5 Event Trends in 2017

When we look forward for planning an event, we always try to make it a memorable one, something which is out of the box, and awesome. These type of events are the ones which people will remember for a few years down the lane. Here comes the importance of following event trends.

Several trends come and go, leaving most of the people confused while planning. But, we are here to help you out by listing down some of the biggest and top event trends which are a hit in 2017.

1. You can share your event experiences with anyone using mixed reality

When it comes to live events, people need to be there in the venue to experience it. But, many a times, not all the invitees are able to make it to the event because of varied reasons. So, wouldn’t it be better if we could create something through which all the invitees can experience the event no matter in which part of the world they are. And this is where mixed reality steps in – it is one of the latest and newest event trends this year in the events industry.With the help of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) people will be able to experience the events as if they are physically there. If there is no access to the equipment of Virtual Reality, one can use drones for live streaming, which comes with 4K cameras.

2. Wellness event trends

In the last few years the focus was more on the nostalgia and comfort. This year, tables have turned and the goal is for balance and wellness on the agenda. Event planners are looking for incorporating healthy options in their menus. They are also focusing on giving the opportunities to their attendees to relax and enjoy the event program. It becomes quite draining for the guests to concentrate wholly on the show for the entire time. Therefore, wellness factor is to be kept in mind while planning an event. Chilling out zones, gentle exercises to relax, small snacks breaks will help the guests to relax and enjoy without getting stressed out. That said it is expected that followers of 2017 event trends will keep the wellness factor in mind.

3. Adding outdoor elements

Our works these days are such that we always have to remain glued to our computers. So, giving a chance to the guests to enjoy the fresh air outside will help them feeling refreshed, and getting fresh new ideas. However, to plan events outside, one needs to keep the weather factor in mind. In case you want to arrange the event inside, you can decorate rooms or halls with outdoorsy look. This setting will create a calming environment for your guest. 

4. Decline in speaker-dominated events

This year, there will be considerable decline in the speaker-dominated events. As per the latest trends in event planning, learning sessions will be introduced. Both the audiences and speaker will be seen sharing the limelight in these learning sessions.

5. Holding events in casual locations

Informality is the new trend and holding events in casual locations, like lofts, rehearsal studios, etc. is very much in trend. Pop-up events are also on the hit list where unusual places area being remodeled to fit an event’s message. This kind of events are mainly announced shortly before it starts, indicating a surprising factor.

So, if you are thinking of planning any events this year, without any doubt, you can follow the above mentioned event trends to be on the path of having a successful event.

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