7 Ways to Use Professional Photographers to Promote your Music Event

There is one big reason why popular artists use professional photography in their music show. It is because the right photographs made by these professional photographers can help to show their music event in a good way. And of course, they can use it to sell more tickets in their next music shows using the photographs that they have captured in the previous show.

So, if you invest on professional photographers in your music show, it can really help you to promote your music events, as well as create a good impression about your events.

Here are 7 ways to use professional photographers to promote your music event:

1. Capture The Expression Of The Fans

Capturing the expression of the fans is very important, as it is the way for you to show the quality of your music event. The better the quality of your music event, the better the expression of the fans will be. This is the right moment to capture their excitement in enjoying your music event.

You should show people how the crowds react to certain artists, how the crowds give cheer to their favorite bands, how they sing together in their favorite songs, and so on. Without capturing their expression, you will not be able to show other people that your music event is so exciting, and it is really not something to miss.

2. Take The Photos In The Right Lighting Set

Of course, when holding a music event, there are different lighting sets that you need to create during the concert or show. There are different lighting effects that you need to use for different artists and bands. What’s important is to capture the moment properly.

When taking photos of the artists, bands, or the fans, make sure that you are setting your camera properly for each lighting set. For instance, when taking photos in the low light setting, you should adjust the flash of your camera properly in order to take a high quality photo from it.

3. Take A Different Approach When Capturing The Band Photos

Don’t use the same camera set or the same photographer to capture the photos of both fans and the artists. In fact, you should invest on a few professional photographers to do different photo jobs that they need to do.

One of them should focus on capturing the fan expressions. One of them should focus on capturing the bands on stage. Others should focus on capturing photos in different places within the venue. When capturing the band photos, make sure to focus on closing up your photographs of each band member.

4. Sell Exclusive Photographs For The Music Event

While you can showcase the photographs of your music event in your website, you can also make some photos exclusive. The only way to get access to these exclusive photos is to pay a certain fee. In this way, you can make more money from your music event, not just from selling your tickets.

By selling exclusive photographs of your event, you can add more profits to your music event in a good way. You can make the exclusive photographs either digital or physical, such as by printing these photographs and selling them along with a CD album.

5. Capture The Artists Behind The Scene As Well

Make sure that you not only capture the photographs of the artists on stage, but you also capture their photographs back stage as well. In other words, you might give your event a good look if you can show what happens behind the scene.

Yes, you can take photos of the artists or bands when they are lounging in the lobby, for instance, while waiting for their turn to go on stage. This can give a different outlook on your music event, as well as give your audience a closer look at your music venue. In this way, people will be more interested to go for your next music event if it is held in the same venue.

6. Use Popular Brands To Sponsor Your Photographs

The good news about hiring professional photographers for your music event is that you don’t need to pay all the expenses. You can make a deal with some popular brands to promote their products along with the photographs that you will make later. In this way, you will use the money that you get from these brands toward the budget of the professional photographers.

Remember that the better the quality of your photographs, the better it is for these brands to promote their products along with your photographs. So, make sure to convince the brand owners to invest in your music event since their products will be showcased along with high quality photographs by professional photographers.

7. Put Your Best Photographs On Your Event Page

Once you’ve taken the photographs of your music event, you should be able to use it as your marketing assets. Why is that? That’s because now you’re able to use your professional photography as the way to promote your next music events and attract more audience to your event.

You can use your professional photographs in various places on your website, including on your event page. When you put the best photographs of your music event on your event page, people will know whether they should attend your event or not. Then, if you can show them the best moments of your events, more and more people will be convinced to attend your next music event.

The photographs of your music event can be the best marketing tool that you can use to promote your next events. In fact, you can collect the photographs on each music event that you have, and put it in a special page on your website, where you will show various photographs from various events. It will help you to remember the best moments in your music events, as well as showcase the improvements that you have made throughout the years as an event organizer.

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