Things you should Avoid Doing at a Club

Going to a nightclub is surely an amazing feeling. You get all dressed up and pumped up to dance the night away with your friends. After a long week at work or school, everyone needs to just chill and clubs are the perfect place to be. But imagine being at a club and someone does something so ridiculous that it spoils all your mood. The only thing you would wish is for the people to learn some manners and start behaving right at the public places. However, there are times when other people find us as irritating and wish that we would know how to behave. There are times when a person does not realise that they are wrong. Do you wish you knew what you should never do at a club?

If the answer to the above question is yes, then we are here to help. We give you some points that you should avoid or never do when partying at a club. Keep reading:

  1. Never Take Up Unnessecery Space At The Bar

    The most annoying thing to happen at a club is to wait in a line for your drinks. If you have already been served your drink, do not stand in front of the bartender for no reason. Give space to the other people so that they can order their drinks. Just politely pay for your drink and leave the table. Never crowd the bar. This not only irritates the people who are trying to get their drinks but also the person who is serving them.

  2. Do Not Take Your Drink To The Dancefloor

    This is another thing related to your drink. Never take your drink to the dance floor. We know that you are there to have fun and would not want to miss out on any opportunity to dance but the dance floors of the clubs are pretty crowded. This can possibly lead to spillage of your drink. If your drink falls on the floor, it will make it either sticky or slippery. There are chances that you or any of your friends might step on it and end up hurting themselves. Even after this if you decide to take your drink on the dance floor, make sure it is in a cup that will not let it spill.

  3. Do Not Be Aggressive With The Opposite Sex

    There are many people who have met their partners at a club and have it off amazingly. This does not mean that you can misbehave in the name of flirting with the opposite sex. If you do want to talk to someone at the club, ask them politely. Never force them to speak to you or use cheesy pickup lines. Also, take great precaution not to dance too close to the other people unless you know them. It might make them uncomfortable.

  4. Do Not Get Blackout Drunk

    Getting drunk at a party or a club is an obvious thing too but getting blackout drunk is not at all attractive. Never drink more than you can handle and getting out of control is not a nice thing to do. Since you are not in your senses, you might do some things that would surely not be appreciated by the other people. Getting too drunk also might lead to some really bad experiences for you. We know that this might sound like a buzz kill but make sure you drink responsibly.

  5. Never Misbehave With The Bouncer or Security

    When the alcohol kicks in, a person feels like the king of the world. But never mess with the security. You will end up being thrown out of the club. The security is responsible for ensuring the safety of the people and the club. So, if you misbehave with them, they will not tolerate you and this will create a huge scene at the club.

  6. Do Not Stand In Groups

    Ok yes, you are at the club to have fun with your group of friends. Dancing and enjoying with your friends is not a problem. What becomes a problem is when people stand in the middle of the way holding each other’s hands. Never block the passage because you want to stick to your group. Do not stand in the middle of the stairs if there are any. The clubs are already dark and it is difficult for the people to see where they are going. You standing on the way is only going to increase their difficulty.

  7. Keep A Check On The PDA

    To the people who go to the clubs with their significant others- Nobody like seeing PDA on their faces. There are people that might not approve of this kind of behaviour. However, if you still want to do it, step aside from the dance floor. You will attract unnecessary attention from the people all around you and make them uncomfortable.

  8. Never Be Rude To The Bartender

    The bartenders have a really tough job when it comes to attending hundreds of drunk people trying to order their drinks. You do not want to add to their misery. Never be rude to them or order them in a bad tone. They work at the club and you should respect that.  Ask them for your drinks politely and wait for them to get to you. It is not necessary that they will attend you instantly. Let them do their jobs. Also, leave them a tip with the payment.

  9. Never Unnesserly Hold The Bathroom Line

    Imagine wanting to go go to the bathroom urgently and someone not freeing up the place. It would obviously irritate you. So, never hold up a line unnecessarily. Do your job as soon as possible and let the other person use the toilet.

  10. Never Leave Your Belongings On The Floor

    The last thing to never do at a club is to never leave your belongings like your shoes or clothing or purse laying on the floor. Yes, heels do get uncomfortable at times but opening them in the middle of the dancefloor is an invitation to a disaster. Someone might trip on them and fall. Also if you leave your belongings unattended, there is a huge chance that you will never get them back. So, be careful.

Club nights are a great way to dance the stress away but following these small pointers can make your night more enjoyable for you as well as the other people around you. Make sure you do not drink and drive.


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