10 Things you should Consider while Choosing an Event Venue

As an event planner or just a normal person who is trying to plan out an event, there are some things in the checklist that need to be proper in order to make the event a success. One of these important things to consider is the venue. A venue is the backbone of any event be it a business event or a family event or any social event. It’s a fact that the people are more likely to be attracted to things that look good and if your venue looks good and has all the services available for the attendees, consider your event a success.

However selecting the perfect venue is not an easy task. You need to make sure everything is taken care of and attendees do not have any problem at your desired venue. This can be a really daunting task for a beginner and a person with no experience whatsoever. But you do not have to worry because we are here to help you. Here is a list of 10 things that you should consider while looking out for the perfect venue.


Budget To Consider

The first thing to consider while looking for a good venue for an event is the budget. The budget will decide the amount of cash you will spend on booking the venue, catering and other services. The first filter that you need to use while selecting the venue is the price range that it fits in. Make sure that the budget for the venue is different from the budget for other services. Also, you should try and find a venue that is below the set budget so that it leaves you with more money that can be used in other arrangements.

Audience and Event Type

the second thing to consider while choosing a venue for your event is the kind of people that will be attending it. Now, not everyone would like an open venue and not everyone would be comfortable with an indoor party. The arrangements and the decorations also depend on the type of people that will attend the event. The number of people attending the event will decide the size of the venue.

It is also very important to consider the type of venue event to select the perfect venue. A lecture event can not possibly take place at an outdoor location whereas for a concert event you would definitely need an outdoor venue.

Location To Consider

Locations is another thing that is very important to consider while selecting the perfect venue for your event. Make sure the location is:

  • Easily accessible to all the people from all the places in the area. The people should not find it difficult to search the location and reach it.
  • Well ventilated and can accommodate all the attendees properly without creating and haphazard.
  • Present in a quiet and calm place so that the people do not have to hear the noise of the bustling traffic or the crowd nearby while having fun.



The next thing to consider is the availability of the venue on the required dates. No matter how perfect the venue is for your event, availability is the most important factor in selection. Make sure you pre book the venue and not wait for the day of the event to contact the venue. If the venue is occupied, you will have a lot of problems in finding a new one.

The Ambience Of The Venue

The next thing to consider is the ambiance of the venue. Make sure the venue is well lit and well ventilated. See whether all the decorations and arrangements will look good at the venue or not. Make sure everything about the venue is attractive to your crowd and your decor plans fit perfectly with the settings.

Parking Space

Once you have ticked all the above boxes for your venue, make sure there is enough parking space around or inside the venue. The attendees will obviously bring their own vehicles and not being able to find a perfect parking spot is a major buzz kill for anyone. Imagine going all dressed up for a party and not finding a parking spot. The parking spot is a far away place and you have to walk all the way to the venue. It will kill your happy mood and automatically put you in a bad mood. To avoid this make sure there is an underground parking or a huge area to park the vehicles around the venue. If the venue does not have to park, reject it immediately.

Availability Of Amenities

Amenities are the next important thing to consider. The amenities involve a lot of things such as the :

  • Catering- Some venues have their in house catering and some do not. So ask the venue whether they will be able to provide catering services for your event or not. Most venues deduct the fee from your booking amount if they do not have catering. If they do, make sure that it is compatible with the theme and type of event.
  • Table and Chairs- Seating arrangements are the responsibility of the venue. Tell the venue the number of guests that will be attending the event. They will make the arrangements accordingly. Just check on the arrangements yourself before the day of the event.
  • Technology- Make sure that the venue has its own audio visual instruments if they are required for your event. If the venue does not have it, ask them to arrange for it. Although some venues might require you to do that arrangement yourself.



The security of the attendees is one of the biggest concerns. Make sure the venue has enough security that can handle any kind of fights or riots and mishappening. Also, consider booking a venue in an area that is safe and secure. The venue would provide their personal security in most of the cases.

The Acoustics Of The Venue

Imagine visiting a venue that has very loud music or audio that your head starts aching or the audio barely audible that you are unable to understand anything that is being said. Both these situations are extremely frustrating. Make sure you consider the acoustics of the venue when booking it. The acoustics is basically how sound travels throughout the venue. It will largely depend on the built of the venue, the audio instruments and the number of attendees.

The Restrictions or Venue Policies

Each venue has its own policies and you need to make sure you follow them. Ask the venue for any special policies they have and they would like you to follow. Make sure you abide them.


You should note that the requirement for a perfect venue can change with every event and all these points are the basic steps. In many cases, there can be different specifications for each and every venue and arrangement and it is important to personalize accordingly. Be as creative as possible and even if you make a few mistakes, in the beginning, remember that it is alright and nothing is unmendable. Be safe and consider having some fun while making the arrangements.


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