4 Mistakes that Can Ruin Music Venue Reputation

You can ruin your music venue reputation in a few moments! Reputation is a thing that helps one to do business in this market of competition. It takes long and hard work to gain reputation, but it takes trivial things to ruin it completely. People running a music venue knows this thing very well. Maintaining a good reputation is very important for them. This can be done by maintaining a good rapport with everyone – from managers to artists, booking agents to fans.

Everyone loves to get what they need. If this can be provided without even asking, people will always appreciate you. They will trust and rely on you for future projects as they can be sure that they will have no problem working with you. But there are some things that can create problem despite all your good attempts and intention. While people focus on bigger things, often trivial problems do create a fuss. 

There are some common grounds that are overlooked in order to make other bigger things perfect. These small things are not that expensive or time consuming hence giving proper attention to these can help to maintain music venue reputation.

1.  Not delivering more than what is asked:

Every booking of an artist comes with a complicated paper of contract. There are lots of things that you must do to book an artist to perform at your venue. This often involves the preparation for accommodation and doing promotion to some extent. Security is another thing that must be taken care of. Venues need to take responsibility of the meal during the concert. Now, all these things are written on the paper and there is possibly nothing to talk about this lot.

The main thing is the team must be prepared with everything you have signed for. If you fail to do that, you are definitely going to hurt your reputation.It is never expected that the music venue team will miss anything that is in the contract paper. But all these are already stated. You can easily provide something extra that will be appreciated and will help you maintain your music venue reputation.

There may not be the mention of an airport pick up. Offer it without asking. If you are bound to provide only snack, try to deliver a meal. This will make the artist or the band feel good about your business or music venue. These small things can help to make artists take your venue as their favorite one.

2. Not believing your customer is always right:

Even if it is not so, you have to pretend it to be.This industry is full of talents and big personalities. But the team must stay humble to all of them. May it be a newcomer or someone who is not that big, your personality should never get bigger than them. If it is bigger, always treat everyone with respect. From the artist to the fans, deal with everyone politely.

Each of answer may it be in negative should never make them feel bad or insulted. Rather responding to queries and requests about the event and your music venue with all attention is the key to their satisfaction.

Some of the requests may not seem logical enough to attend. But as a member of the music venue a harsh answer is never expected and never gives it in that way. Answer in a way that brings a smile. In fact, a ‘no’ must be given with a joke or utmost humility. Try to provide whatever trivial things they ask for. If not possible, surrender yourself. Never ever make your customer feel like they are not treated with respect. Though they may not get what they want, they will definitely appreciate your ways and this way you can build your music venue reputation.

3. Chaos is always there:

Every music venue tries to set all things right. They plan for each and every minute detail for a long time. Hiring staff and security personnel and many other things are done in advance. So, everyone expects that there will never be a problem. But, still problem arrives and create a fuss.

When the venue is organizing shows night after night, the chance of problem with staff is even more. It is human body and there are lots of problematic situations. One of the bartenders may fall sick or someone from the security team may get stuck in the traffic failing to arrive at a correct time.

During regular concerts problems of staff can happen. And at certain points of time you will find that you are running out of staff making it hard to manage all the things. So, it is necessary that you choose a correct team and keep substitutes ready. While organizing live shows at your music venue always keep the staff ready. There should never be problem with the absence of someone. You must have enough people in the staff to undertake the job. This will help one to avoid or cope up with the chaos to some extent and maintain music venue reputation.

music venue reputation

4. Not receiving every criticism with grace:

It is really tough to do this especially when it isn’t warranted. In case of a single night show, there will possibly no problem. But with shows each night for quite a few days, the arrival of problem can possibly never be avoided. How much you try, some situations will completely be out of your hands. You may even fall short of expectation at some stage. But this won’t hurt much if you can handle things properly. Hear everybody from artists to fans. Let them give feedback and respond quickly.

Fix the problem then and there if possible. If not, politely apologize for it. Never feel shy to accept what has gone wrong even the slightest of things. If the matter has gone public, do make sure that you apologize on social media and promise to make things better. This will make everyone feel attended and people will appreciate it. They will easily believe to get better service the next time and reputation of your music venue will never be hurt. Looking at problems and accepting the flaws with an open mind are the ultimate way to maintain good business and music venue reputation.

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