How To Acquire Racing Sponsors -Tips !

Racing is a competition of speed against clock or to some specific point. The competitors always  compete among themselves and try to complete the task in very shortest period of time. Racing can of different types like car racing, horse racing, boat racing, cycle racing, aircraft racing, animal racing and running is the basic form of racing. There are also racing like speed-skating, long distance swimming, cross country skiing, and etc. The racing can organized in both track and road. Usually racing involves travelling some distance. But it can also involve reaching to a specific goal with a particular speed.There are many sports like marathon, running and cycling included in the racing. and other than there are also many other multi sports like triathlon etc.

Sometimes race are run continuously without any stop and finishes. While in other types it is divided into different stages or legs or heats. A heat is usually run in different times for the same course of time. A stage is a shorter section for a much longer course or for a period of time trial. Taking parting in any kind of race costs and need money. Being a racer is a very great thing. And to take part in any race frequently or in any high level racing all you need is sponsors. After that everything’s depends upon your hard work and aim. But how to get sponsors is a very tough job ? All you need to do is follow some steps to achieve it. So continue the article you will come to know :

1) Knowing the sponsorship process :

Knowing the whole process of sponsorship is the first step. To understand this process you have to read as much as you can about that subject. Ones you come to know or  understands the whole process how to get the sponsors after that you can get of your own.

2) Find out what you can offer to the potential sponsors :

Now a days sponsors demand for more, Logos on uniforms and equipment packing them in sponsorship and offering them has become a very most common and basic thing. The more you offer to the sponsors, the more and the better is the chance to get the sponsorship deal. The sponsorship checklist is the best tool to find out everything that you can offer to the potential sponsors.

3) Decide where you will search for the racing sponsors :

At first decide in which type of race you are going to take part. On basis of that you can start searching for the racing sponsors. If you are going to take part in local race. Than search and approach the local businesses in the place where you live or where you are going to race. But in case you are taking part in national race. Than you have to search and approach a very huge number of businesses. In this case there will a very big competition among all you have applied for the same businesses.  In this case, learning and having knowledge related to how to research and evaluate potential sponsors is a very good idea and will have a very huge advantage out of it. So read as many books as you can on this topic.

4) Start contacting everyone for the racing sponsorship :

Ones you have decided or made a list to whom you are going to approach for the sponsorship, start contacting the sponsors. When you are trying to get sponsors for racing than contacting them directly through phone call is the best idea than emailing them. Emails can ignored very easily but in case of phone calls they cannot ignored. Searching for a racing sponsorship is very time taking process. So start approaching as many people as you can and start conversation with them as soon as possible. This will only lead to getting of more better and early sponsorship deal.

5) Preparing a sponsorship proposal for the racing sponsors :

Ones you have completed with the conversation with a business that is interesting or might want to sponsor you, you need to provide them with a sponsorship proposal. A sponsorship proposal is a sales brochure that contain your sponsorship programmers. It includes the benefits of becoming your sponsor and the total cost for doing so. The proposal can have many number of pages of information or else it will very short, the length of the proposal doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you need to answers them so well that it will make potential sponsors say yes to you than any other.

6) Get contract from the sponsorship  for the racing :

When the business decides to sponsor you, you need to get a contract from them. The contract is a legal bind that consists of all terms and conditions that are required to work together. This contract is a sponsorship agreement. And before this you should hire a professional lawyer who will handle all this aspect of the professional process in behave of you. This will one of the most rewarding experience in your life in signing a sponsorship agreement as a racer.

7) Signing the contract with the sponsors for the race  :

Before signing the contract along with you lawyer you also read all or through the contract or agreement. If you are happy or satisfied with the terms and conditions than you can go ahead and sign the contract. And if in case you are not happy with the terms than ask your lawyer to renegotiate all the terms and conditions. The most important thing is you need to realistic, or else you are going to lose the deal in case of being pushy. Ones you have completed with everything. now you can go ahead and sign the contract or agreement. Congratulation, now you are the having the racing sponsorship. Now you can take part in any racing competition according to the terms and conditions written in your contract or agreement. You have successful achieve it, now its time to work hard and achieve your goal and fulfill your dreams.



Comedy Event For Charity Planning!

It is said “Laughter is the best medicine” and it actually stands true when we see people around the world getting healthier because of happiness and laughter. Comedy events are the best way to spread the joy and also raise some money for it. Hosting a comedy event for a fundraiser is one of the best ways to collect money and spread the joy. Stand up comedy has become increasingly popular over the years and these events attract a lot of people to them.

If you are thinking of organising a comedy event fundraiser, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done for it. If you are a member of a non-profit organisation and want to raise some money to help a cause, comedians can be of a lot of help. A comedy night can be organised anywhere including schools, colleges, churches or an auditorium. So, if you want to go about planning comedy night and have no idea how to go about it, here are a few things you should instantly add to your checklist and follow them religiously. If you do this, you are sure to have yourself a perfect comedy night.

  • Set A Goal For Your Comedy Fundraiser Event

The comedy fundraiser should have a goal. You have to raise some money for the cause and ultimately you need to save the money from the arrangements. Decide in advance the least amount that you need to raise in order to make up for the arrangements and also save enough amount for your charity.

  • Make a Team

Ask people in your organisation or people near you to help in planning and executing a successful comedy fundraiser. It is not a small task and does require a lot of planning and precision. You will need a team of members depending on how big the size of the fundraiser is. Select a group of people that are genuinely interested. Since it is a fundraiser so these people will have to work free of cost. Also, make sure that they have some knowledge about the activities that are supposed to happen. Make sure you have a person in your team who has knowledge about comedy.

  • Get the Budget

The budget is another big aspect in any fundraiser. You need to find sponsors and partners. The work has to be done on a restricted budget which is not an easy task to achieve. If you want a good sponsor, start looking for a long long time. The best way is to partner with organisations so that you can advertise them and they can give you some fundings you lack.

  • Select the Comics

Selecting and approaching a comic is one of the toughest tasks. Keep in mind that you are not the only person that has come up with this idea. There are a lot of people working on the same idea and approaching the same comedians. The more famous comedians are the busiest. Approach the comic at a time you think they would be free. Make a list of all the comics. Do some research and find out the days they usually perform. Also, approach the comics only if they suit your cause. You can not call the same comic on a church event that you can call on a comedy night. Keep everything in mind and then send them an email or talk to their manager and if possible to them directly.

  • Make A Plan

After the comedian has been booked, it’s time to plan out the event step by step.

  1. Date and Time

Decide the date and time of the event according to the performer’s schedule and also according to the schedule of the audience.

  1. Venue

The venue can be anything. Just make sure that it is spacious enough and easily accessible. Also take care of the seating arrangements and the sound system beforehand.

  1. Guest list

Decide the number of tickets you need to sell and how many people you think should fit in your venue. Make sure you have some of the famous people also on line your list so that your comedy fundraiser gets publicity.

  1. Parking

Parking is one of the biggest things to take care of. Choose a venue that has enough space for the parking needs of the guests. You do not want to create a chaos on the roads.

  1. Food and Drinks

Some of your funds will also come from selling foods and beverages. Make sure whatever you serve is quality food and is not very expensive for you. You have to earn profits from the food stalls. The money should not just go in paying for the arrangements.

  • Publicize

The people will attend the fundraising event only if they know about it. Publicise the event as much as possible. Print out flyers with the picture of the comedian on it.  Ask your performer to share the details on their social media. Make a social media page for it and put all the interesting information to attract the attention of the people. Use personalised email marketing to your benefit and also other social media can be a boon to you. Since it is a fundraiser,  try and save as much money on the marketing as possible.

  • Sell Tickets

Tickets will get you a huge chunk of funds. Make sure you start selling tickets early. Price the tickets in a way that it is not too much for the pockets of the viewers. You can sell tickets online and also just before the show.

During the event, make sure that you interact with the guest and explain to them about the cause they are supporting. They need to have a clear understanding of your work. If possible show them some of the active examples of the people or the cause you have been helping and supporting. This will help you gain the trust of the attendees and might even attract some permanent donors for the cause. Be humble and value each attendee equally. Have your team take care of all the necessities of the people so that they can enjoy the show easily. Also, be creative in your approach and have yourself a successful comedy event fundraiser.

Fundraiser- How to host successfully?

Fundraisers are a very good way to raise money for an organization. Although they are a great way to make money, sometimes they can be really costly and time taking. The amount of money or funds raised completely depends on the successful executions of the event. The more the people like your event, the more they are willing to invest. The basis of a successful fundraiser is a foolproof plan.

The main thing to keep in mind during a fundraiser is that it should properly depict the cause for which you are working and the people should have fun while at it. This is a chance to educate the people about your cause. It solves the problem you are fighting for to a great extent.

For the new companies and organizations, planning a fundraiser can be very daunting. Hence, we have created a step by step guide to planning a successful fundraiser for your organization. The steps are:

Detailed Plan Of Action

The first and foremost thing to do while planning a fundraising event or any event, as a matter of fact, is to make a detailed plan of action. This plan of action should include hows, whys, whats and whos of the event. Decide the cause to support. Make sure to do a detailed study of every aspect of that cause. Second is to set up a team of members to make the outline for everything that needs to be done in the event and who will be taking what responsibility. This will give you a clear idea of how the fundraiser will proceed and how much budget will be required.

Budget Of The Fundraiser

Another big aspect of a fundraiser is the budget. The budget will decide everything that can be done in the fundraising event. Sit down and note down the exact amount of money. Check your plan of action and divide the funds amongst each activity smartly. No activity should fall short of funding. Also, prioritize your activities and be ready to compromise on some things. A fundraising event needs funds that are either provided by one big donor or a group of donors. Discuss the end results of your budgeting with them. After their approval, proceed with the further planning.

Include your fundraising goals also in the budget. Fundraising goals are the amount of money that you are planning to raise. The amount raised is calculated after deducting the cost of the event. Hence, plan accordingly.

Theme Of The Fundraiser

After the budget comes to the theme of the fundraiser. So, the theme of the fundraiser can be anything. See what can help you attract the most crowd. The theme can be a house party or a musical event or a contest of some type and much more. It is important to note that the theme should go in sync with the cause. In addition to the type of event, theme planning also means to plan what activities will be taking place. If there has to be a contest, how do you go about it? Putting up stalls? What should they be like? Small things like this make a very big difference.

Venue Of The Fundraiser

Next on the checklist is the venue. Make sure that the venue is sufficient to accommodate the number of attendees. Also, make sure the location is accessible easily from the city or town. Check all the amenities provided by the venue manager. Do not settle for a venue without proper research of the other places around you. You do not want to miss out on the other cheaper options. Make sure that the venue is spacious and well ventilated and the guest does not feel jam packed. 

Type of Audience

Is the guest list exclusive? Are the guest invited from a specific group of the society? Or the general public. The theme of the event should be and what amenities are required to make them comfortable? These are the questions that need to be answered before planning any event. Make a proper list of the guests that are to attend the fundraiser. The audience to a great extent determine what the


Decide catering and food services with the venue and the theme. Decide the catering services in accordance to the theme of the event. Another factor in deciding the culinary of a fundraiser is the time duration of the fundraiser. Fundraiser for a time duration of less that a couple of hours, requires a lesser amount of food and drinks. If the fundraiser stretches for a time duration more than that, you need more variety of foods and services. Catering also includes how the cutlery and crockery along with a good personal service to the guests.


Fundraisers are like a new product launched by a company, they need marketing. Do a lot of marketing before the fundraiser to attract the target audience. So, a separate marketing plan needs to be drawn up and executed. Make a team separately that handles marketing. The best way to market a fundraiser is on social media sites. Start the marketing early so that you can reach as many people possible. As the event gets closer start the gorilla marketing. This means start applying every tactic to attract the potential donor. Marketing of done properly can help you break the fundraising goal limit easily.  

Last Minute Check

When the fundraiser is close by, do a cross check of all the things. Make sure all your reservations are available and there have been no changes in it. Call up the venue to discuss the plan over again. Furthermore, tell them all the details again.  Check with all the staff, volunteers, vendors and especially the contributors. Always keep a backup plan ready for the time’s anything goes wrong. This ensures ultimate success.

After The Event

The job is just not till the event starts and proceeds. The real job is after the end of the event. Also, thank every guest for attending no matter how big their donation has been. Keep them happy by sending them, thank you emails and giving them a token of appreciation. This  also builds a good relation with the person and adds him to your list of permanent contributors.


In conclusion, follow these easy steps and as a result you are sure to have one amazing and super successful fundraiser for your organization even if you are a beginner.

Fundraising Event- How To Get The Best Venues

Fundraisers by definition are the events that are organized to raise money from volunteers for a cause or an organization. The fundraising events are usually hosted by nonprofit organizations that do not have a permanent source of income. The members pool in money to keep it working. But, at times there is a need for a lot of funding to help the cause these organizations support. This leads to fundraising.

Now, fundraising events might sound easy to host, but in reality are a lot of work. Since the event has to be arranged in a constricted budget, new ways to cut down the cost for everything need to be thought of. Giving the best event on a very small budget gets daunting at times. The venue is one aspect of s fundraiser that costs a lot of money. Hence, arranging a fundraising event at a free venue is what organizations usually prefer. Getting a free venue is not always possible if the fundraiser is at a huge scale, so other things can be done. Arrange some interesting activities for the fundraiser and sell tickets for them. Tie up with a local company to help them get publicity and split the cost of the venue. Once you have the funding you can proceed further with the planning.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before selecting the perfect venue for your fundraising event:

  • Number of Guests Invited At The Fundraising

Make a list of the guest that will be attending the event. The number of attendees decides the size of the venue. If there is no specified guest list, make a rough estimate of how many people are to attend the fundraiser. Do all the planning accordingly.

  • Size of the Place For The Fundraising

Select a place that can appropriately accommodate all the at one time. Choose a place with a lot of space for stalls and other activities. Good ambiance and spacious venues are very important for a successful fundraising event.

  • Location For The Fundraising Event

The next thing is the location. Choose a location that is easily accessible from most part of the city or town. There should be no problem for you to explain the venue to the guest while inviting them. Easily accessible locations mean more guests and a better success rate.

  • Amenities

The fundraiser will require a lot of amenities like chairs and tables, electricity, sound systems, dining area etc. select the one that has everything that you need for your event. Make a prior list of the essential things that you cannot do without at the fundraiser and seek a venue accordingly.

  • Parking

A parking space is very important. Since a lot of people will be attending the event and most of them will come in their own vehicles. So, prefer a big parking space, either in or around the venue.

  • Price

The last thing after finalizing is the price. Although, do not visit the venues that you think are way beyond your budget. Only go to the venues that you are able to afford. List down a few options and then go on checking the prices. Negotiate well with the owner so that you get the best venue for the best price.


Here are a few examples where you can successfully host your fundraising event:


  • Your space

This is the free venue you get. Make your office or your backyard or a friend’s office/house your venue. This works best for a small-scale fundraiser where only a set number of attendees are present. Office spaces are usually big enough to host a small to medium size event. The advantage to this is that you will cut down the cost of a lot of things and planning is done better.

  • Parks and Gardens

Big fundraising events can be organized in the public parks and gardens. Take the permission from the authorities beforehand. Ask about any restrictions that are to the property. This is a sure way to ensure a hassle free time. Parks and gardens are huge spaces with endless possibility. However, make sure the weather is pleasant and be ready for any kind of natural phenomenon. Prepare yourself for an unannounced rain or a lot of heat. The only setback of an outdoor fundraiser is the weather.  

  • Community centers

Community centers and government run places. There have a very less booking cost and are perfect to hold a small or big fundraising event. Places like school auditoriums and playgrounds are also suitable. Check the dates and book them in advance so that your event does not clash with any other event. However, these places do not come with lots of amenities and you have to make a lot of arrangements.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants and eateries are also great places to host a small-scale fundraising event. Either book or tie up with the restaurant. This can be a good way of publicity for the eatery and a good space for you to talk about your cause. Provide the guests with some refreshments made in the restaurant or eatery itself. Make sure the place has an area where the guests can easily accommodate. Establish a good relationship with the owners and workers or the restaurants for a better service. Since these people will be the ones to look for in cases of an emergency or mishappening during the event.

  • Public Places

If the fundraising event is very small and requires very little space, opt for public places like malls, building complexes, and tourists spots. The reason for this is that people at these places are already spending money and they will always be available with cash or checkbooks. The active donors are easily available here. If you want new people to know about your organization, host a small event at these places. Set up a few volunteers to attract the people and explain them the details of the event.


These are some of the places a successful fundraising event can be held. Keep all the above points in mind while choosing a venue. Good and bad venues play a big role in making the event a success or a failure.

Fundraiser- Attract The Right Crowd


Attracting the right kind of crowd for a fundraiser is the most important factor for its success. The main motive of a fundraiser is to collect as many funds possible for the cause. The better the crowd, the more will be the collection of funding. For most people especially nonprofits and small companies, fundraisers are scary and complicated tasks that they rarely want to take up. Although it is not that tough. To simplify it, it is just one person asking the other person to help the cause you are fighting for. Not many techniques work in doing this, all you need is the heart of the person. There are potential donors everywhere but to think of effective ways to attract them is a little difficult.

Here we give you the most effective ways to attract the right crowd for your fundraiser:

  • Publicize well

Publicity is the most well known and widely used way to attract the crowd to any social event. But to attract the right kind of people, the right kind of publicity is required. Now, the question arises, what is the right kind of publicity? So, the right kind of publicity is that targets only the people that can potentially invest in your fundraiser. Make a plan and try to figure out the type of people interested in the cause you are hosting a fundraiser for. Once you have figured out the type of people, start publicizing the event in the places they live or work. Ask them to attend your event and give their contribution.

The team can also put up stalls and skits to attract the potential donors. Make sure to appropriately explain what cause you are associated with and how will you help with that collected money. At Least 50% of your attendees should be from this targeted section of the society. However, as already said, there can be a potential donor anywhere. So, the make sure to do the rest of the publicity at public places like malls and places where the working section of the society usually goes. These are the people that are most likely to invest.

Another way of publicity is the social media. Create a page of your organization and keep posting videos, pictures, and articles about the cause you support. Make a list of your followers and send them personal invitations through messages or post to attend the event. These people are the ones that actually support the cause and will definitely step up to donate.

  • Give realistic Results of the fundraiser

Most of the big donors do not believe in what you are collecting the money for, they believe in the realistic results and the impact their donation is making. Also, the normal people before going to a fundraiser want to make sure that the event is not a scam. Many non-profit organizations fool the people into giving their money and later turn out to be a scam. With the accessibility of news to the people all over the world, they do every kind of research before choosing something. You do not have to provide a detailed description with statistics but pictures and videos can be really helpful in making people trust you.

In addition to all this, make sure that your website or social media channel has all the links and information about the work that you are doing and how it is affecting the people. Draw the people in through emotions and stories. Put up real stories of the people suffering and how they can be helped, on your social media channels. Constantly keep updating your day to day work for people to see. This in long-term help you build some permanent funders for your fundraiser.

  • Charity begins at home

Set an example for the people by starting donating yourself. To attract the like-minded people to join your cause and be a part of your fundraiser, the founders and members need to put in some funds to the organization. Use the fund on the cause and show the other people how such a small gesture of yours is helping the cause.

  • Email Marketing

Use email as a tool to selectively invite and interest people in your fundraiser. Make a list of the people that you think can be potential donors and send them personal emails about the updates of your work and events. Ask them to join you. Another was is to create chain emails. These are the emails that have a message to forward to other people. Sent the mail to one person, he might forward it to some more people, increasing your attendees. In addition to this keep sending newsletters and wishes through email to the special members, so that they stay interested.

  • Give something in return

Most people want recognition for the amount they have donated. You can honor these donors and give them a token of appreciation in the form of a certificate or a memento. Also, include the names of these people on your social media channels. This is a sure shot way to attract more such people to a fundraiser. Apart from this, you can also take these people to the sites where you work and let them experience it for themselves.

  • Try and arrange for an activity

Apart from the normal fundraiser get together, arrange for small games and activities. Invite a guest speaker to speak on the topic. If the speaker is famous, it would attract even more people. Another way is to tie up with companies and organizations that need publicity. This can be a two-way street. Their customers can become your funders and your attendees can help them build their customer base. These companies can also help you arrange for some discount coupons and discount offers for your donors. Gift these to them as a token of appreciation.


With these small points, you can successfully attract the right kind of crowd for your fundraiser and collect a good amount of donation to help you support the cause you are working for.