Board Games Event- Everything To Know

Board games have become the thing of the past these days. In the older times before the mobile phones, tablets and computers had taken over the world, board games were the only way for the people to have some fun together. There were and are numerous kinds of board games and there is a huge need to encourage people to stop wasting their times on electronic devices and start playing with the real people around them. Board games or any game that involves human interaction are the best way for the people to connect and develop a healthy and playful environment. These days people do not know their neighbours or friends have become nothing but social media network. This is not good for the development of the society and also the brains of out generation.

Promoting and supporting board games brings harmony in the society. Board game events are constantly organised by the people all over the world to increase their popularity and to attract more and more people to play and interact. what is better than a fun game night or a game day with some food and friends. There are soo many classic board games like Scrabble, Monopoly and Ludo that have been the crowd favourite for ages and then there are some really new board games that are interesting people even more. There is possibly a board game for every person and this needs to be publicised. It has been found in researches that playing board games or any game that involves human interaction is said to increase the brain function in humans. There are many other benefits also of playing the Bord games.

A board game event can be big or small. It can involve lots of people or just some of your closest friends. The basic aim is to collect a group of people to sit have some fun. If you are thinking of organising a board game event yourself, it is a brilliant idea. A board game event is very easy to organise and can be done by anyone. As the size of the event increases so does the difficulty in the organisation. So, if you have no idea how to go about planning your board games event, we are here to help you. We have made a list of all the things that you need to do in order to make your event an instant success. Keep Reading:

Goal Of The Board Games Event

The first thing to decide is the goal of your event. Make sure you have a proper goal in mind. The goal can be anything from collecting funds to publicising to just having fun with the other people at a nice gaming event. the goal is helpful in deciding the plan for the event. In addition to this decision the number of people that you want to attend your board games event. The number of people will help decide the venue and the budget for the event.


The venue is the next big thing to take care of. Pick a venue that is big enough to accommodate all the players and also all the equipment and food and drinks counter. Even after all this, there should be space left for people to move around and chat with each other. Make sure the venue has all the chairs and tables equal to the number of attendees. There should not be any shortage of sitting area. Choose a venue that is easier to access and has a big parking area. Check all the ventilations and emergency exits of the venue before finalising it.

Getting The Sponsors

Budget is a big headache while organising any event. So, getting the sponsors is a very important task. Go to the game publishers and ask them to sponsor your event. They can easily benefit from your board games event because it will help them publicise their product which means they will sell many more games. This is a win-win situation for both the parties.

Team Members and Volunteers

Your team is an essential part of making your event stand out amongst the others. Unless the event is very small or you have superhuman powers, you will not be able to handle all of this alone. Select a team of volunteers that have some experience in organising events in the past. Do not unnecessarily increase the members in your team. Interview them and select the best ones.

Collect The Games

What is a board games event without board games? Technically a failed event. So, go to the libraries that keep these games and collect all the interesting games from them. If you do not have a place that has all the games that you need, consider renting or buying them. You need to have a separate budget for the games. Make sure there are enough games to engage all the people. Consider asking people to donate their games as well. This can be a nice idea and later if they need it, they can take it back.

Market and Advertise

How does a person get to the board games even, if they do not know about it? This question brings us to our next step – marketing. Depending on the size of your event choose your marketing plan. If the event is very big and has lots of different people, make a page for your event and send invites to the people to join it and participate. Publicise on social media the most. This is the best way to reach out to the youth. In addition to this use email marketing, Radios and Newspapers. You can also put up paid advertisements on the websites like Facebook and Google which will cost you a very small amount and a lot of hits on your website. Apart from this do not forget to use traditional methods such as flyers, posters and word of mouth marketing.

Foods and Beverages

You need to decide whether to serve food or not. It is a good thing if you do serve food since it will keep the people in the vicinity for a long time. They will not have to leave the venue to get some food. Snaking through the games is also a common practice and makes it even more enjoyable. If you are short on budgets, you can set up paid food stalls where people can but the food items according to their preferences. Make sure that the food is enough for all the attendees. More food can later be used as snacks.

Just follow these simple steps and add some of yours to organise a super successful and super fun board games event.

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