About Us

Welcome to Channing’s list, an initiative by Channing allowing people to do what they love.

About Our Mission

Channing’s List ― makes a bridge between you, your friends and the ceremonies in your city. As shown in the video, you can know A-Z of an occasion in your city, right from the organizers to user reviews. And you cannot miss a show that immerses you in bliss. Undoubtedly, Channing’s list is the perfect place where you can find music, dance, food & drinks and charity shows, conferences, hackathons, political rallies, fund-raisers and many more. Channing’s list offers its services across New York state and can be use to help people connect with others whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to New York state.

Easy To Use

Find a party: you can find parties that are scheduled in your city. And you can import facebook events too. Know the organizers, date and venue of the ceremony, and know what people are talking about the show. Besides, Channing’s List offers event ticket booking too. So, you need not search for other ways to get a ticket. Once you sign up for Channing’s list, you can get the regular updates regarding new occasions that are listed on channingslist.net.

Post an event: When you are organizing a show or a party, you can list that on channingslist.net So, your friends who are in Channing’s list can get to know about your show and join your fun moments. You can schedule your parties and give invitations to your friends that you can make sure all your friends are joining you.

This approach of Channing definitely connects the people together and make their monotonous lives fun-filled.