How To Plan For A Bachelorette Party And Execute It !

Bachelorette party is a wedding tradition that the bride and her friends and guests are looking for. They are going to enjoy and have lot of fun. And if you have taken the responsibility of organizing this party there will little pressure on you. Start with choosing date, location, setting budget, and the activities that the bride will love to enjoy.

1) Decide about dos and don’t with bride :

Don’t involve the bride in this planning. It will a surprise for her before her wedding. But still decide about the details related to it with which she is comfortable with. What all things she is expecting or what all things will make her happy? Ask her what type of party she want ? A dinner out or stereotypical or raunchy bash.

2) Deciding a date for bachelorette party :

If your planning for a surprise party than don’t consult the bride. Or else decide with the bride about the date whether it will for one night or weekend long affair. The date should one month before the wedding day. It is a good time frame between bachelorette party and wedding. But make sure to focus on the bride availability.

3) Making guest lists :

Make a list of guests you want to invite to the party. Specially don’t forget to invite the bride close friends, and special guests. It will a good idea if you invite the bride future sister-in-law also. Still if they are not so close. It is the  chance to bring them and build a strong relationship between them. And avoid inviting the guests who are actually not invited in the wedding ceremony. The number of guests you want to invite depends upon you. The bigger the group more the impact on the party, more the hectic and potentially more the excitement. And in smaller groups there will more intimate and very easy to handle and keep them together.

4) Calculating the budget :

As it will surprise party from your side to the bride. So the whole cost of the party will shared among the guests and you. It will divided among you all. The budget cost will include hotel booking, food, drinks, decoration and all other entertainment things required for the party. To set a fair budget if you want  you can take help of other guests or friends.

5) Selecting location :

First find out where do the guests live ? After that according to that book the majority convenient place, keeping into consideration the bridal choice also. Do the booking from beforehand so that you get the location that you have selected for the party.

6) Sending invitations :

Send the invitations to all the shortlisted guests ones the date and location id decided through their mails or by post or text it. And also let them all know about the budget or cost per head which may change after final count. The party theme or dress code and all other things that they need to know .

7) Deciding about the activities for the party :

Plan for the activities that you want to include in the party. This planning should also start a very long before. tails. o that you can start arranging all the things in details. Take into consideration the bridal choice also. What type of activities she like include that also in the list. And lastly if you booking catering or making food of your own do have a check on the foods that the guests have allergies with and try to avoid it.

8) Having a proper timeline :

Have full details about all the guests. When they will arrive ? How they are going to come from airport ? If they have any transportation facilities or not ? Have a full query about all and in case of need help them to do the arrangements. Decide when will the dinner or cocktail part or when you are going to head from first winery to second. Having a proper timeline with schedule is the best ideas. But in most cases there is a chance of changing it in the party night.

9) Setting transportation facility :

Do booking of the transportation required for the night from one month before the party. It will help you in keeping the bigger group together during the party night out. Or else if you want you can even split into smaller into ubers or taxi’s.

10) Buying decoration staff for the bachelorette party :

If it is a theme party or you are going to host in the house than you will need some stuffs to decorate according to the plan you have decided. Stick to the budget and plan according to it. Don’t spend much on the decoration stuffs. You can get it very easily in the near by your place store or order online for best offers. And if possible buy some fun or theme based stuff for the bride specially.

11) conformation from the guests :

One to two weeks before the party take full conformation from the guests about their arrival or is there any last moment cancellation. According to the conformation of the guests inform the caterer about it. So that the cooking will made according to the number of guests that are coming.

12) Point person of the bachelorette  party :

As you have taken the responsibility of planning the party and organized t. So obviously guests will look for you in time of need. The problem can be anything in the party starting from food, drinks, or controlling the too much drunk guests. All have to handle by you only and everyone will seek  or search for you for help. And you have to get prepared and ready to handle every issue. Same way you be relax and have fun and be alter for the problems. And don’t let bride know about it and come to stress. As it the party specially organized for her so look after that she enjoy it. And having full fun without any stress or worries. It is the most important day of her life and it is your responsibility to make it memorable for whole life time.



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