How To Design A Movie Set – Planning & Execution

Making a movie set is also a kind of unsung art. If you do it in wrong way than the audience are going to think that movie is very cheap and is of low budget. And in case if you do it right way than no one is going to notice it at all. The good way it not about flashy or expensive, it is all about setting it simply naturally into the scene.

1) Studying the script :

The most important part of the movie is the script. It consists of all the information about the movie like story, characters, plot and the required information of the movie. By going through the script you will get an idea how to set should look. While reading the script make a note of some of the things like the time period, ambiance, geography, background props needed. And also the mood of the scrip, number of characters And the location of the design.

2) Discuss with the director about the set :

You must remember one thing that is you have to design the set the way the director has visualized the movie. So for that you have to talk or discuss with the director. From which you will come to know his point of view or else you can also give some free ideas in relation to script. You can sit and discuss with the director about the whole plan, theme, and all the necessary props that they want to incorporate or that can incorporated. Before that the most important that you need to know is the budget. So that you can start planning according to the script within that budget.

3) Sketching the mock design of the set :

There are many ways by which you can design a set and the final goal is to design a set. You can design it in sketch up, or drawing or photography or from other films. But before starting any things ones show to the direction so that your time is not wasted unnecessarily. Click photos of the props, locations, and rooms which you get through online or real life. Or else you can even sketch with pencil and paper, the front view is the best to understand it best. And lastly by showing the director the clips of other films which you will design it in more unique way to make it look different and beautiful.

4) Decide how to build the set :

First of all you have to decide whether you are going to build the set or use the exiting location as set. This is the most crucial decision to make. As it will affect the budget, scenes, and  film making process. And in both the cases it has both pros and cons. It will best if the director make a decision related to it. Because he knows better what he actually want ? How is actually want the set to ?

5)  Make a budget for your design :

Budget is the most important and least fun part in the whole process. It is an essential skill for everyone involved in the film making. You want any problem or issue in the middle of the design like shortage of money or you have run out of money. Therefore it is very essential to have a calculation of everything like pros, location etc. So that within that budget you can plan and design the whole set. And in case if you are using any existing location than  make sure to inquire if there is any fee for it.

6) Search of a location :

Grab a nice camera and set out on the road in search of a location. Visit as many places a you can and select and click pics of some of the options. That you would like to use in your set. Take shot of the whole room from every angle with proper lighting. So that when the director see it, he can analyse it clearly. And also click pics of furniture, decorations, and props that will suit with you design perfectly.

7) Decide which part to use :

Decide in the whole room which part of it you are going to use. You can divide the room and design with two to three walls. But in case if the director want to use the whole room than make sure to design it such a way that it will look like as it is in the movie.

8) Designing room lines :

Create lines in the room, which will create a illusion of movement for the audience. Create lines everywhere on couches, floorboard and the horizon of the room. Remember to create design in 3D and the lines in the 2D plan. Thinking of your set like you were composing a photograph will always lead to more interesting designs.

9) Removing the brand images :

Remove or cover up or hide all the brand names or images that are in the set. Because it may sometime cost money or else you may get sued for anything. So it is better not to take anything of that sort of risk. Or else if you want to show than take permission from respective brand. And if they charge and if you have that much budget than you can pay for it.

10) Less is more :

Unless the point of the scene is that things are cluttered and chaotic, less is more in the scene. You don’t want the audience focusing on your set, you want them focusing on the actors and action. A great set is unobtrusive it feels natural and realistic, less like a set and more like a room you could visit in real life.

11) Light the whole set with cinematographer :

After lighting, there is a good chance you’ll need to redesign the set a bit to eliminate awkward shadows or fit in lighting stands. This is also a chance to put in any practicals, which are lights that appear as part of the final movie, like lamps or ceiling lights. The cinematographer is also in charge of camera placement, meaning this is the time to work out crew placement and check how your scene looks at specific camera angles.


How To Host A Radio Show -Planning & Execution !

Radio is one of the oldest technology which is still in trend in the present world. Through this one can reach or contact with wide audience in both local areas and across the country. In radio show you can telecast music, interviews, stories, journalism, or any other audio content which is created by an audio DJ or host. And to organize a successful radio show you have to make yourself get involved in this varied and exciting field. For that you have to do a proper and systematic planning.

1) First contact the local radio stations :

At first try to contact to the near by or local radio stations. And ask them if they have any position left vacant as host in any of the main program. Or else you have that much of budget than you can contact for buying the air time. You can discuss with them about the type of radio show you want to organize. And their process or rules and regulations for hosting the new radio show. Fix a day with time each week so that you can increase your listener numbers who want to hear you. But in case you are planning for a DJ type radio and play music, songs, than contact the type of radio which does this.

2) Record your own show for online broadcast :

Record your own radio show one with all the equipment’s you are having and broadcast it online. So that you will come to know about the potential of listeners in around the world. You can even do live show online or else if possible try to make it available through podcast service.  Podcast is a perfect idea to host a radio show where you can record, edit and after that broadcast it online. And this process is going to bring success for your radio show.

3) Enter you show into a contest :

With all the available equipment’s record your own radio show. Which you can edit and than broadcast it online. And if you want you can even submit it to any contest. This is the only chance to broadcast it in any of the popular radio station. And through this you will even collect your large number of audience. You can even submit it to any ongoing podcast service also.

4) Listen to other show :

Listen to as many shows as possible of the type in which you are interested. By this you will come to learn many things. This will helpful as a guide in the things that you want to do. Pay a keen attention to each and everything in the show. Take a note of everything and you can even make changes that you dislike it. This will keep you engaged and make a habit of listening.

5) Make a checklist of the basic components :

Note down all the basic information that are required for you in hosting the radio show. Make a checklist of main key elements like the name or title of show, objective or main goal, theme, schedule, number of audience, show elements and most important is publicity or advertising of the show.

6)  Write a script for your show :

Write you script for your show in which you will write what you want to say during the show. It can include questioning type, or narrative or wrap one between sets of songs. You can write basic outline or detailed script according to your comfort. Which you will able to understand just by seeing it during the show in time of need.

7) Getting used to with the equipment :

First find out what all equipment are required for recording and broadcasting the show. After that try to learn all the functions of the equipment like speaker, microphone, sound mixer etc. If possible take a tutorial of it so that it will make you feel confident during operating it in the show. Try to acknowledge that much of knowledge about the equipment so that you can fix small issues or problems that will come across during broadcast.

8) Speak properly on live broadcast :

If you are doing live broadcast instead of podcast be very careful while speaking. Speak slowly with proper language so that listeners can understand easily without much difficulties. Follow the proper guidelines on the show and also follow the content properly so that you can achieve your targeted audience. And if in any case something goes wrong, than learn to know how to manage it by playing music or song or moving to another segment.

9) Announce the station call sign and frequency :

Every time on the start of the show always first remember to announce the name or title of the show. And all the basic information about the station like frequency, call sign etc. This will help the listeners to get tune any time during the show segment and also in identifying what they are listening to. This will help in increasing the number of listeners of your show and also for publicity purpose in social media, blogs etc.

10) Online broadcasting :

Doing online broadcast through the process of podcast. In this you can do offline recording of your audio with the help the available equipment. Or else you can even record just with the help of your phone or computer microphone. If your are recording with the help of equipment than sync it with your computer or any editing device. So that there will no issue of transferring the file for editing purpose.

11) Editing and Sharing your show :

It is the last step of broadcast. After completion of your recording transfer it for editing purpose. Download a editing app where you can edit, cut, move, change and add effects. After editing before broadcasting keep a copy of it saved. So that if in case you lose it than it will helpful for you in need of requirement. After that you can share it through social media sites, blog or website. Don’t upload it all together, upload episode after episode which will great excitement and anxiety between the listeners.


Award Ceremony- How Is It Done?

Award ceremonies are a great way to acknowledge the talent from all over the world and inspire the people to be like these people. Organizing an award ceremony is not an easy task. All over the world, many award ceremonies are being organized and each one is better than the last. All you have to do is make your award ceremony stand out in the crowd. Every day we see red carpets and famous personalities walking down them with grace. Everything around them looks perfect. This perfection needs a lot of time, planning and effort from the organizing committee.

If you are planning to organize an award show and you have no idea how to go about it, we would advise you to visit a few big ceremonies and see how they work. You will have a general idea. If you want a detailed step by step checklist, read below:


  • The Aim For The Award Ceremony

The very first thing before starting to organize an award ceremony is to decide the aim and make a detailed plan for it. Who are the people you want to acknowledge? What have they achieved and how is it impacting the people in the country or the world? These are the questions you should clearly answer. Once you know the type of award ceremony, make a detailed plan of the layout and everything else you want to include in the event. Make sure that the plan has everything big or small that is required to make the event stand out.

  • Decide The Budget

The next consideration is the budget. The budget for your award ceremony will be the basis of every other arrangement and the quality of the things that will be included. Make sure you do not keep unrealistic expectations about the budget. Look out for sponsors or partners to fund your event. Award shows are big events that get a lot of publicity. Hence there are greater chances of people being interested in lending you the money. This could be a win win situation for both the parties. The sponsor could get some publicity and you get the money for your award show. However, it is necessary to discuss all the terms and conditions and make a written agreement before accepting any kind of financial funding.

  • Nominations

For an award ceremony, you have to search for the deserving candidates that would compete to get the award. Getting nominated for a big award is a privilege in itself. You can either set up a team and ask them to do the research on the best work that has been done in that field or you can ask the people to file their nominations. The latter one will let you have many more options to choose from. Select the top 5 or top 10 and choose a winner amongst them.

  • The Panel

To pick a winner you need a panel of judges. Pick out the best people in the field to take the decision on the winner. Keep in mind that you will have to pay these people and some of them might charge you a lot of money. So, before fully appointing a judge, talk to them about their payments and preferences. Additionally, keep some money in your budget to pay for the artists and the judging panel. Give the set of nominees to the panel and let them set criteria on the basis of which the winner can be decided.

  • Theme and Logo

The theme and logo of the event are the first steps in branding. Make sure whatever name and logo you decide for the award show goes with the theme you select. Do not select a very fancy theme for an official event. However, you can be creative in your theme selection if it is an entertainment award show. Keep the decorations and the costumes of the guests in accordance with the theme.

  • Venue

The next thing to consider is the venue. Use cost as the first filter for your venue selection. Make a list of all the suitable and available venues and cancel out the ones that do not fit your budget. The next thing to look out for is the parking and surroundings. Since award shows are usually high profile events and all the guests will bring their own vehicles. There should be enough space around the venue to park them. Additionally, the area should not be extremely crowded so that the people can easily enjoy the ceremony.

  • Entertainment and The Host


The award shows can get a little boring and monotonous. So there is a need to have a great interactive host and some entertainment acts. The entertainment acts can be anything from a dance performance to a singing performance to a small comedy act. Furthermore, invite the famous actors and performers to perform. However, it is important to keep in mind that these people will charge you a fee. Make sure it fits your budget. If you are low on budget, inviting some local talent can also be a great option.


  • The After Party


After the award show is over, set up a party for all the nominees and the attendees. Make sure the food and drinks you serve are appropriate for the occasion. Additionally, do not compromise on the quality of food and drinks. After parties are great ways to make new contacts and get feedbacks from the people. Ask the volunteers to take care of each guest equally and solve any problems if they exist.


  • Publicize

The last thing to take care of is publicity. You want to attract attention to your award ceremony as much as possible. The more the people know about the award ceremony, the more tickets you will sell. So, reach out to the crowd on every platform possible. Use free social media marketing to your advantage. Also, use email marketing and word to mouth marketing. Print flyers and hoardings. Post interesting contents on social media and urge the famous personalities to share that they are attending the event on social media.


Follow these simple steps and use some of your own creativity to have yourself an amazing award show event. Make sure to greet and thank every guest for attending. Live streaming your event is also a great way to gain more publicity. All in all, make a proper plan and execute it well. Also, do not forget to have a little fun yourself.

Consider these 10 things while choosing the event venue

As an event planner or just a normal person who is trying to plan out an event, there are some things in the checklist that need to be proper in order to make the event a success. One of these important things to consider is the venue. A venue is the backbone of any event be it a business event or a family event or any social event. It’s a fact that the people are more likely to be attracted to things that look good and if your venue looks good and has all the services available for the attendees, consider your event a success.

However selecting the perfect venue is not an easy task. You need to make sure everything is taken care of and attendees do not have any problem at your desired venue. This can be a really daunting task for a beginner and a person with no experience whatsoever. But you do not have to worry because we are here to help you. Here is a list of 10 things that you should consider while looking out for the perfect venue.


Budget To Consider

The first thing to consider while looking for a good venue for an event is the budget. The budget will decide the amount of cash you will spend on booking the venue, catering and other services. The first filter that you need to use while selecting the venue is the price range that it fits in. Make sure that the budget for the venue is different from the budget for other services. Also, you should try and find a venue that is below the set budget so that it leaves you with more money that can be used in other arrangements.

Audience and Event Type

the second thing to consider while choosing a venue for your event is the kind of people that will be attending it. Now, not everyone would like an open venue and not everyone would be comfortable with an indoor party. The arrangements and the decorations also depend on the type of people that will attend the event. The number of people attending the event will decide the size of the venue.

It is also very important to consider the type of venue event to select the perfect venue. A lecture event can not possibly take place at an outdoor location whereas for a concert event you would definitely need an outdoor venue.

Location To Consider

Locations is another thing that is very important to consider while selecting the perfect venue for your event. Make sure the location is:

  • Easily accessible to all the people from all the places in the area. The people should not find it difficult to search the location and reach it.
  • Well ventilated and can accommodate all the attendees properly without creating and haphazard.
  • Present in a quiet and calm place so that the people do not have to hear the noise of the bustling traffic or the crowd nearby while having fun.



The next thing to consider is the availability of the venue on the required dates. No matter how perfect the venue is for your event, availability is the most important factor in selection. Make sure you pre book the venue and not wait for the day of the event to contact the venue. If the venue is occupied, you will have a lot of problems in finding a new one.

The Ambience Of The Venue

The next thing to consider is the ambiance of the venue. Make sure the venue is well lit and well ventilated. See whether all the decorations and arrangements will look good at the venue or not. Make sure everything about the venue is attractive to your crowd and your decor plans fit perfectly with the settings.

Parking Space

Once you have ticked all the above boxes for your venue, make sure there is enough parking space around or inside the venue. The attendees will obviously bring their own vehicles and not being able to find a perfect parking spot is a major buzz kill for anyone. Imagine going all dressed up for a party and not finding a parking spot. The parking spot is a far away place and you have to walk all the way to the venue. It will kill your happy mood and automatically put you in a bad mood. To avoid this make sure there is an underground parking or a huge area to park the vehicles around the venue. If the venue does not have to park, reject it immediately.

Availability Of Amenities

Amenities are the next important thing to consider. The amenities involve a lot of things such as the :

  • Catering- Some venues have their in house catering and some do not. So ask the venue whether they will be able to provide catering services for your event or not. Most venues deduct the fee from your booking amount if they do not have catering. If they do, make sure that it is compatible with the theme and type of event.
  • Table and Chairs- Seating arrangements are the responsibility of the venue. Tell the venue the number of guests that will be attending the event. They will make the arrangements accordingly. Just check on the arrangements yourself before the day of the event.
  • Technology- Make sure that the venue has its own audio visual instruments if they are required for your event. If the venue does not have it, ask them to arrange for it. Although some venues might require you to do that arrangement yourself.



The security of the attendees is one of the biggest concerns. Make sure the venue has enough security that can handle any kind of fights or riots and mishappening. Also, consider booking a venue in an area that is safe and secure. The venue would provide their personal security in most of the cases.

The Acoustics Of The Venue

Imagine visiting a venue that has very loud music or audio that your head starts aching or the audio barely audible that you are unable to understand anything that is being said. Both these situations are extremely frustrating. Make sure you consider the acoustics of the venue when booking it. The acoustics is basically how sound travels throughout the venue. It will largely depend on the built of the venue, the audio instruments and the number of attendees.

The Restrictions or Venue Policies

Each venue has its own policies and you need to make sure you follow them. Ask the venue for any special policies they have and they would like you to follow. Make sure you abide them.


You should note that the requirement for a perfect venue can change with every event and all these points are the basic steps. In many cases, there can be different specifications for each and every venue and arrangement and it is important to personalize accordingly. Be as creative as possible and even if you make a few mistakes, in the beginning, remember that it is alright and nothing is unmendable. Be safe and consider having some fun while making the arrangements.


Entertainment Show Event- Plan!

Entertainment show! This word brings a lot of fun things to mind.Entertainment is what keeps us sane and helps us get through the bad, boring and gloomy days in life. Entertainment has changed definitions over the course of time and with the passing time, new ways of entertainment keep coming into the picture. In the early times, games and stories were the source of entertainment which has turned to tv, movies and games etc. Going to an entertainment show means that you might experience a lot of different performances live Entertainment events can be of many types. They can be music event, dance event, DJ nights, Magicians shows, Plays, Skits and much more. Some Entertainment events have all of it together.

The entertainment industry has flourished to such extents that new technology is being incorporated into these events to make them magnificent. There are numerous entertainment events both large and small scale being organized all over the world for the people to attend and enjoy.Events like festivals and award shows are filled with celebrities and are a big affair. People surely get astounded by the arrangements and the state of art facilities and much more. But one does not realize that a lot of effort goes into organizing such events. The people need to work day and night to make this successfully happen.

If you are planning on organizing an entertainment event, we know you must be really confused. There are so many things to take care of and if you are short of time, things get even more complicated. Beginners always have these problems. Since you want your entertainment event to stand out and be the best amongst the rest. We can help you with your problems. Here is a list of the things that you should do to make your entertainment event a huge success. Keep reading!

Pick A Date For The Entertainment Show Event

The key to organizing a successful event is starting early. Pick out a date for your event and make a plan. Create a team to help you with your planning and arrangements. Select each and every member of your team very carefully and do not add people to the list unnecessarily. Your team will be the one responsible for your success, so take in members accordingly.

Select A Theme and Type Of Entertainment Show

Decide the type of entertainment show to organize. What are the types of performances you want to showcase? It could be a music entertainment show, a play or skit, a dance entertainment show or it might contain all of the performances. Select a theme for the show early on. This will be important for deciding a name and for you to design all the banners and posters for publicity. Also, make sure that all the performances are in accordance with the theme of the event.

Artists and Performers

Make a list of all the artists and performers you think are suitable for your event. Do some research and find out whether they are available on the dates. Now, cross out the ones that are not available. Call each and every artist or send them an email asking for their approval. Note down the artists that respond to your call and meet them in person. Decide all the details like payment, facilities, and duration of performance in advance. Also, sign a detailed contract and include every single detail in it.


Make a list of all the guests you want to invite to your event. If it is a ticket based entertainment even, make sure you clarify the exact numbers of tickets. Do not invite more guests than you can accommodate. Because it is going to get stressful for you.

Set A Budget

Decide the budget according to the plan of the event. Look for sponsors or partners that can help you with the funds. It is important to note that the sponsors will want their share in the profit of your event or want to advertise themselves through the event. So, go for a sponsor if you are comfortable with all this. Also, make sure you discuss all the big and small details with them before accepting any money.


The venue is a very important part of an event preparation. So, select the venue keeping in mind the following points:

Space- The first thing to consider while booking a venue is the space. The venue should be big enough to fit all your guests. Also, make sure it is spacious enough for the people to sit and enjoy the show and move around easily.

Amenities- Things like chairs, tables, air conditioning or fans etc has to be provided by the venue. If it is not in the venue package, make arrangements for them separately.

Electronic and Technological Arrangements– Since it is an entertainment program, things like music system, screens, and projectors are required. These need electricity to run. Make sure there is enough supply of electricity and all the equipment work properly.

Parking– See that there should be enough space for parking around the venue. No matter how small the venue is, the parking space should be big enough to accommodate all the vehicles.

Accessibility– Select a venue that is easily accessible to all the people and can be found easily. Also, the surroundings of the venue should be quiet.

Promotion and Tickets

Promote your event at every place possible. For free publicity choose the internet marketing like social media marketing and email marketing to your advantage. Also, print out flyers and distribute it at places you might find potential attendees. Moreover, radios and newspaper advertisements are also a great way to promote your event.

Sell the tickets online through social media or your event website or offline at different venues. However, a combination of both these methods is the most successful. Price the tickets in such a way that the people can afford it and it is profitable for you too. In addition to this, start the ticket sales as early as possible.

After the event makes sure to thank all the guests for coming and if possible ask them for feedbacks. These feedbacks will be really helpful for you in organising the future events like this. Share the event highlights on social media. But most importantly have some fun. Enjoy all the performances of the night and make sure after the event ends,  go to each performer and thank them for the amazing show they put up. Give them some complimentary gifts or souvenirs if possible. Also, arrange for their transports. Keep all of the above points in mind and have yourself an amazing Entertainment event.