7 Things that Will Hurt your Ticket Sales

Whether you have a business event or a music event for your next event, promoting your event is not always a smooth experience. First of all, you have to know exactly what the strategies that you will use in the promotion ticket sales for your next event. This is because each type of events has different promotion strategies that you need to use in order to succeed with it.

The second thing that you need to do is to avoid making some blatant mistakes in your event promotion, which can result in lower ticket sales and unsuccessful event.

Here are 7 things that will hurt your ticket sales, which every event organizer needs to know:

1. Promoting Your Event Too Close To The Event Date

Event organizers that don’t plan strategically for their next event promotion will think that promoting an event closer to the event date will give their audience much more pressure to buy the event tickets. But, this is not the case at all. Promoting your event too close to the event date might give some pressures to your audience to buy the tickets right away, but most of the audience will miss the event because they are not prepared for it.

But, if you promote your next event early, it will give the time for your audience to prepare to buy the tickets for the event, and of course, it will help to build the hype about the event as well, which will help you to boost your ticket sales later.

2. Using Only One Social Media Channel To Promote Your Event

Let’s say that you have most of your audience on Facebook, and then you decide that you will promote your next event only on Facebook. While you can reach your audience this way, you are essentially leaving money on the table. The audience from other social media platforms might also look forward to your next event, but since you don’t promote it on other social media platforms, they might miss the event altogether.

So, consider distributing your event promotion to various social media platforms evenly. You don’t need to promote your event on all social media platforms. However, at least you have to spread the word about your event in the most popular social media platforms.

3. Targeting The Wrong Audience For Ticket Sales

Let’s say that your next event is a business event, but you are promoting your next event to music fans. Do you see the problem here? The problem is that you are targeting the wrong audience, and it is common for event organizers to make this mistake. When they target the wrong audience, they will automatically lose sales for their event tickets. It means that all their marketing efforts will go to waste, since their audience is not interested to attend the event at all.

So, try to profile your audience, so that you can target the right audience for your event promotion, based on the right demographics, age groups, gender, salary, occupation, and so on.

4. Making Your Ticket Purchase Difficult

Now that you’ve reached your audience in your event promotion, it’s time for them to order the tickets for the event. But look, your audience cannot just purchase your tickets right away. They need to do some complicated steps before they can get the tickets for the event.

This can be a big turn off for your audience, and they will likely cancel their ticket purchase in the middle of the ordering process. This is because it is too complicated for them to pay for the ticket, and they don’t want to deal with all the hassles. This can translate into less sales for your tickets, which is why you should make the ticket ordering process as smooth as possible.

5. Not Asking The Artist Or Speaker To Promote The Event

Let’s say that you have a popular artist or speaker as one of the features of your next event. Make sure that you ask the artist or speaker to promote your next event as well. This is because the artist or speaker will likely have a big fan base in social media, and it can really help your event promotion if you ask them to promote your next event as well.

When they promote your event in their social media pages, it will trigger more positive responses about the event, and drive more ticket sales. However, if you don’t ask the artist or speaker to promote your event, you will tend to leave the biggest opportunity to boost your ticket sales.

6. Not Adding Testimonials To Your Event Page

Let’s say that you are promoting your next event in some social media platforms, and many people are visiting your event page because of your promotion. But, most people don’t buy the tickets immediately since your page doesn’t contain any testimonials in it. People can’t see whether your event is worth attending or not, since they cannot see the testimonials of the previous attendees of your events.

For most people, reading reviews or testimonials before buying something is important. It’s the same with your event. Before buying your event tickets, people will tend to seek for testimonials about the past events to decide whether it is worth to attend your next event or not.

7. Not Giving Enough Information About The Event

How can you expect people to attend to your event if you don’t even give enough information about your event? If you only let people know that at a certain date, there will be a music event at a certain venue, with certain artists in it, then you are giving people vague information about your event. If you only give people vague information like that, it will not encourage them to buy your tickets. In fact, they will feel suspicious about the event, and they will think twice before deciding to attend the event.

You should at least give your audience enough information about the event in your event page, in order to let them know what they can expect from the event, as well as giving them the reason to attend the event.

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