Festival event- Keep The Crowd Busy

Festival events are the new trend these days. With the advancement in technology and social media raging all over the world, more and more people are becoming aware of the festival events and are attending them. Festival events can be of many different types such as music festivals, dance festivals, food festivals and much more. The festival events are so much fun because the people get to interact with a new crowd that has the same interest as them. There are many fun activities to participate in and these are the best way to blow off some steam and have some fun.

However, festival events are not as easy to organize as they are to attend. The planning needs a lot of hard work and time. If the events last for about three days, three days of planning has to be done in advance. Things like venue, date, budget, performers and much more need to be considered. Furthermore, there are so many amazing festival events taking place all over the world and there is so much competition that organizing an event that stands out is an even more difficult task.

The main task apart from seeing that every arrangement is done properly and everything runs smoothly is to keep the crowd entertained for three days. You need to organize things that can keep the crowd busy and interested for 72 hours. This can be a really difficult task since the people get bored really easily. So here are a few things that you can do to keep the crowd busy for three days at a festival event:

Have A Great Set Of Performers At The Festival

First thing first, has a great set of performers for your event. Make sure the performers you choose are interesting and grab the interest of the audience. This will be a huge help for you since the people will stay busy in enjoying the acts and you will not have to worry about the other activities. The only time a person goes about looking for different activities when the acts are not interesting them.

Arrange For Games And Activities

Apart from the performances organize some interesting games for the people to participate. Since most of the crowd attending your festival will be adults, you can have drinking games and tombola or shooting games for the people to enjoy. Social media is a big hit these days and people would like to post pictures from the festival venue on their accounts. Set up a photo booth or an area that has some interesting props that will keep all the shutterbugs interested.

Engage The Crowd

Engaging the crowd is the best way to keep them entertained and occupied. Ask the performers to interact with the crowd as much as possible. While performing ask some of the members from the crowds to join them or ask them to clap or do some moves and dance to the beats. This will keep the performance fun and interesting. The performer can also take some requests from the crowds. The organizers can also arrange for some in between acts to keep the crowd busy.

Have A Live Streaming Crew

Set up a photography and like streaming crew that can go around the event venue and interview various attendees about their experience at the festival. This can benefit you in a couple of ways, first, it can be a great way to keep the people involved and interested since everyone wants to be featured on the festival’s official social media page and website. Secondly, it will help you gain a true feedback from the attendees about the things they do not like or like about the event.

Put Some Interesting Stalls

Another way to keep the crowd busy is by setting up interesting stalls. There can be gaming stalls, clothing stalls and much more. Personalized product stalls are also very famous these days. Stalls are a very common way to keep the people busy. You can also ask your sponsors and partners to put up their stalls with their merchandise. People can shop interesting clothes and accessories and play games to keep themselves busy.

Set Up A Camp

If it is an event that is stretching for more than one day, it is the organizer’s responsibility to set up accommodations. Festivals are a great way to meet and greet with new people and make some new friends. So, you can get creative with the accommodation arrangements. Plan them in such a way that people can easily interact with each other. Set up activities such as campfire and camp games to keep the people busy.

Food Is The Crowd Pleaser

Food is one thing that everyone likes. Make sure there are enough food stalls serving the most interesting variety of foods and beverages. Partner with the biggest food chains in the city and ask them to put up their stalls in the festival. Do not forget to serve alcohol. Food and drinks can be a real crowd pleaser if you want to make your festival a success.

Involve The Latest Technology

Latest technology such as Virtual reality and the augmented reality or the 3D display screens are a great way to attract a huge chunk of the crowd. You can also set up booths that let people try some new technology gadgets and some VR games.

Body And Face Painting

This is for all the fashion divas out there attending your festival event. Face and body painting are extremely famous these days. Setting up artists at your event can make the crowd really interested in them. Festivals all about fashion and showing off new trends and face and body paints help enhance the looks. You could also set up some tattoo artists for the more adventure loving folks.

Arrange for A Celebrity Meet and Greet

You can ask your performers to take out some time and meet their fans and talk to them. If you are concerned about their security, make sure that you have a separate area with the body guards.
Keeping the crowd busy during the festival event can be a daunting task but if you follow the above steps and be a little creative yourself, we assure you that your festival event will be a sure shot success. Make sure to be as creative as possible and scan the audience for the things they will actually love.

Bits Of Entertainment In Your Event- Plan!

Ever been to a large and very long event that bored you excessively but you had no choice to sit there and be attentive? We have all been there and experienced this. There are many events such as award ceremonies or lecture events or seminars etc that stretch for a really long time. These can get really boring at times for the audience. To make these events more cheerful, it is very important to include some bits of entertainment in between.

Entertainment bits in an event is the best way to keep the audience busy and interested. The entertainment bits can be of any type including the stand-up comedy performance, a small skit, a singers performance, a dance performance and much more. If the event is really long, a combination of all these can also be used in between the different acts. Some people also prefer to open their event with the entertainment bits.

Adding entertainment bits to the event does sound like an interesting thing but requires a lot of planning and preparation. If you are deciding to add the entertainment bits to your event and do not know how to go about it, do not worry. We are here to help you with all the planning. Here is the list of all the steps that are involved in planning entertainment bit in your event. Keep reading:

Decide The Time Duration

The first step is to decide the duration for which you want to include the entertainment bits in your event. The bits have to fit in between the other proceedings of the event and if you make them any longer, it will take even more time for the event to get over. Also if more than one of these shows have to be included,  make sure you decide the exact time for each of the acts.

Decide The Artists And Acts For The Entertainment Bits

The artist will be the basic factor in making your event stand out. So, make a list of all the artists that you think would suit your show. If you want to add comedy bits to your show, make sure that the artist’s comedy style matches the target audience. There is a possibility that a very famous artist won’t agree to do such a small performance. So, finalize an artist only after taking everything in consideration. Also, make sure the fees of all these artists fit in your budget.

Approach and Book The Artists

The next step is to approach the artist and book them. Now, once you have shortlisted the suitable artists contact their managers or send them emails. Enquire about their thoughts regarding performing bits of entertainment at your event. If they agree to everything, fix a meeting in person or over video chat. If the bigger artists refuse to perform for such short periods or they ask for a lot of fees that exceeds your budget, try and look for local artists. There is a possibility that the local talent is good and might even perform better than the celebrity artists.

Check The Arrangements

A separate set of arrangements has to be done in order to let the artists perform bits of entertainment at your event. Make sure the stage is proper and the sound system is working. Give a list of all the acts in order to the anchor so that there is no confusion later on. Ask every artist whether they need any special arrangements or props for their performances. All in all, see that the act goes on smoothly.


About 15 days before the show, call all the artists and performers to the venue and rehearse all the bits of entertainment that are to be included in your show. The rehearsal is important to know the time duration of the acts. Place the largest acts either in the starting or at the end of the show. Call out the writing team and create some exciting introductions for each and every act. Make sure every artist comes in and practices their sets before the show. If the artists live far off and are not available 15 days before the show. Keep a practice session with them at least a couple of days before the show so that you can make the required arrangements.


The advantage of putting small bits of entertainment in your event is that it can be a source to attract more and more people. Make sure you publicize on all the platforms. Social media is the best way to attract a huge crowd. Email marketing is also a great way. You can also print flyers and hoardings with the artist’s name and the name of your event so that the people get to know about it. Make sure you mention the artists at every place while publicizing the event.

During The Event

During the event make sure all the artists have everything they need for the performance. Set up a couple of your team members to take care of the artists. Also, ask your team to line up the acts properly and let the artist know the exact time when they will be up for the performance.

After The Event

After the event makes sure to congratulate them on their performance and thank them for being a part of your event. Give them a participation gift if possible and make sure you make their payments on time. Arrange for their pickup and stay.

Go to the audience and ask them for the feedback on the event and how they liked the bits of entertainment in the event. Share the highlights of the performances on your social media for the world to see and appreciate the event.

Adding entertainment bits to your entertainment event will become really easy if you follow the given steps. However, this does not mean that you can not get creative. Use the latest technology and all kinds of props to enhance the performance and the look of the whole event. The main motive of your event is more important than the entertainment bits. So, it is better to appoint an entirely different team to do this work.

Entertainment Show Event- Plan!

Entertainment show! This word brings a lot of fun things to mind.Entertainment is what keeps us sane and helps us get through the bad, boring and gloomy days in life. Entertainment has changed definitions over the course of time and with the passing time, new ways of entertainment keep coming into the picture. In the early times, games and stories were the source of entertainment which has turned to tv, movies and games etc. Going to an entertainment show means that you might experience a lot of different performances live Entertainment events can be of many types. They can be music event, dance event, DJ nights, Magicians shows, Plays, Skits and much more. Some Entertainment events have all of it together.

The entertainment industry has flourished to such extents that new technology is being incorporated into these events to make them magnificent. There are numerous entertainment events both large and small scale being organized all over the world for the people to attend and enjoy.Events like festivals and award shows are filled with celebrities and are a big affair. People surely get astounded by the arrangements and the state of art facilities and much more. But one does not realize that a lot of effort goes into organizing such events. The people need to work day and night to make this successfully happen.

If you are planning on organizing an entertainment event, we know you must be really confused. There are so many things to take care of and if you are short of time, things get even more complicated. Beginners always have these problems. Since you want your entertainment event to stand out and be the best amongst the rest. We can help you with your problems. Here is a list of the things that you should do to make your entertainment event a huge success. Keep reading!

Pick A Date For The Entertainment Show Event

The key to organizing a successful event is starting early. Pick out a date for your event and make a plan. Create a team to help you with your planning and arrangements. Select each and every member of your team very carefully and do not add people to the list unnecessarily. Your team will be the one responsible for your success, so take in members accordingly.

Select A Theme and Type Of Entertainment Show

Decide the type of entertainment show to organize. What are the types of performances you want to showcase? It could be a music entertainment show, a play or skit, a dance entertainment show or it might contain all of the performances. Select a theme for the show early on. This will be important for deciding a name and for you to design all the banners and posters for publicity. Also, make sure that all the performances are in accordance with the theme of the event.

Artists and Performers

Make a list of all the artists and performers you think are suitable for your event. Do some research and find out whether they are available on the dates. Now, cross out the ones that are not available. Call each and every artist or send them an email asking for their approval. Note down the artists that respond to your call and meet them in person. Decide all the details like payment, facilities, and duration of performance in advance. Also, sign a detailed contract and include every single detail in it.


Make a list of all the guests you want to invite to your event. If it is a ticket based entertainment even, make sure you clarify the exact numbers of tickets. Do not invite more guests than you can accommodate. Because it is going to get stressful for you.

Set A Budget

Decide the budget according to the plan of the event. Look for sponsors or partners that can help you with the funds. It is important to note that the sponsors will want their share in the profit of your event or want to advertise themselves through the event. So, go for a sponsor if you are comfortable with all this. Also, make sure you discuss all the big and small details with them before accepting any money.


The venue is a very important part of an event preparation. So, select the venue keeping in mind the following points:

Space- The first thing to consider while booking a venue is the space. The venue should be big enough to fit all your guests. Also, make sure it is spacious enough for the people to sit and enjoy the show and move around easily.

Amenities- Things like chairs, tables, air conditioning or fans etc has to be provided by the venue. If it is not in the venue package, make arrangements for them separately.

Electronic and Technological Arrangements– Since it is an entertainment program, things like music system, screens, and projectors are required. These need electricity to run. Make sure there is enough supply of electricity and all the equipment work properly.

Parking– See that there should be enough space for parking around the venue. No matter how small the venue is, the parking space should be big enough to accommodate all the vehicles.

Accessibility– Select a venue that is easily accessible to all the people and can be found easily. Also, the surroundings of the venue should be quiet.

Promotion and Tickets

Promote your event at every place possible. For free publicity choose the internet marketing like social media marketing and email marketing to your advantage. Also, print out flyers and distribute it at places you might find potential attendees. Moreover, radios and newspaper advertisements are also a great way to promote your event.

Sell the tickets online through social media or your event website or offline at different venues. However, a combination of both these methods is the most successful. Price the tickets in such a way that the people can afford it and it is profitable for you too. In addition to this, start the ticket sales as early as possible.

After the event makes sure to thank all the guests for coming and if possible ask them for feedbacks. These feedbacks will be really helpful for you in organising the future events like this. Share the event highlights on social media. But most importantly have some fun. Enjoy all the performances of the night and make sure after the event ends,  go to each performer and thank them for the amazing show they put up. Give them some complimentary gifts or souvenirs if possible. Also, arrange for their transports. Keep all of the above points in mind and have yourself an amazing Entertainment event.


Dinner Dance event- Plan It All

Dinner and dance events have been a major part of different cultures all around the world. They can be big or small, formal or informal, masquerade or any other theme. Dance and food are two things that make everyone happy. Attending a dinner-dance fulfils both the needs and also helps you interact with the people and build connections.

Organising a dinner dance event is not all fun and games. Depending on how big the event is, the size and intensity of the preparations increase and can make you really anxious if you are just a beginner. With so many different technologies and new ideas being used to host these dinner dance events all over the world, it becomes really tough to come up with something that makes your event stand out.

Set A Date And Start Early Preparation For The Dinner Dance Event

Set a date for your dinner dance event as early as possible so that you can start the preparation earlier. The date should not clash with any other big event or holiday coming up. If the dinner dance is an informal one, try to fix a date during the weekends and if it is a formal office dinner dance, fix a date on the working days so that the people do not have to spend their holidays for office functions. Starting early will also give you time to find the perfect team and arrangements.

Make A Guest List

Secondly, make a guest list. Decide how many people you want to invite to your dinner dance event. If it is an invitation based event, note down all the names and give them a call personally to know about their availability. If it is an event that sells tickets, define an accurate number of tickets that will be sold. Add some celebrities and famous people to your guest list to increase the publicity of the event.

Select A Theme

An innovative and interesting thing can instantly make a boring party into an exciting one. Take examples from the internet. Depending on the size and the age of the people in the audience decide a theme such as a masquerade ball or an 80s party etc.

Pick A Venue

Depending on the number of guests and the theme pick a venue that would make the event look even more magnificent. Keep in mind that the venue has all the following facilities available:

  • There should be enough room to fit all the guests and enough space for them to dance and move around.
  • Make sure there are enough chairs and table for everyone to sit and eat.
  • Parking facility is a must. So, make sure there is enough parking space around the venue.
  • Location of the venue should be in a quiet area and easily accessible to all the people.
  • The facilities like electricity and sound systems should be provided by the venue owner. If they are not, then make arrangements as soon as possible.
  • Manually check every decoration that is done on the venue and supervise the job. It should be in accordance to the theme.
  • Make sure the dance floor is proper and not slippery. A, so see that the dance floor is big enough to fit all the people easily.

Staff and Volunteers

It is a big task to organize a huge event all by yourself and you will need the help of a few volunteers and a team. You need different people to handle the different aspects of the plan. Make sure you audition these people before hiring them to work with you. Remember not to hire anyone that is not qualified for the job. Give each member a particular job to take care of. Take everyone opinion on anything to broaden your options. Brief your staff regarding everything they have to during the event and after the event.

Food And Drinks

Food and beverages are a very important part of the dinner dance event. Serve food that suits the theme of the event. If the theme of the event is the 80s, make sure you serve foods that are in accordance with that time. The fancier the theme, the fancier the food should be. It does not mean that you have to go, gourmet. Ask your chef or the catering staff to take the simple food and turn it into something interesting. Innovative food designs and decoration attract a lot of people. Put up a bar and have one bar tender per 100 people. Ask the catering staff to attend the guests while they eat.

Seating Plan

The seating arrangement is another important task. Make sure you seat adults with adults and children with children. Check out all the guests and do not give separate tables to the people who belong to one family or a group. Try and seat them together.

Invitation and Tickets

In an invitation based dinner dance event, an invitation card has to be printed. Make sure the date, theme, venue and itinerary of the event are clearly mentioned on the invitation card. For the ticket based events, price the tickets appropriately an start selling them as early as possible. You can sell the tickets online and offline. Make sure that you publicize the event well to attract as many people as possible.


Publicity will greatly help you in selling tickets and increasing the attendees. Publicize on every possible platform. Use social media and email marketing to your advantage. Social media is the free promotional option for you. In addition to this, print flyers and distribute it to the people. Also, put out newspaper advertisements and hoardings for the people to see and get to know about your event.

During the dinner-dance try and meet as many guests as possible and thank them for attending the event. Treating the guest in the best way possible should be your responsibility. Although you are the head of planning for this amazing event does not mean that you should not have fun. Once everyone is settled and all the guests have arrived, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the party to the fullest. Moreover, with these amazing steps, you will never have any problem in throwing an amazing dinner dance event.




Dance Event For All Age-How To Organise?

Dance is a form of art that has lots and lots of dimensions for different people. For some people dance if a form of exercise, for some it is a career and for some, it is just an art form to relax. No matter what the reason is, everybody loves it. With the increase in dance reality shows all over the world, more and more people are getting attracted to dancing. People have started attending the dance shows and competitions more readily now and dance events are becoming increasingly popular.

A dance event is a great way to promote dancing and also to bring out dancers from all around the world to showcase their talents. Dance events can be big or small depending on the size of the audience and the purpose of the event. A dance event can be anything from a dance competition to a dance party to a casual ballroom performance event. Many people have been organising these shows from all over the world and they are becoming instant hits. Different choreographers are coming up with new forms and new ways to perform the already known dance forms. Different technologies are being immersed into the dance forms to make it more attractive and entertaining. If you want to experience all of this under one roof, you should definitely attend a dance event.

If you have planned to organise a dance event by yourself, remember that it needs a lot of knowledge and experience. It is important for you to go and check out some big dance events of all sorts and thoroughly observe them. This observation will help you build a plan of your own. However, if you are still not able to understand how to make this arrangement work, we are here to help you. We have made a guide of the steps that you should include in your plan to organise a dance event.

  • Decide The Type Of Dance Event

    First thing first, decides the kind of event that you want to host. Like we have mentioned above, it can be a dance competition, a ballroom party or anything. Make sure you decide the type based on the theme and the reason for the event. Once the type is finalised, decide the theme of the event as well. Be creative with the selection of the theme and make it as grand as possible.

  • The Budget For The Event

    The next thing is the budget of the event. The budget of the event greatly depends on the sponsors. Make a detailed plan and mail it to the potential sponsors to approve. Make sure you email it to more than one sponsor. This will help in cases when one sponsor backs off, you will have another one ready to help you organise the event. Let the sponsor know what kind of profit will come to them if they invest money in your event. Without any profit, there is no chance that the people will be interested in giving you money. Do not overspend but also make sure you do not compromise with the quality.

  • Number Of Guests and Performers

    Decide the number of guests you will be invited to the dance event. If you do not have a definite list of the people, make sure you have a rough estimate. Do not just ignore this step since it is very crucial in deciding the steps that will come ahead. Do not invite people more than you can actually accommodate. Invite some professional dancers and performers to the event in order to make it even more exciting and enjoyable. If you are inviting some really famous performers, send the invitations or the proposals early. They usually have a packed schedule and you will have to book the dates with them early on.

  • The Venue

    The selection of a good venue is the most important step in planning the dance event. The venue should have enough space for the people to sit and enjoy while for the other people to dance and perform. Make sure the stage or floor is big enough for all the people to get accommodated easily.

  • Facilities and Utilities

    There are many facilities that need to be taken care of when organising a dance event. The facilities include the parking facility for the guests, the accommodation for the guests that have been invited from outside, the food and beverages and much more. Make sure there are enough water supply and enough toilets for all the guests. Set up the volunteers to guide the guests through the venue so that they are able to find all the utilities easily. Make sure there are enough chairs and table for the people to sit and relax.

  • Music and Dance Floor

    Since it is a dance event, floor and music are the most important factor in its success. Make sure that the dance floor is comfortable and not slippery for the people. The music system should be proper and the sound should be audible in the whole venue but it should not be too loud. The electricity is another major arrangement to look for. Make sure there is enough electricity supply in the whole venue throughout the event.

  • Invitations and Publicity

    Send out the invites early so that the people free their dates to attend the event. If it is an event without a definite guest list start promoting the event early on so that the people get to know about it. Use social media and email marketing to make the most out of free promotional options. Also, put up hoardings and distribute flyers for the people to get to know about the event. If there is an entry ticket to the event, make sure you start selling them early and price the tickets such that more and more people buy them.


After the dance event is over, make sure to thank all the dancers and the guests for attending. Set up a group of volunteers to escort the important guests out of the venue. Post the pictures of your event on social media so that the people get to know more about it. The publicity will help your next event get even more famous. Do not forget to shake a leg yourself and have some fun at the event. Afterall dance is the best form of enjoyment and even though you are organising the event, you should not stay away from the fun.