How to Organize an Award Ceremony

Award ceremonies are a great way to acknowledge the talent from all over the world and inspire the people to be like these people. Organizing an award ceremony is not an easy task. All over the world, many award ceremonies are being organized and each one is better than the last. All you have to do is make your award ceremony stand out in the crowd. Every day we see red carpets and famous personalities walking down them with grace. Everything around them looks perfect. This perfection needs a lot of time, planning and effort from the organizing committee.

If you are planning to organize an award show and you have no idea how to go about it, we would advise you to visit a few big ceremonies and see how they work. You will have a general idea. If you want a detailed step by step checklist, read below:


  • The Aim For The Award Ceremony

The very first thing before starting to organize an award ceremony is to decide the aim and make a detailed plan for it. Who are the people you want to acknowledge? What have they achieved and how is it impacting the people in the country or the world? These are the questions you should clearly answer. Once you know the type of award ceremony, make a detailed plan of the layout and everything else you want to include in the event. Make sure that the plan has everything big or small that is required to make the event stand out.

  • Decide The Budget

The next consideration is the budget. The budget for your award ceremony will be the basis of every other arrangement and the quality of the things that will be included. Make sure you do not keep unrealistic expectations about the budget. Look out for sponsors or partners to fund your event. Award shows are big events that get a lot of publicity. Hence there are greater chances of people being interested in lending you the money. This could be a win win situation for both the parties. The sponsor could get some publicity and you get the money for your award show. However, it is necessary to discuss all the terms and conditions and make a written agreement before accepting any kind of financial funding.

  • Nominations

For an award ceremony, you have to search for the deserving candidates that would compete to get the award. Getting nominated for a big award is a privilege in itself. You can either set up a team and ask them to do the research on the best work that has been done in that field or you can ask the people to file their nominations. The latter one will let you have many more options to choose from. Select the top 5 or top 10 and choose a winner amongst them.

  • The Panel

To pick a winner you need a panel of judges. Pick out the best people in the field to take the decision on the winner. Keep in mind that you will have to pay these people and some of them might charge you a lot of money. So, before fully appointing a judge, talk to them about their payments and preferences. Additionally, keep some money in your budget to pay for the artists and the judging panel. Give the set of nominees to the panel and let them set criteria on the basis of which the winner can be decided.

  • Theme and Logo

The theme and logo of the event are the first steps in branding. Make sure whatever name and logo you decide for the award show goes with the theme you select. Do not select a very fancy theme for an official event. However, you can be creative in your theme selection if it is an entertainment award show. Keep the decorations and the costumes of the guests in accordance with the theme.

  • Venue

The next thing to consider is the venue. Use cost as the first filter for your venue selection. Make a list of all the suitable and available venues and cancel out the ones that do not fit your budget. The next thing to look out for is the parking and surroundings. Since award shows are usually high profile events and all the guests will bring their own vehicles. There should be enough space around the venue to park them. Additionally, the area should not be extremely crowded so that the people can easily enjoy the ceremony.

  • Entertainment and The Host


The award shows can get a little boring and monotonous. So there is a need to have a great interactive host and some entertainment acts. The entertainment acts can be anything from a dance performance to a singing performance to a small comedy act. Furthermore, invite the famous actors and performers to perform. However, it is important to keep in mind that these people will charge you a fee. Make sure it fits your budget. If you are low on budget, inviting some local talent can also be a great option.


  • The After Party


After the award show is over, set up a party for all the nominees and the attendees. Make sure the food and drinks you serve are appropriate for the occasion. Additionally, do not compromise on the quality of food and drinks. After parties are great ways to make new contacts and get feedbacks from the people. Ask the volunteers to take care of each guest equally and solve any problems if they exist.


  • Publicize

The last thing to take care of is publicity. You want to attract attention to your award ceremony as much as possible. The more the people know about the award ceremony, the more tickets you will sell. So, reach out to the crowd on every platform possible. Use free social media marketing to your advantage. Also, use email marketing and word to mouth marketing. Print flyers and hoardings. Post interesting contents on social media and urge the famous personalities to share that they are attending the event on social media.


Follow these simple steps and use some of your own creativity to have yourself an amazing award show event. Make sure to greet and thank every guest for attending. Live streaming your event is also a great way to gain more publicity. All in all, make a proper plan and execute it well. Also, do not forget to have a little fun yourself.

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