7 Big Mistakes that will Guarantee to Ruin your Music Event

Whether the event is big or small, it is your job as an event organizer to ensure the success of your music event. There is no compromise in this, because your reputation will be at stake every time you hold a music event in your area. The more success that you have with your events, the more talent management companies that are willing to work with you in the future.

But, once you’ve made a mistake in organizing a music event, it can ruin your reputation as an event organizer. It might end up driving out all of your existing clients. As an event organizer, you have to work hard to put your efforts into the preparation of the event. It’s also important to avoid any possible mistakes that can ruin your music event later.

Here are 7 big mistakes that will guarantee to ruin your music event:

1. Not Having Enough Coordination With The Talent Management

When holding a music event, the most important thing that you need to do is to communicate with the talent management. This is because the talent management is the one that will provide you with the artists and musicians to participate in your music event. These artists are the ones that attract the audience to your event. It is important for you to ensure that you have a good communication with your talent management.

The lack of coordination with the talent management can create “hiccups” during the event later. It might turn into a big disaster for your event. Many things can happen when you hold a music event, and without enough coordination with the talent management, it will be more difficult for you to tackle the problems when it happens.

2. Not Preparing Enough Space For The Audience

Let’s imagine that you are holding a music event that features some popular bands. Of course, you expect many people to come to your music event, as these bands have a lot of fans throughout the country. However, the biggest mistake that you can do is not preparing enough space for the audience.

What will happen when you make this mistake? What will happen if that many people will be unable to enter your venue, and your venue will be overcrowded with too many people? This can create a problem when the event starts, since some people might not get enough space to enjoy the event.

3. Sound System Failure

Before holding the music event, you have to make sure that the sound system is working properly. You need to test the sound system often before the event. This is because sound system is one of the most important equipment that needs to work properly. You have to detect problems with the sound system early, since you don’t want the band or musician to lose the sound when they are on stage.

When the sound is off during their performance, it can really disappoint the fans, especially if you cannot handle the problem immediately. You need to at least have some spare equipment to replace the broken ones.

4. Not Confirming Your Needs With The Third-Party Vendors

If you want to hold a successful music event, especially a big music event, you have to ensure that you get what you need for the event from your third-party vendors. You also need to ensure that the third-party vendors can provide you with various things that you need for the event.

You don’t want to hear your vendors say that the equipment is not ready on the event date, or that they have problems in the delivery of the equipment for your event. Thus, it is important to confirm all the things that you need with your vendor before the event takes place. It is also important to ensure that your third-party vendors can deliver on their promise.

5. Lack Of Promotion For The Music Event

How can you expect people to come to your music event if you don’t promote it properly? Lack of promotion is usually the cause of lack of audience in your music event. There is no more frustrating thing for an event organizer to experience than to have very few people attending their event. So, make sure that you are promoting your music event properly through various promotion channels.

You need to balance between the online and offline promotion, as well as ensure that you can run all your promotions on a budget. You also don’t want to promote your music event too late or too close to the event date. Give your audience enough anticipation in your promotion. You also need to make them build their expectation toward your music event.

6. Not Preparing For The Emergency Plan

A good event organizer will not throw away the idea of creating the emergency plan for their event. Why? That’s because things can happen not according to your plan. There are various factors that can potentially disturb your music event later. That’s the main reason why you need to prepare for the emergency plan for your event.

Without any emergency plan, your music event will be in chaos when you experience some problems during the event. That’s why emergency plan is the best way for you to prevent the bad thing from happening in your event, and keep things under control.

7. Not Looking For Enough Sponsorship For The Music Event

Holding a music event is not complete without sponsors. There are various ways for you to help cover the expenses of your event. One of the most effective ways is to attract sponsors for your event. By attracting sponsors to your event, you are giving these brands an opportunity to make their products popular. In return, you get financial aids from these brands to run your event successfully.

Without enough sponsorship for your event, you will not be able to make more profits from your event. Also, when your event is less successful, you can at least pay the expenses for your event from these sponsors.

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