Create a Perfect Event Page with these 3 Major Tips

An event page contains all necessary details about an event – from its venue and time to payment details – everything must be there. This page must be attractive as well as informative. There must be enough details that will not leave the interested people asking for more. Rather the details must be such that it helps them to know and get all they want. An event page that is complete and carefully created can help in attracting attendees, and lead them to ticket buying. Here are a few tips on how to create a perfect event page.

Primary details:

Primary details include all that which is necessary for people to know.

Name of your event

The very first thing is the name of the event. This name must be written clearly and attractively. Using colors and different styles can make things more attractive. But a name should not be more than 75 letters. Keeping it within the limit will help you create a good looking event page.

Venue of your event

The next thing is venue. This is a thing that must be clearly visible. The venue must be written in a way that people from any country or city can understand exactly where you are organizing the event.

Date of your event

Then you should move on to the date. An event may be a single day affair or a few days long. Whatever it is, clearly mention the date or dates in the page. If you plan to start the event at different times on different dates, never fail to mention this thing properly. Every interested person should know all the details in a very clear way. They may turn to other events if you let then be confused with the details.

The above points are the basic details that every event page must provide. How to present them is up to you. Always make sure you do not miss any of the primary details which are always helpful for people. There are other details which will follow these and those are also very important for an event page.

Pictures and Performance:

After the primary details, it is high time that you provide other details.


The very first thing in this respect is pictures. We all know that a picture can tell a hundred words. Sometimes, pictures can tell more than words. It happens in the event page. In the page people will look for the details of what to expect. When you describe in words, you must do it with pictures too. Choosing and using the right picture is very important. This picture will tell people what they are going to have in the event. A picture must not be more than 10 MB. Choose the pictures that properly explain the vibe of the event to your potential attendees. Choosing the wrong type of photo can convey a wrong message to people.


An event is comprised of the performance that is going to happen. It is necessary to tell people what they are going to get. Tell clearly about the performers or speakers. These names are important. People tend to attend events where they get to learn something or hear to inspirational people. In case of a music event, the name of a famous star is enough to lure people. You must also provide details of the time and date when different performers or speakers are going to speak. This will help people with all the necessary details they need. An event page that can convey these clear messages can help in getting candidates register for the event.

event page


All you want your potential attendees to do is to book tickets. The event page must directly lead them to the ticket booking. Always remember that people are busy. Never expect them to spend lots of time to book tickets. Make the process of ticket booking easier and simpler for them. In events, often there are different kinds of tickets, like general entry, early birds and VIPs. There is a price for each ticket if it is for profit. If it is a free event, make it clear too. If it is for profit, there are different prices for different tickets. Mention the price of each kind of ticket. Also, mention the capacity the venues have. You must decide the quantity for each section before you go live with the ticket selling. This capacity and quantity is necessary things. Every venue has a different capacity. The organizers must decide what number of seats must be allotted to the different section of ticket buyers. Make sure that you update the number of seats everyday as the tickets are sold out. This will also help people in knowing how much chances they have to get a ticket. In fact, people will be more interested to book a ticket when they find tickets being sold in huge numbers. Never ever sell tickets more than the capacity of the venue. Make sure you can give proper space to every attendee. None should feel uncomfortable in the event as this can make people turn back to your next events.  

Summing up

An event is something that brings a fresh air to an otherwise mundane life. While some events give us opportunities to earn something new, some allow us to enjoy to the fullest. Whatever your event is, it is necessary that you reach people. Any event will be successful when all tickets are sold, and there is an expected number of attendees. But attendees are not going to find their way to your event if you do not let them know about the event. Letting people know about the event is the key to get interested people register for the event. Social media is a place which helps to bring people together for anything. This same place and the Internet can help you to attract those people whom you want to attend the event. Hence the very first thing that is necessary to do is to create an event page that will tell people about your event. Create a page following the above tips and make it attractive.

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