you don’t build subscribers for your mailing list. So, email marketing is vital for your success in creating a loyal audience for your brand. Thus, it needs to be your primary follow-up tool in your promotion.

When you have some subscribers in your mailing list, you can inform them about the next event that is going to be held shortly. You can send the email promotion to them two times per week, so that they can prepare themselves for the event. You can also use the email marketing campaign to follow-up those who have purchased the tickets for the next event.

5. Create An Active Social Media Community

Social media is an ideal place for you to build a two-way communication with your audience. In fact, when used properly, it can also be used as one of your marketing channels. You can easily attract more attendees for your music events using this channel, too.

So, your goal is to create an event-goers active social media community by creating an official page for your event organizer brand, which will give your audience a complete information about your events. You should use as many social media platforms as possible for this to be done effectively.

6. Keep The Conversation Going

Creating social media pages for your brand is not enough for you to attract more audience for your music events. You also have to fill those pages with fresh content regularly, at least three times per week. In this way, you can keep the conversation going with your audience, while at the same time, keeping your social media pages active.

This is the way you can build an active event-goers community in social media. With the new content that you add regularly to your social media pages, conversations will naturally begin. Then, all you need to do is to participate in the conversation and keep it going.

7. Give Special Bonuses For Early Ticket Buyers

Of course, having a loyal audience that recognizes your event organizer brand as a reputable event organizer is a privilege that you should appreciate all the time. So, you should treat your loyal audience as your special audience. You can do it by giving them special bonuses in their ticket purchases.

Inform your loyal audience ( event-goers ) early about your next event before you launch a full promotional campaign for that event. And for those who buy the tickets for your next event early, you can give them some special bonuses that cannot be obtained by other attendees. It can be a merchandise or a discount.

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