How to Attract Attendees from other Cities for an Event


Strategies for getting attendees from other cities.Unless you are holding a big event, such as a live music performance with lots of popular artists featured in it, you will not likely attract people from outside of the city where the event is located to attend your next schedule. This is especially true if you are conducting a workshop, seminar, or conference that not all people will be interested in. People from other cities would not likely be interested to take a trip to your city just to attend such a workshop or seminar.

However, with the right strategy, you can turn that likely scenario upside down. No matter what type of events that you hold, there are bound to be some people who are interested to participate in it, no matter where they live. You just need to give a little push for them to take action, buy the ticket, and prepare for the accommodations. Here are some tips you can follow to attract people from other cities to attend your event:

1. Don’t Conduct the Event in Some Unknown or Secluded Place

If you have the intention to attract lots of attendees to your event, especially those who live in other cities, then be prepared in choosing the right venue for it. Remember that people from outside the city will not know exactly about the spots or venues that are available in your city, but they might know about some big venues that are big and popular enough. They might have heard about it from television, radio, internet, or any other sources.

What you need to do is to choose the venue that your attendees can easily identify and find right away. Make sure that it is popular enough for people all over the country.

2. Attract Well-Known Sponsors to Your Event

The sponsors of your event matter most in building a good first impression for your audience. If your workshop, seminar, or festival is sponsored by some well-known brands that have their products known nationally, people will know that your event is high quality. In other words, it is worth to attend the event because they know that it is being supported by big-name brands.

This is the marketing strategy that you need to aim for. By building a business relationship with well-known brands for your event, you will have more chance to attract more attendees from other cities.

3. Help Your Attendees with the Accommodations

Rather than leaving the out-of-city attendees clueless about how to attend your event, where to stay, and how to access the venue, you should give more effort in helping them enjoy the event as easily as possible. One of the things that you can do is to help prepare the accommodation options for those who come from outside the city.

So, instead of just selling tickets to them, you should give them the option to buy the accommodation packages that you offer them to ensure that they don’t need to book everything manually. By doing this, you can also earn more revenue from the ticket sales.

4. Provide as Much Information as Possible

When you create the promotional materials for your event, be sure to keep in mind that not all people are familiar with your city, the layout of the venue, the roads leading to the venue, and many other things related to the event. So, it is your task as an event organizer to give as much information as possible for your attendees, especially for those who come from other cities.

You should provide the complete information about the event in your official website, including the map to the venue, how to best access the venue for those using public transportation, recommended nearby hotels, the venue layout, and so on.

5. Give Special Merchandises for Out-of-City Attendees

Lastly, it will be a good idea to honor the guests from other cities by providing them with special merchandises for their attendance. This will help entice those who live in other cities to make trip to attend your event. Also, it will help to promote the city’s tourism as well if you are conducting a big event. So, it is a win-win solution for everyone concerned.

Aside from enticing the attendees from all over the country, you will be able to strengthen your brand’s reputation by doing so. People will know more about your brand, and they might be willing to attend the next scheduled event that you have on your list.

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