3 Tweaks you can Apply on your Event Page to Attract More Ticket Buyers

Your event page is your golden asset. If you create the right page for your event, then everything will go smoothly. People will sign up to your event without any problem, and it is easier to sell out your ticket events. But, if you make a lot of mistakes in your event page design, more and more people will avoid buying your event tickets, and you might end up with only a few ticket buyers for your event. So, making sure that your event page is designed properly is very important for your business as an event organizer.

Here are the 3 tweaks that you can apply to your event page to attract more ticket buyers:

1. Insert Gallery Of Past Events

Give your new audience a glimpse of what they will experience in your next event. By inserting the gallery of past events in your event page, you can potentially attract more people to buy your event tickets. This is because you are letting them know about what they can expect in the next event, especially how fun and exciting your next event will be. The event gallery should include both pictures and videos of your latest events.

2. Make The Purchasing Process Intuitive For Ticket Buyers

The purchasing process itself can either motivate your audience to buy your tickets or turn them off from buying your tickets. That’s why it is important for you to make the purchasing process intuitive for your audience. You have to understand the flow of actions that your audience is doing on your event page. Put your buy now button in the place where your audience can see it clearly the first time they visit your event page. Make it always accessible even though your audience is scrolling down your page.

3. Add Some Testimonials About Past Events

Your event page won’t be complete without testimonials from past attendees. Your audience wants to make sure that people enjoy attending your event. So, you should show them some testimonials from the attendees that came to your past events. In this way, people will be more motivated to buy your event tickets, since they know that people are enjoying your event. Make the testimonials short and concise. Eliminate unnecessary words that might only confuse your audience. If possible, you can also insert a few video testimonials from the past attendees to make the testimonials more interesting and trustworthy.

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