Book Fair Event- Tips To Organize

Ever since the ancient times, books have been the way for the people to know the world. A book can instantly transport a person from one place to another. Reading as an activity should be encouraged. It opens the mind of a person and increases productivity. A book can be a great source of entertainment and also a way to gain a lot of knowledge. Does not mean that you have to read academic books to be known. Reading novels and works of great artists can help a person know about their lives and other cultures.

Book fairs are a great way to promote reading. Book fairs are held all over the world in huge numbers and help bring all the like minded book lovers together. There is no boundary when it comes to reading. There are millions of books on different subjects from all over the world in almost all the languages. Ever since the man created a language, he wanted to pass his wisdom and stories in the form of books. Books dating back hundreds of years have helped us know so much about our ancient cultures and how people went on with their lives in those times.

If you have planned to arrange a world class book fair in your city or school, we congratulate you for this brilliant idea. Encouraging the youth to read has become really important in today’s times. Apart from the fact that it increases awareness  Arranging a book fair can be a strenuous task since it takes a lot of work. If you do not have any prior experience in this field, it might scare you a lot. We totally understand your concern and have curated a list of things to do in order to make the planning easier for you. So read below the list of tips that will help you organise an amazing book fair.

Start Preparing Early For The Book Fair

Early preparation is the basis of the success of any event be it a book fair. Lots of arrangements are to be made and starting early can help you avoid any kind of mistake. Also, if you start early there will be plenty of time for you to publicise and prepare for the event in addition to sorting out any mishappenings.

Find Your Purpose

There can be various reasons to organise a book fair. A book fair can be an excellent fundraiser where you could sell old and new books. A book fair can just be a way to spread the knowledge about various cultures, ideas and societies. Decide whether you want the book fair to be a profit based or just a non-profit event. Decide the type and the number of people that you will invite for the event. The number of people will help you in making the further arrangements.

Find Partners

Organising a book fair is a very big task and if it is a world class book fair, you will surely need some help. Find some partners to co-chair the committee with you. Make decisions in accordance with everyone. This way not only you will have less work, but the budget of the event will also get split into different parts. These people can also give new ideas and make the event stand out even more in front of the people. The more people you involve the more will be your reach on the audience.

Set A Budget

A budget makes the most important part of any event. You need money for the venue, books and the other arrangements. You and your partners can raise money to organise this event by looking out for sponsors. Make a detailed proposal that lets the sponsor know what profit he is going to gain out of helping you. This should be a win-win situation for both the parties. No high profile sponsor will invest money in something that does not profit him. You can either advertise them or have them display their products in your event venue etc. Make sure you discuss all the terms and conditions before accepting any money from the sponsor.

Use the money judiciously. Make a budget plan and keep aside some emergency budget. Stick to your plan unless it is very necessary. Avoid spending on things that are unnecessary but do not compromise with the quality.

Get A Selection Of Books

What is a book fair without the books? So get your selection of the books from the libraries or ask the publishers to put books on sale at your fair. You can also contact the local stationery and book shops to give you books. Ask them to send their own volunteers for their counters and they can take the books back after the event. Arrange books of different genera in different sections. Make sure each section has a proper tag and is easily distinguishable. Choose a venue that has huge space and can hold all the books in one place. Also, keep the theme of each section different so that the people get impressed and start exploring them.


Like you can not arrange a book fair without partners, it is impossible to do it without volunteers. Interview all the volunteers way before starting the preparations and make sure there are enough people to take care of each and every section. The people will directions and will have questions, you need to put a person that can answer them. Make sure the volunteers have some knowledge about the books department they have been placed at so that they do not appear lost if someone asks them something.department they have been placed at so that they do not appear lost if someone asks them something.


Publicity is the last and the most important step in organising a book fair. Publicise your event everywhere. Do not leave any platforms. Put a special focus on social media and also use email marketing to your benefit. Apart from this make a website and contact with the radio operators in your area to help you attract more and more people to your event. Distribute flyers and put up boards at places where you can find potential attendees.

With these small steps in mind, you will surely organise a kick ass world class book fair event.



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