Trade Show Event- How To Organize?

A trade show is basically an exhibition where the companies working in a particular field showcase their goods to the public. The trade shows are also organized by the companies to showcase and promote their newly launched goods and services. These are usually free for the public to attend but costs the vendors and companies some cash to feature. The trade shows can either be organized by just one organization or a planner for many different organizations. 

The trade shows can also be used to sell a particular type of business to the sponsors or to attract financiers for the businesses.

Trade shows have become a common phenomenon all around the world and are one of the most common techniques of the companies to brand or rebrand their product and sell it to the people. There is a lot of competition amongst the organizers to be better than the other and hence the execution of these trade shows is getting better with every day.

If you are planning to organize a trade show we must tell you that it is not an easy task to accomplish. If this is your first time doing this, we would recommend you to be really careful with your planning and preparations because a trade show is a really big event that has a huge possibility for the things to go wrong. Ig you have absolutely no idea how to go about the planning and execution of the trade show, we are here to help. Here are some points that you should follow in order to organize a successful trade show event. Keep reading:



  • Take Your Time To Plan The Trade Show

    The very first thing to do is start the planning way ahead of time. Depending on the size of the event, six months to a year is the ideal time to plan and execute the event properly. So, start early and make a step by step plan and keep cutting off the thing that you have achieved from the list one by one.

  • Attend Various Trade Shows

     Try and visit as many trade shows as possible during the time period of your planning. Keep an open mind about it and be ready to make changes to your plan. With time, technology develops and you might find something new at these trade fairs. Use that and incorporate it into your own trade show. It will increase the appeal of your event excessively.

  • Create A Team

    No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to organize a whole trade show all by yourself. You need to have a group of trained professionals in various fields that can advise you and help you in making all the arrangements. Make sure that you interview every candidate before putting them in the team since the quality of the team members is better than the quantity. Now, sit down your team and ask them to make every decision together. This is especially helpful for the beginners.

  • Decide A Budget

    Budget is a very important part of any kind of event plan. Trade shows require a lot of budgets. If it is being organized by a huge organization, the budget will be released to you by the organization head itself. But if you are just a planner, sponsors are what you need to look out for. Start looking for the sponsors as soon as your plan is ready. You could also partnered up with various companies and ask them to help you with their finances.

    Once you have the budget make sure you use it in a way that you are left with some emergency budget by the end of all the preparations. Also, try and avoid unnecessary expenditure and cut cost as much as possible.

  • Decide Your Audience

    Make sure you do your research and decide what kind of an audience you want to target with your trade show. This will not only help you design the ambiance and the look of the venue but also help you decide what vendors you need to contact for the event. Also, make sure that you know the exact amount of people that can attend the trade show event.

  • Contact The Vendors

    Vendors are the flesh and bones of your event. So, choose each and every vendor properly. Make a list of priorities that a vendor has to fulfill in order to put up a stall. Furthermore, go and invite some of the companies yourself and ask them to put up stalls in your trade show. The famous companies are the ones that will make your trade show a hit.

  • Pick Up A Venue

    Next thing to consider for your trade  show is the venue. Make sure the venue you select is large enough to fit the whole audience and also all the stalls. The people should be able to move around the place and explore all the products on display. Also, make sure that the venue is easily accessible to the people.  There should be enough parking space in and around the venue area.

    Catering also comes under the preparation of the venue. You will definitely have to put up food stalls for both vendors and the attendees. Make sure that the venue provides catering services. If they do not then partner with the local food chains and ask them to put up their stalls in the trade show.

  • Publicize

    Publicize your trade show at every possible platform. Print out flyers and banners with the trade show details and name. In addition to this use social media free marketing tool to help you save money and publicize the event. You can also use email marketing and radio announcements to attract the crowd to your event. Make sure you take a good two month period for publicity so that the maximum audience can be targeted.

  • Tickets

    The vendors that will set up their booths in the trade show will need to buy some passes or tickets to enter the event. Make sure you price the tickets properly so that it is not heavy on any person’s pocket. You can sell tickets online as well as offline until the day of the trade show event.
    On the day of the event make sure that you see to every arrangement by yourself. The security around the event should be tight to protect the products that are being showcased. Make sure no one has any problems and set up a  team to guide the people around the area.



Free Publicity By Social Media-Things To Do!

An event whether big or small is only successful when the attendees love it. For the attendees to like the event, it is important to have the attendees. To organize an event, the organizer has to go through a lot of stages and steps of preparations. After all the preparations are done, the most important step is attracting the right crowd. To attract the crowd, a well-thought free marketing plan is needed. A special team has to be set up to reach out to the people and educate them about the event that you are organizing.

Marketing does not come free and can cost a fortune that takes up a huge chunk of your budget. This is a big problem for the organizers on a strict budget. You have to arrange for money separately to put on marketing because it is one step that can not be missed. People keep searching for ways to cut marketing costs and still grab the attention of the huge crowd. Social media marketing is one such technique that can help you cut a lot of cost from your marketing budget and publicize your event for free.

Almost all the people in the world are familiar with the social media and most of the younger and a huge chunk of older generation use it. It is slowly becoming a part and parcel of our lives and most of the activities happen only on the internet. So, there is no better place to publicize your event than social media. Here is how you can do it:

Start The Free Event Publicity Early

The earlier you start the better it is. Social media is a free platform to promote your event and the news spreads really fast on social media but even then you need to start the promotions really early. Also, do not think that anything you put on social media will attract the people to you. You need to have a decent plan before doing anything. Make sure you have a logo and an interesting name for your event so that it can be used for publicity.

Create An Account

Go to each and every social media page including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and much more and create an interesting looking page. Make sure the information given on all your social media pages is similar. Also, link each and every page to each other so that the people can visit the main site through the others. If you have an event website or an event blog link it all with your other social media pages. Make sure the profile images and descriptions are catchy and attractive.

Create A Hashtag

Create an interesting hashtag to go with your events name. The hashtag should be creative and describe your event in two to three words. Once you have decided a hashtag publicize it as much as possible. Post pictures and interesting content with the hashtag. Ask the people to post things with the hashtag. The hashtags can be used on various platforms. Tag as many people as possible.

Do not forget any social media

There are numerous free social media sites. Do not forget to register yourself on any of these. Each of these sites will require a different kind of content. Different types of people prefer different sites. For example, some people would prefer twitter, some Instagram, some Facebook. Register your event on all of these and post interesting content on each.

Post Interesting Things

Once all free social media accounts are set, it’s time to keep the audience interested. Create interesting posts such as videos and memes and keep posting them with your hashtag. Ask the people to repost them with the same hashtag so that not only the post gets viral but also your event will receive free publicity. Just consider the kind of audience you are targeting and design everything accordingly. Use proper graphics and interesting colors to make your posts catchy.

Ask The Performers To Publicize

If you have famous celebrities or famous people performing in your event, ask them to promote the event on their respective social media sites. They have their own followers and these will now automatically follow your event for free.

Host Contests

Interesting contests are a great way to attract the attendees for free. Put up a small contest and post the images of the winners on your social media pages. You can also give them a free ticket or discount on the tickets. Social media shoutouts are one of the most famous free publicity tricks and can be really helpful. These small contests will keep the people engaged and interested in your page.

Live Videos and Behind The Scenes

Everyone wants to see what their favorite celebrities are doing. So putting up live videos or behind the scene, videos and pictures of the performers are the best way to attract the crowd. You can also set up a live question and answer session with the people over Instagram or facebook with the celebrities. Also, posting pictures of the arrangements is also a good idea to keep the people excited.

Use Email Marketing

Make a database of the people you think might be interested in your event. Design an email or a newsletter and mail it to them regularly. Put the link to your site and other social media accounts in your email so that the people can easily visit them and register for the event.

Stay Active

The most important part of free social media marketing is to stay active on the social media pages. Answer to all the queries and comments regularly. Keep posting regularly and also involve the people in activities regularly. An active account attracts more followers than a nonactive one.


Just make sure that you reach out to the maximum audience. In addition to the free social media marketing, you can invest a little money and use other cheaper forms of marketing’s as well. These include flyers and banners, google advertisements and radio announcements. There is a possibility that some of the people are unaware of the social media and to have the best kind of publicity, mixing up all the things is the best way. All in all, keep everything interesting and be as creative as possible. We assure you that your event will be one of the best of all times.


eSports Game Event- How To Plan

With so many new games being launched every day and the technology getting advanced with each day, there are games evolving from all around the world. With such a huge gamer base, there is a need for eSports events every now and then. Competitive gaming has evolved a lot from small cafes to big tournaments. These are held in huge stadiums and big places. A huge sum of money is invested into these and in most cases, the people are not as aware of these eSports tournament. 

For the people who do not know what an eSport tournament is, we give you a brief description. As the name suggests it is a sport that uses electronic devices as the medium of gameplay. So, the professional video gaming is eSport. Gaming is increasingly becoming a career choice and it is just not confined to entertainment. People are making money playing these video games and have a successful career in it. Some selected games that the players prefer to play in the mainstream eSports tournament are  Counter-strike, League of Legends, FIFA, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Halo and much more.

eSporsts really fun and the competition is a great way to develop a feeling of sportsmanship. These eSports events are also a great way to bring together people from all over the world at one place and help build communal harmony. Esports although is not as famous as the traditional sport, there is a huge potential for it to reach that level.

Since most of the people attending these eSport tournaments are a pro at gaming and technology, the venue and decorations of the event space are done with the latest tech and engineering. If you want to plan an eSport game event, you need to know that it is not an easy task. But if you still want to try your luck at planning an eSport Game Event, we can help you. Here is a small guide on everything that you need in order to make your event an instant success.

The Purpose and Size of the eSports Event

Define the actual purpose of your event. Visit a few other eSports events and make notes of how things are working. This will help you form a firm decision on how big you want your event to be. If you are a beginner, stick to hosting a small size event and not take a plunge to a bigger one. These events are a lot of work and if you do not have any experience with the smaller ones first, you will mess up real bad.

Decide a realistic goal to your event. Do not just go for high figures because there are chances that you might not make as much money as expected for the first time. The key to success is to keep a realistic goal and work hard to achieve it.

The Type Of Games Involved

The main aim of an eSports game event is to play games. So, deciding what game will work for you is very important. Know the game you select for the tournament. The game should attract attendees. So take a scan of the audience you are targeting and know what kind of gaming interests them. Also, setting a tournament with the gaming servers is a really complicated task. So, make sure you research and practice the game before putting it up on the list.

Number of Players

The size of the event automatically decides the number of players supposed to attend the tournament. However making a rough estimate is not a bad thing. You have to plan a number of player specific things. Give entry tickets to a selected number of players only.


For hosting an eSports event budget is very important. There are many things that cost a lot of money. Getting sponsors is the best way to collect some money. Make a planned proposal for a number of potential sponsors and meet them to explain the scope of your event. Start trying this a long time before the actual event so that if one sponsor bails on you, you have enough time to contact the other. Explain to them all the details about your event and do not take any funding until both the parties are clear about the terms and conditions.

Venue and Setup

Finding a good venue for the event sure is a big challenge. Find a venue that fits all the attendees and still have space for the arrangement of other things. For the big size events you can choose public places such as community centres, schools, colleges, stadiums, and if you have a good budget then a private venue is the best option. Do not forget to take all the necessary permissions before the event.

Decide a theme for your eSport event and make all the decorations and setups accordingly. Be as creative as possible. Try and make the most out of the space. The better the venue will look, the more people it will attract.

A Team

Select your team members with caution. Make sure they have all the knowledge about eSport events. Hire only the people who qualify for the job. Remember the payment of the team will come out from the budget and hiring unnecessary people will only disturb the budget.


To attract the players to your event, have an active online presence. Create and event page and invite people to register for it. Create the page for your event on every single social media site. Since the games are sure to be available on the social media, make the most of this free service. sell your passes and tickets online. Look pages where you will find games and post on them about your tournament. Target the audience exclusively by email marketing. Send personal emails to the potential attendees for them to come and play with you. Make a separate publicity team since publicity is the most important part of your event.

3 Ways to Use Snapchat For Your Events

Do you know how Snapchat can help your event? Use Snapchat in the best ways to boost marketing of your event.

In 2013, Snapchat introduced a new feature known as ‘Stories”. Here users can share their photos, texts, and videos to their friends directly, by including them in their stories. These snaps remain for 24 hours after being uploaded. Snapchat is mainly used for personal messaging. But, non-profit organizations and businesses are also using this app for communications and brand marketing. Associations can also get benefited if they know the proper ways to use Snapchat.

Stories of Snapchat are a great way for enhancing your event communications and facilitating attendee engagements in a cost-effective manner. But just like other marketing tools, this app also needs careful and thoughtful planning just as a part of a unified social media strategy. Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat is great for complementing marketing events and engaging your audiences in a whole new way.

Following are some of the ways to use Snapchat stories for your conferences and events.

  1. Use Snapchat for Event marketing

In order to market your event, promote your Snapchat account name on other social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so that members can add you up as your friend. Ask them for following your announcements, special offers, updates on live events, and many more. The moment they will add your association on Snapchat, they will be able to see your stories. And now that you have got your audience, you can easily start generating buzz in the days and weeks leading the event.

Help audiences know about the event. Inform them how to register and what they can expect, etc. Do all these by posting photos to your stories. While the event starts use your stories and keep updating your attendees about each day’s announcements and schedules. Even, you can use Snapchat stories to share the contents of behind-the-scenes exclusively with your audiences. Let them have a different perspective altogether from what they experience on other promotional materials and other social media.

  1. Increasing engagement of attendees

If you are thinking of involving attendees and creating a sense of community for the event, why don’t you encourage them to share their favorite event parts, or the stuffs they have got to learn, or the new connections they have formed recently. You can post the best among them on your Instagram or Twitter page and add your event hash tag.

There are situations when people are very much interested in your association, but cannot attend the meeting. In that case, to reach out to those people, you can post stories of your event each day so that they understand what they are actually missing. This way, you can keep building excitement for your upcoming conference or event.

  1. Do not forget to send a Thank you

Use Snapchat to send thank you messages to your audiences after closing of your events. Thank them for attending your event and making it a grand success.

Event Technology Trends 2017

Event management has been one of the fields that are using technology to its full potential. Every time there is a new technology that comes up and is instantly picked up by the event industry. With so many new things and ideas emerging every day, there is a stiff competition amongst the event planners to give their clients the best experience. This brings the need to constantly hunt for new technology and find ways to incorporate it into the events.

Apart from the fact that these technologically advanced techniques make an event a huge success, there are some other uses of it as well. The first one is that it makes the work a lot easier. The things that were usually set up in weeks can be done within a few days or hours. Communication is easier and so is the planning. The next benefit of this is that it target more and more people all around the world at a time. The basic motive of an event is to target the people. Technology makes this extremely easy to achieve. The people not present at the event can also easily be a part of it. The last benefit is that it cuts cost. This might sound contrary to the popular beliefs but the use of advanced technology cuts down the cost of a lot of things.

Every year we see new trends emerging in this field. Here are a few event technology trends to look out for in 2017:

3D Scanning and Printing

3D Scanning and Printing has been helping people all around the world. It has been a huge breakthrough for the medical and nonmedical sciences. Its use in event technology has grown and it is sure to be one of the most widely used technology trends this year. Many caterers and restaurants have come up with 3D printed desserts and food items. Apart from this various event planners are using this technique to make 3D sculptures and models of various thing that otherwise took weeks and months. This now takes about a couple of days and the job is perfectly done without any human errors.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is another innovation that is constantly used by the big companies to promote their brands.  The Augmented reality is a technique which makes some alterations in the surroundings of a person. it puts new objects into the place that do not exist in reality. An example of the augmented reality is the very famous game, Pokemon Go. Just like this when a person points his or her camera at a particular place, it somehow comes to life and starts showing things that are not already present in it. It is a very new concept that needs experimentation. But, there is a huge possibility that there will events organized around this new technology that will be a huge success. Augmented Reality is the new trend in the planning of an event with tremendous potential to turn into a big trend. Many applications are yet to be created around it.

Live Streaming Event

Live Streaming is another very new and extremely useful technological tool that has hit the event management business like a storm. In the past months, we have seen all the social media channels have introduced the live streaming feature and people are going crazy about it. This is the ticket for the event planners to publicize their events. This is something that is very helpful before, after and even during the event. Before the event, use live streaming as a tool of publicity, after the event uses it to know the reactions of the people that attended the event and during the event, the attendees who live stream it will let the world see some of the best parts of your event. This is a sure recipe for a successful event.

Live streaming and crowd streaming is becoming more and more advanced with the time. It is is another event technology that has a huge potential to make any event an instant success.

Drones and Robots

Robots and Drones have now become one of the best tech trend 2017. Many people use drones to record the 360-degree views of their events. These drones are also making communication easier. Although they are used in very few areas right now, there is a huge possibility that we will see more drones doing a variety or work in the year 2017.

Similarly, robots have become a crowd pleaser. The various activities of their robots amaze people. They are so versatile that they can fit at any place and do any work in an event. They can also cut the man force and help manage lots of tasks with speed and efficiency. We need to wait into the year and see what new features the developers come up with.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is another tool that has been increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds. There are literally thousands of people going crazy for this new tech trend.Event management companies are also trying to incorporate this tech into their programs to attract more and more people. The VR can give a person one of the best experiences if used properly. The experts say that this trend is the one to stay.  

Biometric Data

Biometrics is something that has been a huge technological development for the scientists and the governments. But, how can event management stay away from any new technology? Many companies are using biometric to know their customer better. Biometric booths give them this opportunity. The study of body language and facial expression to a product gives them this information. Biometric is a trend that is not very widely popular but has a lot of possibilities. With constant research and development soon there will be simpler ways to use it in the day to day lives.

These are the few trends you will see in the upcoming 2017. There is a possibility for more innovation that we do not even know about.