4 Ways to Keep Your Music Venue Fans Engaged on Social Media

Social media is a good place to talk about your music venue. But it may be tough for you to get people talk about it. In truth, it is not actually that hard; rather the task of keeping your music venue fans engaged on social media is an easy one. It just needs proper strategies to do this. There are a few things that a venue must do in order to keep people talking about it on social media. From posting clippings or videos of a recent show or asking some personal questions on some topics related to the venue or a star can keep people engaged on social media.

music venue fans

Asking questions:

While venues usually go for surveys and similar kinds of questions, you have to go another way to keep your music venue fans engaged on social media. In case of surveys, people have to choose between options and the job is quite boring. It can be helpful just before or after a show, during other times, these may fail to make an impact and make people answer questions. The best way is to get somewhat personal. Asking a question, like the name of a favorite star, will make people answer in a single word or some more, if the name requires. But if this question is accompanied by a question, like the memory of attending his or show for first time, it can do more.

Music venue fans are emotionally attached to their favorite stars and the very first show is always special. Asking about it will make people get emotional and share their story. This will help you to get people engaged with the venue on social media. There is another way. When you have an upcoming show of a particular star, ask questions regarding the memory of the star’s show and offer a discount or some special gift for the person who wins this contest. This will make more and more people get engaged to the venue. The people talk about it, the more people will learn about it.

Your staff:

Have you ever thought that bringing your staff on front can help your music venue fans talk about the venue? Yes, it definitely can. Venues are not only shows, performers and audience. The staff of a venue is what makes it a perfect place. Their restless attempt helps to make a show a successful one. But very few of them come in front of the audience. Social media is a good place shows the faces that help to make your venue a great one. You can share some pictures and stories of a certain team or person who is involved with the venue. The inside stories and pictures often tell about the kind of job that is done on the backstage and beyond the view of the audience.

There are often some crazy and candid pictures that are worthy of being shared to social media pages. With these pictures you can get music venue fans engaged. Just mention the favorite show of that person or team and ask people about their view about it. You can also ask people about their experience or memory of the same show. Such things also help you to show people your care for the staff. Pictures that show them in action can make people talk about it. Staffs get really less space before the audience. They will find it really nice when their effort is appreciated. They will definitely try to provide better service when they get appreciation for what they do.

Shows in your venue:

The shows that were just wonderful and people loved them, can help in get fans engaged. Share a video or some pictures from that show. It is better to post pictures or videos that show the audience in the show along with the performance. Ask your music venue fans to guess the show and you will see how fans would love to answer and they will be hooked to it just to know if they were right or not. Never disappoint them. After a time provide the right answer. Then you can ask people about the memory they have of this show. Fans who were there, will eagerly answer it. People, who missed it, can be easily targeted and can be lured to the future shows as the videos, pictures and the memories shared will make them eager to enjoy it. This is one of the best ways to keep the fan engaged and to attract new audience.

Target the proper audience:

When you have an upcoming show, it is necessary to let people know about it. Targeting the proper audience is necessary. Find the people who attended the previous show of the same star in your venue. Make them the target of your social media ads. Once you target them, you will get a lookalike audience. These are people who are your new prospective audience. When you make ads and target these at proper places, it is sure that you will definitely attract your new music venue fans.

Music venues organize events of many kinds and many purposes. Many artists including superstars and new-comers perform in these venues. Though people keep remembering performances, appreciate the stars and keep on making new-comers new-stars, we often forget the venue. So, we need to keep our music venue fans engaged. Just after a show people keeps on talking about the show and the star for a few days. The music venue is also talked about if it is worth it. Sometimes, surveys done by the venue after a show keeps people talk about it. But after that the tide fades away and there is no more talk about the venue. But as an owner of a music venue, you will definitely want people to talk about your place. This helps in keeping people updated about the upcoming shows and different events. Even, this helps in getting attention of people who do not know about your venue.

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