Things to Know when Booking a Celebrity for an Event

Marketing and attracting the crowd are two of the basic strategies in making an event a success. The entertainment of the guests is also another thing to consider and work for. The best way to do all these things is to book a celebrity for your event. Keep in mind that the budget required for booking a celebrity has to be huge and events that are tight on a budget should try out different techniques. Another place where a celebrity is required is at the musical events.

Even after all these amazing things that come out of booking a celebrity, the process is very difficult. There are so many celebrities and if you do not have good connections, breaking into the industry is not as easy. Especially when it comes to booking a famous singer for an event, the dates are really hard to get. The task can be very intimidating and painstaking for the people who know nothing about it. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of time to make the arrangements of working with a celebrity.

So, here is a step by step guide to book a celebrity for your event and the things you should know:

The Booking budget

The first and foremost thing to consider while booking a celebrity is the budget for the event. Make a separate budget that is solely dedicated to the celebrity, their appearance, their needs, and performances. If you do not know how much money is required to book a celebrity, visit the sites or the companies that book these celebrities and ask them for an estimated cost. They will give you a rough idea and you can work accordingly on the budget. Make sure that the budget does not just include the celebrity fee but also the other fees that are attached to it.

Type of Celebrity

The second thing to consider is what sort of a celebrity you want to book for the event. Booking a singer or an actor is very different from booking famous people from the other fields. It is also important to see whether the celebrity is currently famous or was famous a long time back so that you will know what to expect. It is not always necessary to book the currently famous celebrity because the ones that are not even in the limelight right now still have the talent and a huge fan base. So, they can give you a great show along with saving you some of the booking cost. Booking such celebrities is good for a small event or a private event.

If you are low on budget and you still need some marketing, then opting for local celebrities and not so famous celebrities can help. You can also ask them to support your cause of you are having a fundraiser. Most upcoming celebrities would do it to get some positive publicity from the press.

Their schedule

Another thing to consider is the schedule of the schedule of the celebrity. Check whether they are available to perform at the venue. Do they have time to fly to your event and are their dates clear? After making sure what celebrity is available on the dates, shortlist your most compatible candidates. Then, talk to their managers or the person who handles booking for them regarding your request or proposal.


Next is the venue. Now, the venue does not only mean how and where the place is? What is important to see is whether all the people will be able to accommodate in the space. If the event is a very big scale event, booking an open space or a big auditorium that can easily fit all the people even if the crowds get more than expected. The popularity of the celebrity also decides how big the venue should be. If the event is a private one, then decide the size of the venue according to the guest list. But make sure that the place is in accordance with the preference of the celebrity. Some of them actually do have preferences and giving them all the details is important before booking them.

Type of Event

Deciding the types of event is usually the first thing to consider. But since this is not a step by step guide you can do the things in random orders according to your preference. So the type of event also decides what sort of celebrity will be attending it. For example, a music concert will obviously have a singer in it. A conference or a workshop will have a speaker. A sports related event will have a sports personality and other such things. So, decide the type of event that is being held and then get to the list of your celebrities who are suitable to perform or speak there.

Celebrity Demands

Celebrity demands! Yes, celebrities have some specific demands and you have to meet them. It does not mean that every celebrity has weird demands that will burn a hole in your pocket but some of them do. So, first, of all try and avoid the celebrities with high demands to maintain your budget. Read the booking terms and conditions of the celebrity carefully and only then take the further steps. If you do book a celebrity like that, keep a separate budget for it and make sure that you know the specifications before the day of appearance.

Space For Negotiation

There is always space for discounts and negotiations while booking a celebrity. So, when you book a celebrity that is not in the limelight, try asking for discounts. Some of them might agree and this might help you save some extra cash. If you do not know what price should be paid to these celebrities then just provide them with the details of your event and let the manager quote the price they would want to take. You can then negotiate the price according to the demands and preferences.


With these simple things in mind, you can easily book a celebrity for an event and save yourself from the pain of a failed event or a mishap.




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