7 Effective Ways To Attract Event Attendees

The success of an event depends on the number of event attendees – people travelling to the spot. But getting people out of their city or country is not easy. You need to attract people to increase event attendance. You have to make people feel interested and lure them to attend to your event or festival.

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7 ways to attract event attendees

Traveling to a festival out of the city or country is not easy. Accommodation and travel costs are always considered along with the price of the ticket. If the destination is an attraction in itself, the festival is likely to draw more people. But if the place is somewhat unconventional, there must be some arrangements to attract people to the place. Making the trip and accommodation of event attendees easy and attractive can help to draw more people and make the festival a success. Here are 7 ways to increase event attendance.

Local partnership:

Partnership with businesses of the locality of an event helps to promote and lure people. If the location has problems, like expensive accommodation, traffic and busy airport, local partnership is the key to attract people. Tourism organizers know how to welcome people from other places. By building a partnership with them, it will be easy to welcome event attendees. These people are always connected to other facilities that your event can benefit from. You can easily set up a partnership with others and the whole thing will become easier.

Inform people about local attractions

Only a festival or an event may not seem enough reason to spend money for many people. There must be other attractions to lure people into the city. On the website, mention attractions that the locations have. It will get people to stay longer in the city. On the other hand, local businesses will promote your festival as they can benefit from the people coming to the city. In this way, your festival will be promoted in the local area and also globally.

Event Attendance

Arrange for affordable accommodation

The next big thing is accommodation. People will love to come to a city where they can stay in good place within reasonable price. Lure your fans with details of such places. Local accommodation firms will definitely be happy to build a partnership as they will do good business due to the event. Offering special deals will make it easier for event attendees and hotels. Inform the attendees about the special deals and location of the places to make things easier for them.


Just arranging and announcing an event is not enough. It is necessary to make the location easily accessible to people. The more accessible it is, the easier it will be for people to travel to it. It is necessary to mention all kinds of transport options to the venue.

Mention the availability of the parking area at the venue of the event. From bicycle route to cars, everything must be chalked out patiently before offering to the attendees. While Google is always there to help people, it is your duty to help them. The details will help them to figure out things easily. Make good use of all options, like public transportation. People who are going to use it must have prior information about the different options from different corners towards the venue.

An organizer can also partner with local transport agencies. Once you partner with such an agency, inform the attendees about how to avail the service. Such an option will make people more attracted to the event. In this way you can not only lure fans, but can also attract local people to the festival.

Unique experience:

It is very common that anyone will want the attendees to get back to their home with a different kind of unique experience. This will make your event more success and in fact people will look forward to your next one. Arranging for transportation and accommodation is not enough. People will feel more welcome if they get a chance to bring something back from the event, it will be a really awesome experience. Giving them some swag to keep with them is really a great option. People out of the town will feel more at home with such thing. Handing out branded things is an option to choose. Your logo on the swag will also be sported out of the town.

People coming from faraway places to the festival must get special treatment. This can be offered in the name of VIP passes. They must get reduced rate depending on the distance they are travelling for your event. Such deals will definitely attract them to your fest. Coming to a completely new city is challenging. Make meet up locations for event attendees in the venue. They can find people from their own city or town. This will help them to feel more at home.


Good marketing skills will help you to make the next event a big hit. Always analyze the data at hand. Choose the cities from where most of the people arrive at your event. If you spend your budget wisely on these cities, you can easily target and attract more attendees from those cities.

Once you have selected the locations, this is time to give people offer to lure them. People coming from far off cities will be helped by packages that are customized especially for them. While they will find good deals, you will find more audience. Using advertisement to let people know about the event is good choice. It will give them good reasons to attend your event. Advertisements can be personalized to target people of a city you want people to come from.

Global sponsor:

If people are coming even from other countries, the best thing is to build a partnership with global airlines and hotel chains. People will get discounts on air ticket and accommodation. These discounts will definitely lure them to the venue as they will get to travel at less expense. With these ideas destination events will surely be a success.

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