How To Organize A blood Camp In College-Tips !

Blood is the most essential element of the human life. It has no substitute. Blood donation camp is organized every year in every college by the medical department of blood bank. There are three types of donors across the globe. They are voluntary donors, replacement donors and professional donors. Out of all groups O is the universal group specially O(-) which can used by all the group recipients.

This blood transfusion is very helpful in saving millions of lives in around the world. Especially in the developing countries the availability of blood transfusion is one of the major concern. Therefore blood camp is very essential in the places where there is no facility of blood bank. Organizing a camp is not a very easy task. A proper planning is required and many of the things are need to keep into consideration. This article will help you out in organizing a good camping. So carefully follow the steps and plan according to it.

1) Contact with the blood bank :

At first contact with the blood bank department. Collect the information related to the number of staffs will attend the camp, the space required for the camping, and the equipment that will be bought. Try to know whether they want to organize outdoor or indoor camp ? So that according to that you can proceed the further planning.

2) Selecting date for the blood camp :

Organize a meeting with the head of the blood bank department. Have a discussion with them when will they able free to organize a camp. Along with that you have to look after the college timing also so that there will be no disturbance to the other activities of the college. So it will best to keep it on weekends or any day when the college will remain holiday. After the meeting pick a date which will mutual or perfect for both.

3) Select a venue for the camp :

Ones you have decided whether you want to organize a outdoor or indoor camp. You can proceed further according to that. If you are planning for outdoor camp. Than you have to arrangements according to that and set everything in the college ground or any open space in the college. But in case you have planned for an indoor camp. Than first decide whether the venue will be college or any other place than college. If that is the option than do the booking from beforehand for the selecting date. But college will best place. It will easy for the students to come and participant in it.

4) Arrangement of the food :

There should proper arrangement of food which is very essential part. So that immediately after donation the donor will provided with glucose, some fruits and other than that some healthy snacks. There should have proper arrangement of drinking water facility.

5) Arrangements for the camp :

Make the necessary arrangements related to the camp one day before. They should provide with different rooms for everything. One for registration, another for donation and last for relaxation after donation. Make all the possible arrangements like arrangement of beds, chairs and tables etc that can done one day before the camp. And the rest like setting the equipment other work can done on the day of camp just  two to three hours before starting of the camp.

6) Registration date for the camp :

The registration can done on the same day of the camp. Or else can be set one to two days before the camp date so that interest donors will do registration from before. On the day of the camp first start from form fill for the new one followed by the registration. And others should bring their donation card with them. Next follow to the second room where will check the terms and eligibility required for donation like age, weight, hemoglobin levels  and other medical examinations etc. On qualifying that they can proceed to further step.

The steps followed during donation :

  1. Camp phase :

    The next step is donation of blood. Where a bag is prepared with every donor identity, blood group and date of bleeding. That is passed to the phlebotomist. Where at first he will clean the donor arm with anti-septic solution. All this process will take around 5-8 minute. Strip the needle to the arm of the donor And collect the minimum  amount of blood that is 340-350 ml that is one unit of blood and not more than that. After removing the needle take proper care of the donor. Keep the donor under observation for sometime and talk and try to divert his mind. Create a cool and friendly environment so that the donor will feel comfortable. Allow to sit the donor for sometime after donation.

  2. Refreshment part :

    The last step is that shift the donor to the refreshment room. Allow to sit and keep the donor under observation. And provide the donor with some light refreshments like glucose water, fruits and some healthy snacks. The donor is advised to remain in the refreshment room for a minimum of at least fifteen minute. And the donor is advised to intake maximum amount of water consumption throughout the day. As it the last stage of the camp, so throughout the camp the impression maintained near the donor. Talk with the donor throughout the camp with well mannered as it is the important part of it. It make the donor feel happy and help to get ride of the fear. The refreshments don’t recuperation the blood loss as it is just for the relaxation purpose.

    Things to Noted :

    The most important things in the whole camp is to keep and serve everything neatly and nicely. And the needle should well sterilized and disposable. Soon after the use of one needle on one donor it should disposed. Every time a new sterilized needle should used. The donor should treated well throughout the process of camp.

    Hope this article was helpful for you. And follow this steps and you will organize a successful camp. “Donate blood And save life”.


How To Select A Family Reunion Venue- Plan And Execute!

Deciding a venue for a family reunion is a tough job because the mind set of each and every member different from each other. Some will like one place while other may dislike it. As it is a family reunion therefore everyone’s opinion is most important. All are going to travel from different places and meet at the reunion. How much you are going to spend for the whole event, calculate an budget of it. The budget will include the travelling charges, hotel cost, local attractions, food expenditure and all other small basic things.

1) Calculating per head expenditure for the family reunion:

By calculating the per head expenditure we will come up with a proper budget that will cost everyone. This will also help to find out the location that will suit everyone’s budget and needs. Out the family member choose one who is ready this responsibility of planning and calculating the budget of the whole family reunion. They will also collect the money from all the rest of the family members. The total costing will include the lodging, venue rental, food, transportation, site seeing and all other  means of transportation.

2) Including food cost :

Without fest or food all party, events and family reunions are incomplete. Are you going to cook of your own, or order or booking catering or go out to restaurant to eat. It depends upon the you but most important is that you have take into account the cost of food. So according to that choose a location or venue where food will be less expensive and delicious food will available.

3)  Including transportation cost :

It is not necessary that all the family members might near to each other or near to the location. Some will come from far place to attend the family reunion. And also it is very necessary to know their budget and financial situation. According to that if the whole cost will be divided among the family members than it will best idea. But first ask them how much they are going to spend on the event including their personal transportation cost. After that plan according to that and divide equally among all.

4) Including the lodging cost :

Some will prefer staying in the near by relative’s house while others will prefer staying at hotels or motels or resorts. By taking all this into consideration choose a location according to it for the reunion. But in case you are looking for a cheaper option, than local campground is the best idea. Which will excellent for children’s providing activities like fishing, boating, pool and other.

5) Including the entertainment cost :

Ones you go to any place so it is obvious that you will go to near by attractions or site visit. So don’t forget to add this cost also in the budget account. You can take games or activities by your own. Or even take part in the near attractions like horse riding,  boating, fishing, swimming and many other.

6) Get opinion from all related to location :

Ask each and every family member their opinion related to the location they want to visit. As there are different aged group peoples in the family so surly the opinion is going to differ from each other. Consider everyone’s suggested location at least ones so that there will no conflict later on.

7) Checking the amenities :

Ones the names of the locations are shortlisted, visit the website of all the hotels. And check all the amenities and facilities provided by them. Accessible restrooms, kitchen, ramps and wheel chair accessible bathrooms some of the important facilities need to be provided. And also esquire if alcohol is allowed to take or not, in case you are interested in taking.

8) Check the travelogues :

Go through the travelogues of the shortlisted hotels. Check what are the interested things provided by them for all aged group people’s. If in case your booking a hotels which is not offering any attractions, than you yourself come up with the games or activities to keep everyone entertained through the free time.

9) Family vote to choose the venue:

Send the shortlisted hotels names to every family member through mails or messages or social networking sites. Tell them to select one of them according to their comfort and choice. In this process many of the hotels will be eliminated first and from left ones. The majority vote hotel will finalized.

10) Booking venue earlier :

The shortlisted or finalized hotel should book early as soon as possible. Specially during summer and holiday time, it becomes impossible to get hotels so early booking is very necessary in order to avoid it getting away from your hand. You can do early booking by call or through online by going to their website. Query about the cancellation and security deposit fee, so that you have all the information know from before.

11) Ask about the offers or discounts :

Before booking try to know if they are offering an discounts. If yes than try to know about it in detail. What is the offer ? how discount you will get ? You can try to find out about it directly from the hotels or from any local friend or relative of that place. If you are getting any help or ideas from them than surly take it and don’t try to avoid or ignore. Nothing bad in it if you accept it.

Ones you are done with choosing your location and booking it. After that according to the decided date book your tickets how you want to travel by bus or flight or train. Because in this case also early book is must or else you will not the availability. Meet with your family members on the selected date near the venue. Have good time with all your family members as you get to meet with them very rarely. This is the one of the chance out of it. Enjoy the place, visit the near by views or attractions, eat the special food of that place. It is going to one of the best family reunion and will remembered by all. Memorable time of all the family members gathered at the reunion.


Sport Recreation Event- Know The Recreation Services Industry

The sport and recreation service industry is one of the biggest recreation service industry in today’s time. Combining sports with recreation and leisure is an amazing idea and is loved by the people all around the world. This industry has a huge role in the well-being and fitness of the people all around the world. In addition to making sure that the people remain physically fit, the industry ensures that they are also given the same amount of mental fitness since it’s just not sport or exercise but also the people have fun doing it. However, there are a few people who do not know anything about the sports recreation industry. There is no better way than hosting a sports recreation event.   

 Lots of employees and trained professionals are associated with the sports recreation industry. There are three types of sports and recreation organisations; non-profits, private and government. There are four main sectors; fitness, sports, community recreation and outdoor recreation.

If the students are taught the basics of the recreation service industry, they not only gain knowledge about a new field but a new career option opens up for them. There are a huge number of jobs associated with the industry such as instructors, personal trainers, lifeguards, recreation leaders, activity guides, managers, event organisers and much more.

If you want to educate the students around you about the sports and recreation service industry and plan to host a  sports recreation event for it, we can help you. It can look like a daunting task but with these simple steps, planning for this event will be really easy. To know more keep reading:


Type Of Sport Activity

The first thing to consider while planning a sports event is the type of activity that you will be involving in it. Is it indoors or outdoors event? How many players will it require? Will the audience participate? And much more. Decide everything. A sporting event can be interactive. Since your main motive is to educate the students about the recreational industry, an interactive event is a good idea. If an interactive event is not what you want then any friendly match between two teams or a few contenders is also a good way to attract the crowd.

Reason For The Event

The reason for the event here is to spread awareness about the recreational industry. However, other sports events can have other reasons too. Set a goal and achieve it by the end of the sports event. This will help you develop the perfect plan and also help you decide how much money to invest.

The Perfect Date

Any event is made successful by the number of people that attend it. So, in order to attract the people to your event set a perfect date. The event should be planned at a time when all your attendees are available to participate in it. It could be set on a weekend or any public holiday. The timing and date have a huge impact on the attendance. So, make sure you select the correct date. The only point to keep in mind while deciding a date is the availability of the target audience. Also, decide the date at least a couple of months before the event.

Venue For The Event

The next thing that actually affects the attendance is the venue. The venue that you select should be easily accessible for one and should have enough space to fit all the attendees. Selecting a venue gets easy if you have a set list of guests. However, if you do not have a set list of guests, make an estimate of the number of attendees and book the venue accordingly. Sports events need large spaces. So consider getting a stadium or a playground for the event. Check the weather before booking the venue for your date.

Budget and Tickets

If you are a private or government institution, arranging budget should not be a problem for you. But if you are a non-profit organisation, the budget is a major concern. To arrange some money for your event, look out for sponsors. These companies can fund you and also advertise their products on the event venue. This is a win-win situation for both the parties.

You could also look up for loans. Pay the loans from the ticket money. If the teams that are playing or the invited guests are famous, putting tickets on your event is a good idea. Do not overprice the tickets.

Guests and Attendees

Since the purpose of the event is to spread awareness, you will need a speaker. Book a speaker who is famous and can easily captivate the audience. Make sure that the person has an association with the sport and recreation industry and has full knowledge of it. In addition to the speaker, inviting famous attendees to your games can also be a good way to gather some crowd.  


Market well to gather the crowd. Marketing is not as easy as it sounds. A proper marketing plan is very important in making or breaking the event. Market at various platforms. Use social media and email marketing to your advantage. These are the two marketing platforms that are completely free and have the potential to reach a huge chunk of audience.but, do not stop there. Use print media and word of mouth marketing also to promote the event.

Sell your tickets on online platforms and ask the attendees to share their events with their friends and families. Keep reminding the people about the date of the event regularly. The main thing is to start marketing early so that you have plenty of time.


Sport events can lead to injuries. Make sure there are enough medical and safety arrangement in the area. Also, have enough changing room and washrooms for the players and attendees. If you are serving food and drinks, make sure it is prepared under the supervision and the health of the attendees is not compromised.


After the event ends, take feedback from the attendees to know how well your planning turned out to be. You can ask for an online feedback or on the spot feedback. This will help you plan similar events in the future.


Each and every event is different and each and every place has different rules. Make sure you keep these basic points in mind while following the regional rules to plan a very successful Sport recreation event.