7 Simple Tips for a Successful Outdoor Music Event

Holding an outdoor music event is different from holding an indoor. You need to prepare the event differently. You also need to ensure that  you can handle certain problems properly, such as bad weather, uncontrollable crowd, event registration, and so on.

Whether you want to hold a small or a big outdoor music event, you need to ensure that your event will get success. And it can attract as many attendees as possible.

Here are 7 simple tips for a successful outdoor music event:

1. Choose Your Location Properly

Your event success will depend on your event location. So you have to ensure that the location is comfortable for the event organizers and the audience.

You should pick the location that is strategic and well-known in the area. Don’t pick the location in the remote area which people have difficulty to access. You also need to ensure that the location is not dangerous.

2. Choose The Best Event Time

Choose the good time to enjoy outdoor activities, such as during the holidays or on the weekends. It is good to pick a day time for your outdoor event, since the enthusiasm of the people to attend the event will usually be doubled when it is held at the day time.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hold your outdoor event at night. When choosing a night time, you should pick the weekend or the night before holiday to hold a night outdoor music event.

3. Double-check On The Stage Installation

With the outdoor music event, you have to build the whole stage manually. So ensure that you check the stage installation at least twice. You don’t want to have any problem with the stage. This is especially true if your artists or bands will likely pick some audiences to come on stage.

You need to know the maximum audience that can be on stage at the same time. And you have to know whether it is durable of the music performance. Also, be sure that your stage is designed professionally, since you don’t want the event stage to look bad on camera.

4. Make Sure That The Sound System Can Reach Far And Wide

It is your responsibility to ensure that all audience can hear the sound.

You also need to check the music quality of the sound from all directions. Ensuring that people get the best listening experience from the music performance. This is the main focus that you need to have to ensure the success of your outdoor music event.

5. Calculate The Space Capacity

Even though you already have a good ticketing, there is still a chance that you will be overcrowded by your audience. In an outdoor event setting, you need to know that there will be some people who are trying to skip the registration step.

So, you need to have a good crowd control team that will work to dispel such people from entering the area. Also, you need to calculate the expected attendees very well, and give them enough space to move within the area while keeping look crowded enough. This is especially important if your audience will be standing the entire time.

6. Choose The Music That Is Good For Outdoor Listening

Some types of music are suitable only to be listened in an indoor setting. So, it is important to pick the playlist that is suitable for outdoor listening.

Also, be sure to keep it in harmony with the event time as well. The idea is to keep your audience pumped during the music performances,  it can be quite easy to keep the enthusiasm of the audience if you can pick the right music for them.

7. Don’t Forget To Livestream Your Outdoor Music Event

Outdoor music events are perfect for livestreaming, and it is perfect to promote your event organizer brand at the same time. So, use livestreaming process of your event and catch as many expressions from the audience as possible. Highlight good moments between the artists and the audience, and ensure that you can show all the euphoria in your music event.

The better your livestream, the better it will be for your event promotion. So, be sure not to miss the chance to capture every moment of your outdoor music event with livestreaming.

As an additional tip, you should also ask the artists and bands to interact with your audience a lot. This is one of the most effective ways to pump their enthusiasm during the event. Also, ask the artists to create a session when they will ask some of the attendees to come up on stage.

This will further make your event look interesting, and when you do a livestream for your music event, this moment can really sell your next events quite easily.

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