How to Book a Hotel Room

Finding a good hotel of your choice and booking it is a very tough job.It will very stressful if you try to book in last moment for bigger family. Now a day’s there are so many options for hotel booking in online. With help of that you can search for many hotel around and compare the ratings also. After that only you can book the right hotel for yourself or family. And if in case you have never done this before than don’t worry it is a very process. All that you need to do is follow some steps.

1) Considering your budget :

Before starting anything the first step that you need to look after is the budget. This help help you out in find a hotel according to your need and budget. And it will become more easy for you. The first thing is that how much you can spend on your hotel ? What are your requirements or needs ? According to that you can proceed to further steps in find out a hotel according to your choice. This way will take very time in find a hotel and booking a room in online.

2) Making a list of requirements for your stay :

Do you need room for your family or only for yourself ? At first make a decision of it. How big room you want and how many beds you want in your room including the bathroom size ? In case if you are travelling with your family with than in that case you may need two rooms or more than that. Along with that you can even prefer to have WIFI, facility for disable, laundry facility, water heaters in bathroom, spa, gym and swimming pool. Make a list of all your requirements after that according to that start your research.

3) Search your ideal location or place :

Usually location can cause a lot of affect to the budget as well the accommodation, especially if you are looking for a very convenient place. The ideal location will depend upon the type of trip your are going for. If it for official work than obvious you will search that will near to the work event. But in case if you are going on a family trip than it will depend upon you whether you want to stay near to site seeing areas. Or in the center of the city from where you can access to every place easily.

4) Search for hotels in online :

Ones you have decided the budget, requirements and ideal location. You can start research related to hotel. There are many apps or options where you can search the hotels. Open the app set the check in and check out date, and filter other amenities, ideal location and price from low to high. After that you will get to see many options of hotels from which you can choose of your choice.

5) Compare with other hotel :

Different apps or website give with different discounts on all hotels. And the discount varies from hotel to hotel and website to website. If you want you can even call personally to the hotel and what type of offers or discounts they are offering. All that you need to do your price points and travel date. And if you call personally than try to ask all the doubts and things you want to clear. Before booking the hotel have a look after the customer’s review. From that you can decide finally out of all which hotel and which room you will book for your family or yourself.

6) Book the room online :

Ones you have decided which hotel and room to book. You can book very easily through online in the hotel website. Through online booking you need to provide your basic information and traveling dates like both check in and check out dates. If you want you can book by calling to the hotel personally also. Always prefer calling in the evening time as morning and mid afternoon time is busy for the front desk.

7) Select mode of payment :

After completion of your booking of your hotel you can move on to next to step. That is the payment for your booking. You will get two modes of payment online by card or any other method. Or else offline that is after reaching to hotel directly in the hotel. According to your comfort you can choose your mode of payment there is no restriction in it. Sometime some hotels or cards offer discounts on online payment in that case online payment is the best option. Where you will an opportunity to save some of your money. Or else you can prefer offline payment also.

8) Confirmation of the booking :

The first step is hotel booking, next is payment method and last and final step is the conformation of the booking. Ones you have completed your booking you can have a print out of receipt of the booking. And in case you have booked through phone than you can ask the hotel manager to send a receipt. Which will act as a proof of booking in the time necessity or requirement. Have a overlook of the receipt so that the dates of traveling and booking are same and are correct or not.

9) Enjoy your stay :

After completion of booking on the day of check in. You can direct go to hotel and check in your room. And in any case you don’t any idea about the proper address. Than you ask the hotel member to send you appropriate address. Or else if they are having the taxi facility than you can ask them to send it ti pick you up. If you haven’t done the payment than after reaching you can complete that process by card or cash depends upon you. And know full detail about all the fees like cleaning fee, parking fee, laundry fee or any extra fee. So that you it wouldn’t a hidden surprise for you during the check out time.  So enjoy your stay and have a great trip.

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