Community Art Show- How To Organize?

Victor Pinchuk once said, “Art, Freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”. He was totally right. Art is a great way to bring people together, to educate them and bring changes in our society. It is a weapon that can be used against the evil in our society. Furthermore, art does not have any boundaries and speaks louder than any word could. Community art shows are a great way to popularise art and make more and more people aware of its benefits. A community art show brings the community together. In addition to this, these events help grow communal harmony and educate the people in the society.

Art shows are being arranged all over the world by artists big or small. These are the best ways to exhibit their art and get to know what people think about them. These shows are being held in schools to help the children learn a few things about art and to encourage them to pursue it as a career. In the colleges, these events are helping the young talent to come forward and be recognised by the whole world.

Have you thought of organising a community art event? If yes then you must know that it is not as easy as it seems. There can be different kinds of community art events, profit, non-profit and fundraisers. You can choose any of these and help set it up. If this is your first time doing it. You do not have to worry, we are here to help. We bring to you some of the essential steps that you will need to follow in order to arrange a successful community art event. Keep reading:

Get the Community Together

The first thing in a community event is to bring the people together. Reach out to as many people as possible and share your idea of an art show with them. More people will bring in more ideas and will also increase the number of possible attendees to your show.

Look Out For The Artists

An art show needs art. The art comes from the artists. Try and find as many artists as possible. It is better to have artists of different categories in the team so that each work stands out. People will get more variety and the artist will get a better recognition. Talk to all the artists and ask them to pitch in creative ideas about the show. More ideas mean a better show.

Come Up With A Name, Date and Time

After finalising the artists decide a catchy name for your community art show. Catchy does not have to be difficult. The people should easily be able to pronounce it and it should stick to their minds. Come up with a date and time for the event after all the research. Most of all the event should not fall in line with any other big show that might take away your attendees from you.

Get A Budget

The next step is to decide a budget and get the fund. Unless you are very rich and can fund the whole community art show yourself, you will need a sponsor. You can either ask the sponsor for the money or you can ask them to take the responsibility of one of the things in the show such as food and beverages or venue etc. The sponsor does not give any money unless there is a profit in it for them. If this does not work ask the local charities to help you raise funds during the show which will consequently help you pay for all the arrangements.

Make a Detailed Plan 

Next thing you need is a plan. Hence, make a plan that includes all of these things:

  • Venue

    Choose a venue that will fit all the art work and all the audience. Find a venue that fits your budget, is easily accessible to all the people and has all the arrangements.

  • Size of Audience

    The size and the kind of audience will help you decide a lot of things like the size of the venue, the theme, the date of the event and also the kind of food and drinks to serve. So, make sure you have a proper estimate of the people that might attend the community art show.

  • Number of Items to display

    Sit down with all the artists and decide how many items you can display in the art show. All the art pieces should go with the theme of the event.

  • Theme

    Decide a very attractive theme for the community art show that will attract the people to it. Keep the theme of each section of the venue different if possible to build the interest of the people even more. Be as creative as possible with the decorations. You do not have to spend a lot of money on fancy decor, just pick simple things and create your own piece of art.

  • Parking

    Many people will be attending the event and each of them will most probably have a vehicle of their own. So, make sure that there is enough parking space to fit all the vehicles in the venue.

  • Food and Drinks

    Serving foods and drinks is a very tricky affair. Serve foods according to the time and place of the event. If the show lasts for a small period of time serve some light snack and if it is a very long show, you might think of serving a meal or something like a meal.

Promote Your Community Art Event

The community Art Event will be nothing if people do not attend it. Here are a few ways in which you can publicise it:

  • Social Media

    Use social media to your full advantage. It is a free source of promotion that targets a huge chunk of the society. Make sure to post interesting information about the show on your social media accounts.

  • E-Mail

    Email marketing is another great way to attract attendees. This is a more person specific marketing. Hence, design an email and send it to all the important people that you think will be interested.

  • Print Media

    The print media will include newspaper articles and advertisements. In addition to this flyers and hoardings also come under print media. In addition to this, you can also go for promotional options like radios and word of mouth.

If you are successful in following these small steps while organising your community art event, you are set to have an amazing show. Since it is an art show, do not forget to be as creative as possible. In addition to this use colours to your advantage. Remember if the people like the ambience, they will automatically be more attracted to the show. In addition to this, treat every guest as a priority. In conclusion, do not forget to have a little fun yourself. Consequently, your hard work is going to give out amazing results.


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