5 Ways to Plan A Valentine’s Event that None Will Forget

When arranging a Valentine’s event, you must keep it in mind that couples and even others are celebrating this day for quite a few years. You cannot expect that only new pairs will be there to celebrate the day and it will be all new for them. Another thing is, even singles also enjoy this day with a night out with friends. So, always focus on different kinds of attendees and focus on creating something that will be perfect for all. Every event venue is trying to lure attendees on that day. You will find tough competition when doing this. To create the hottest event of the night, there are a few things that must be done. In this article we are going to provide some tips on how to arrange a successful Valentine’s Day event.

There are foodies out in the streets in search of good food:

Themed bar nights and costly dinners have been there for years. Now, it is time for something new. While creating something new, you can obviously introduce the same old things with a new twist. The things will turned with something unusual that will help you attract attendees. For foodies, food can make any day special. Giving a unique dinner experience to the beloved can help them give the best outing experience. A Valentine’s event can be organized for unusual food and drink pairs that will be experimenting. Allow them to enjoy pairs, like chocolate with beer. Working and creating something together help people to get closer and know each other better. Give them a chance to explore a new side of the partner and do something together. Chocolate making or craft cocktail workshops will be the best options on this Valentine’s Day. If you are on the quest to arrange something more unique, arrange a guided tour of a farm. They will collect their ingredients and it will be followed by a farm-to-table lunch.


Movies have always been special for couples. It definitely plays an important role in a romantic relationship. Dinner followed by a cult romantic classic will be really impressive. You have to choose the perfect setting and equipment to make it a special one. Gourmet popcorn tubs are perfect for such events. Hand couples one tub to share while watching the film. The venue for such a Valentine’s event must be a perfect one. When you arrange such an event, you can choose cathedral after the dark or arrange for the live orchestra to accompany the show. Another thing to keep in mind is that all this must be perfect. It will not take time for people to criticize the glitches of your event on the social media. Before you start the film, make sure that you have enough of all that is needed. Make sure that there are no technical glitches in the least. Interferes in such events can make a negative impression easily and can destroy the mood. So, being careful about everything will help you to arrange a great event.

Craft workshop:

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and the special person in life. We are all too bound in the routine. Having some relief from the routine on such a special day can be very gratifying. Offer the chance to people to create something for their beloved. Valentine’s Day sees a great market for gifts and cards every year. You can arrange a workshop where attendees of your Valentine’s event will create something for their loved ones. It can be a very special feeling to gift the love of your life with the thing that is completely made by you. Such events can give them a chance to work together. You can even arrange for a night-out where they will create essential oils. Chocolate making nights, wine and paint night and card making workshops will be great options to arrange for.

Singles event:

Though the day is for couples to enjoy it does not mean that you will forget singles completely. Don’t make them feel that there is something wrong in staying single on such a day. Rather give them a chance to enjoy the day with something special. Singles can have fun and there are too many options to arrange for such people. You can arrange for a speed dating along with board games where singles will get together and mingle with each other. Everyone is celebrating the day for couples. Go the other way and arrange an anti-Valentine’s movement to arrange for a Valentine’s event to celebrate those who have decided to stay single.

Promote the Valentine’s event on social media:

Social media is possibly the best place to grab the attention of people. Whatever event you arrange, you have to get attendees to make it successful. So, it is important to promote it in social media. Get into partnerships and make utilization of cross promotion. Find a spa across the street that offers couple massages. Offer discounts on a couple massage for attendees of your Valentine’s event. The spa will also promote your event for its own benefit. Target people who are in a relationship and you must take help of event ads on social media platforms. Ticket selling is of another thing of importance. Make ticket selling easier for people. Making it difficult can lead people to other events. Utilize these tips for a successful Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine’s Day and events

Events on Valentine’s Day are arranged at many places. People have a basic idea of such events. Din lights, heart decoration and music – these are the basic requirements to arrange for a love-filled Valentine’s Event. If as an organizer of the event you think that all these are enough, it is time to think again. Valentine’s Day is really special for people. Nothing can be better than celebrating love. But if this celebration is just like other celebration that is done at different venues all over the world, there may not be anything that much interesting in this special day event for people any more. so, be unusual, give something new and arrange for a great event.

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