How to Plan a Painting Competition for Children

The painting has always been a way of expression ever since the ancient times. Art and painting have always been a great way to bring the people together from all over the world and grow friendship and harmony. Painting competitions are a healthy way to bring out the new talent in front of the world and to let the people know that art can be a great way to communicate.  Having such competitions for children is a great way to encourage them. This Is the time when the children have the most imaginative minds and encouraging them to develop their talents can be really helpful.

Painting competitions can be a great way to show the children that there is a potential career in the field of arts and painting. The painting competitions are held everywhere on small and large scales. They can be interschool, interstate or even bigger than that. Many great talents have emerged from these and keep on emerging.

If you plan on organizing a painting competition for the children, remember that it can be a really tricky task. There is a lot of planning that goes into the painting competitions at any scale and the bigger the event, the more preparation is required. A lot of new technology and creativity is being used all over the world. Take inspiration from it and plan your event. However, if you still have no idea how to go about it, we are here to help. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while planning a painting competition for the children. Keep reading:

  1. Set A Date And A Time For The Painting Competition For Children

    First thing first! Set a date for the competition. Depending on the type of competition it is, the date has to be set. If the competition is an inter-school painting contest, weekdays can be a perfect time. However, if it does not involve the schools, weekends or holidays might be the best option to go for. Since the small children usually have schools. However, you could also keep the timings in the evening that is after the school ends. Decide on a date as early as possible.

  2. Pick A Theme For The Painting Competition For Children

    The children painting competition should have a creative theme. It could be about a social message or anything that inspires children to unleash their creativity. Decide the theme when you are deciding the date since you will have to circulate the information early for the students to come up with ideas.

  3. Decide On A Budget For The Painting Competition For Children

    The budget can be a real tough thing to decide. If the event or the competition is being held at a school, they are responsible for giving you the budget. However, if it is a big event, sponsors are a good idea. You could also partner up with various companies that make supplies for children painting and ask them to help you finance the event in return for an endorsement.

  4. Decide The Audience For The Painting Competition For Children

    The audience and the participants are the souls of any children painting competition. Decide what age group you want to invite as the participants. You could always have different groups of ages compete against each other and decide on a separate prize for them. Also, inviting the parents is also a big decision to take.

  5. Select the Judges For The Painting Competition For Children

    Pick out some talented and inspirational judges. Having a famous person on the judging panel automatically increases the fun of the competition even more. The judges could be some famous artists or any celebrity etc. Make sure you have enough budget before inviting a big celebrity to your children competition.

  6. Invite The Participants To Regester For The Painting Competition For Children

    After deciding everything, start inviting the students and various institutions for the competition. Keep the seats limited and start the registration early. If there is a registration fee, make sure that it is kept such that it fits the everyone’s budget.

  7. Choose A Nice Venue For The Painting Competition For Children

    Decide a venue that has enough space for the children to sit down and work on their paintings. Make sure it is well ventilated and there is enough parking space around it. Outdoor venues are the best for the competitions like these. The outdoor venues give the children a liberty to work in their own time and space.

  8. Make All The Arrangements For The Painting Competition For Children

    You have to provide the supplies to the participants in most cases. If you are not providing the supplies, make sure you announce that in advance. Also take care of the other arrangements like space where the competitors will paint, the judge desk, the refreshment area etc. Furthermore, assure that everything is in sufficient quantity for all the attendees.

  9. Decide Your Marketing Strategy For The Painting Competition For Children

    You have to market your children painting competition in order to attract the attendees. The best way to market is doing it for free on social media. You could also print flyers and put up bill boards to inform the people. Send in the personal invitations to the special guests and attendees.

  10. Decide On The Prize For The Painting Competition For Children

    Deciding a good price is very important. The prize could be some cash amount, a scholarship or anything that can be useful to the participants. Als, a good prize attracts the attendees to the event and will bring you some extra publicity.

The given steps are the basics that will help you organize a good painting competition for the children. However, if you want your event to stand out amongst the others, creativity is the most important thing to go for. Your painting competition arrangements and theme should not only be attractive to the children but should also be attractive to the other attendees. Make sure you treat and appreciate each and every participant equally and encourage them even if they did not win. Also, set up a team at the venue to show people around the venue.

After the event is over, do not forget to take the feedbacks and also share the pictures of the event on the social media and the event website if there is one. This will help you in getting more crowd and participants to the next painting competition that you organize for the children.



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