5 Top upcoming events: The Macy’s Parade, TSC NYC Marathon, Veteran Day Parade


New York City has lots of upcoming events scheduled this November, and New Yorkers should attend at least one of these exciting events. As we are approaching the end of the year 2018, there will be more and more events happening in this city. Some events have been going every year since decades ago while some others are new and held in smaller venues. But, they still offer loads of fun for those New Yorkers that love to attend these events.

If you live within the vicinity of New York City, you cannot miss these events. Here are 5 top upcoming events in New York City, scheduled for November 2018:

1. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This is one of the biggest events that you can attend around NYC area this November. In fact, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been around for decades, and it is the 92nd time the parade has been held across the streets in New York City. This is one of those events where you can find millions of people crowding the streets throughout the parade route, which starts around the Central Park Square area and ends at Macy’s Herald Square.

There will be lots of participants in the parade, showing big floating balloons, celebrities, marching bands, theater performances, cheerleaders, clowns, and more. It is free for all to attend, and it will be held on Thursday, November 22 at 9PM to Friday, November 23 at 12AM.

2. TCS NYC Marathon 2018

This is the event where many marathon runners are participating in the best marathon parade of 2018. The route spans 26 miles across NYC, starting from Staten Island all the way to Central Park, Manhattan. The runners will go through various main streets across Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. The event will start on Sunday, November 4 at around 9AM. You can either participate as a runner or you can just wait for the runners to reach your area across the marathon route.

More information can be found in tcsnycmarathon.org, including information related to participants, routes, and schedule.

3. Veterans Day Parade

This year’s Veterans Day Parade is held for the purpose of honoring and commemorating the services of the military veterans that have served the US Army in the past. Not only that, it is also a way to thank and encourage the current military personnel that are still in service today. Any military veterans can participate in the parade, including other groups, as long as they don’t carry any political agenda. It is estimated that there will be around 30,000 participants and 300 marching elements that will join the festivity.

The Veterans Day Parade is scheduled to be held on Sunday, November 11, starting at around 11AM. The routes will span around 1.2 miles from the 26th to 50th Street on Fifth Avenue. If you want to watch the parade, you can go along the parade route at the scheduled time. The opening ceremony will be held around the Madison Square Park area, which is also used as the assembly point for the participants.

4. Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar

This is one of the most interesting bazaar events that you can find in New York City this month. On this event, you can find various handmade products created by local makers and artists, foods, music, as well as other interesting offers that you can get only by attending this event. It is a good event to attend for your whole family members because there will be lots of fun activities that your kids can participate in the venue.

The admission price is free, so you can go to the venue at the scheduled time without buying a ticket. It will be held on Saturday and Sunday following the Thanksgiving Day, which is on November 24 & 25, starting from 11AM and ends in 5PM. The event will be held in two venues in Gowanus: 501 Union and The Green Building.

5. NYC Horror Film Festival

Following the last month’s Halloween, the NYC Horror Film Festival is scheduled to be held this month, starting Thursday, November 29. The film festival will be held for a few days ending on Sunday, December 02. On this event, you can enjoy various new horror films that are made by independent artists and are sponsored by various big-name companies in the movie industry.

Each day, you can choose to watch around 2-5 horror films with their own scheduled screening program at Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC. The tickets can be bought online from nychorrorfest.com, and there is also information related to the film details and schedules that you can find on the official website. This event will be the 16th Horror Film Festival held in New York City.

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