5 Common Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Event planners are known for creating such products which are not only delicate, but transitory also. Several circumstances can leave a negative impact on the events and it becomes usually impossible to mend the mistakes once it has taken place. And probably that is why planning requires so much devotion towards details. A small mistake can lead to bigger problems that are difficult to recover. Following are some of the common mistakes which you should prevent.

No planning proper contingency strategy of event planners

It is always very important for event planners to make contingency plan well in advance, say 2 weeks before, to prevent any sort of problems. In case of unsuitable weather, or venue closure, or cancellation of an event, you have to have a proper planning, an organised method to deal with such situations. They are not at all easy to plan on the very day, as it becomes impossible to manage. Thus, it is always better to have a good contingency plan to overcome from such situations.

Labour costs issues

This is one common issue when balancing budgets of events. But, going over the budget is safer than falling short of labors. It is just not possible for an event planner to manage everything single-handedly. Event Planners have hundreds of works to look after, like vendors, coordinating employees, etc. Thus, it is always recommended to hire additional labors beforehand, and not leave things to be executed later. It is more important to plan a good event than thinking of budget and preventing the event to be a big hit.

Lack of proper time management of Event Planners

Time is the major factor while planning an event. While setting an event, you always have to race against the time. Having proper time management is very essential for event planners; they should have an estimate of how much time will be taken to put everything in its place. The goal should be to keep everything ready and planned 15 minutes before the event starts.

Failure in keeping track of the smallest changes

It is seen that there will be changes in scopes and plans just before the big event day. An uncontrollable budget or lack of time management may lead to failure in keeping track of the smallest of the changes taking place in event planning. In such cases, it is recommended to note down every changed details. Keep the changes communicated, documented, and under control. Ask for specific reasons from the individual who is requesting for the change, let him explain the changes. On the other hand, an event planner will regulate the impact on the budget due to the changes made and communicate with the stakeholders involved in the event,

No packing list

Those who are into event planning know very well how much supplies are needed extensively. No doubt, one gets ample time to get these supplies in right order, but many fail in making it to the venue. Maintain a packing list where you will note all the items to be loaded in the car. Do not forget to check the list twice before leaving.

All these mistakes can be recovered, but, even for that you need to have a proper planning and presence of mind to overcome these problems. And as it is said, “it is better to be safe than sorry”, so it is indeed better to plan everything in advance before regretting or feeling sorry later on.

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