Things to Do Before and During a Concert

A music concert is a great way to spend your weekend with your friends. Music concerts are a lot of fun since you get to see your favourite band or singer sing and also you can have some quality time with your peers. A music concert is an event in which some famous artists perform for a crowd. Concerts are held at all places and at any time of the year. If you get to know that your favourite band or artist is performing at a place near you. It’s time for you to buy those tickets and create some memorable moments with your friends and loved ones.

If this is your first time going to a concert and you have no idea how the experience is and what you need to do. Do not worry! We are here to help you. Below are the 10 things that you should do during and before a concert. So brace yourself and keep reading:


Before The Music Concert

  1. Phone, Wallet, Tickets and Camera

    On the day of the concert when you are about to leave your house, make sure you have all the necessities. Check your purse for cash that is very important while going to places like this. In addition to your money check your phone and camera are 100% charged. You do not miss out on taking pictures at the concert. So keep them charge way before the concert. The last and the most important thing is the ticket to the concert. Do not forget to take your ticket because without that you will not be allowed inside the venue.

  2. Eat and Drink

    The concerts are very tiring since you will be singing and dancing the entire time. You will need energy for that. So, have some food or snack before leaving the house. Also stay hydrated at least for two days ahead of the concert since you will be sweating profusely. There have been cases of people fainting in the middle of the concert, which is not a good thing to happen to you. So make sure you are well hydrated and well fed.

  3. Freshen Up

    Use the toilet before going to the concert because once you are in there, there is no way that you will be able to get out of the place without any difficulty. Also, make sure you are wearing deodorant and nice fresh clothes. Honestly, nobody wants to stand next to the person who stinks. So if you want to avoid the unwanted stares and bad looks, smell nice. Another thing to keep in mind is if possible keep a bottle of water with you during the event.

  4. Dress Comfortably

    We will not lie to you. There is going to be huge lines for getting in the music concert venue and the last thing you want is hurting feet or discomfort because of the uncomfortable shoes you wore. Consider wearing loose clothing that you can easily dance and move in.  Moreover, you will be sweating a lot, which will automatically ruin your fancy outfit.

  5. Do A Little Research

    It won’t feel good if you are at a music concert and the crowd is singing with the band while you are just standing and staring at them. Do some research about the band and try listening to their hits. While it is not entirely necessary but going to a concert totally uninformed about the artist or the band is going to make your experience less fun and boring. Also, try and choose to go to music concerts of your known and liked bands only.

During The Music Concert


  1. Reach The Venue Early

    Make sure you reach the venue early. There is a line at the gate of the venue and the nearer you are to the gate, the closer you will be to the stage. Unless you have a VIP ticket, it is better you reach the venue at least a couple of hours early. Here your comfortable clothes and shoes will come in handy. Also be ready to make a dash for the front rows as soon as the gates open because it’s a rat race to get the best view of the stage.

  2. Make Some Space

    Make some breathing space for yourself and for the others. It gets really crowded at places like these and people usually start clinging to each other. Stand tall and wide so that you are not suffocated by the people around you. Also if someone is pushing you, politely ask them not to and if they still continue, try and talk to the authorities about it.

  3. Click Pictures

    You want to make some good memories and remember them for the rest of your life so taking lots and lots of pictures is the best thing to do. Have fun at it. Click pictures with your friends and even the artist or the band if possible.

  4. Participate

    Participate as much a possible. Sing out with the crowd, dance and make sure you do all the things that the artists ask you to do. It is for your own enjoyment and letting loose at times never hurt anyone. Moreover, you are there to enjoy yourself, might as well do that.

  5. Be Patient and Enjoy Yourself

    The most important thing to do at a music concert is to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Do whatever you want to do and don’t let anyone stop you from it. This obviously does not mean that you can create a riot. Also, be patient. Do not get into a fight with the people if they are misbehaving with you. Ask them politely to stop and if they still don’t, call the security. Fighting will make the security throw both of you out of the venue and you do not want that to happen.

Once the concert is over you will obviously feel dehydrated so grab a bottle of water and hydrate yourself. You do not want to faint amongst thousands of people. Make sure you give other people space to get out of the venue since it is almost a stampede and people do not care where they are going. Share your experience with everyone and also post lots of pictures. Remember this is all about having some fun. Make some great memories and come back home with eyes filled with wonder and heart filled with joy.

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