How to Plan Bits of Entertainment in your Event

Ever been to a large and very long event that bored you excessively but you had no choice to sit there and be attentive? We have all been there and experienced this. There are many events such as award ceremonies or lecture events or seminars etc that stretch for a really long time. These can get really boring at times for the audience. To make these events more cheerful, it is very important to include some bits of entertainment in between.

Entertainment bits in an event is the best way to keep the audience busy and interested. The entertainment bits can be of any type including the stand-up comedy performance, a small skit, a singers performance, a dance performance and much more. If the event is really long, a combination of all these can also be used in between the different acts. Some people also prefer to open their event with the entertainment bits.

Adding entertainment bits to the event does sound like an interesting thing but requires a lot of planning and preparation. If you are deciding to add the entertainment bits to your event and do not know how to go about it, do not worry. We are here to help you with all the planning. Here is the list of all the steps that are involved in planning entertainment bit in your event. Keep reading:

Decide The Time Duration

The first step is to decide the duration for which you want to include the entertainment bits in your event. The bits have to fit in between the other proceedings of the event and if you make them any longer, it will take even more time for the event to get over. Also if more than one of these shows have to be included,  make sure you decide the exact time for each of the acts.

Decide The Artists And Acts For The Entertainment Bits

The artist will be the basic factor in making your event stand out. So, make a list of all the artists that you think would suit your show. If you want to add comedy bits to your show, make sure that the artist’s comedy style matches the target audience. There is a possibility that a very famous artist won’t agree to do such a small performance. So, finalize an artist only after taking everything in consideration. Also, make sure the fees of all these artists fit in your budget.

Approach and Book The Artists

The next step is to approach the artist and book them. Now, once you have shortlisted the suitable artists contact their managers or send them emails. Enquire about their thoughts regarding performing bits of entertainment at your event. If they agree to everything, fix a meeting in person or over video chat. If the bigger artists refuse to perform for such short periods or they ask for a lot of fees that exceeds your budget, try and look for local artists. There is a possibility that the local talent is good and might even perform better than the celebrity artists.

Check The Arrangements

A separate set of arrangements has to be done in order to let the artists perform bits of entertainment at your event. Make sure the stage is proper and the sound system is working. Give a list of all the acts in order to the anchor so that there is no confusion later on. Ask every artist whether they need any special arrangements or props for their performances. All in all, see that the act goes on smoothly.


About 15 days before the show, call all the artists and performers to the venue and rehearse all the bits of entertainment that are to be included in your show. The rehearsal is important to know the time duration of the acts. Place the largest acts either in the starting or at the end of the show. Call out the writing team and create some exciting introductions for each and every act. Make sure every artist comes in and practices their sets before the show. If the artists live far off and are not available 15 days before the show. Keep a practice session with them at least a couple of days before the show so that you can make the required arrangements.


The advantage of putting small bits of entertainment in your event is that it can be a source to attract more and more people. Make sure you publicize on all the platforms. Social media is the best way to attract a huge crowd. Email marketing is also a great way. You can also print flyers and hoardings with the artist’s name and the name of your event so that the people get to know about it. Make sure you mention the artists at every place while publicizing the event.

During The Event

During the event make sure all the artists have everything they need for the performance. Set up a couple of your team members to take care of the artists. Also, ask your team to line up the acts properly and let the artist know the exact time when they will be up for the performance.

After The Event

After the event makes sure to congratulate them on their performance and thank them for being a part of your event. Give them a participation gift if possible and make sure you make their payments on time. Arrange for their pickup and stay.

Go to the audience and ask them for the feedback on the event and how they liked the bits of entertainment in the event. Share the highlights of the performances on your social media for the world to see and appreciate the event.

Adding entertainment bits to your entertainment event will become really easy if you follow the given steps. However, this does not mean that you can not get creative. Use the latest technology and all kinds of props to enhance the performance and the look of the whole event. The main motive of your event is more important than the entertainment bits. So, it is better to appoint an entirely different team to do this work.

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