3 Smart Ways to Sell your Event-Related Merchandise to Make More Money

When you hold an event and involves a popular artists, you have many options to profit from that event. Selling tickets is not the only way to make money from your event. You can also sell related merchandise on the event, so that the fans can go home with something that they can memorize about the event. Usually, you can sell T-shirts, CDs, posters, keychains, and other merchandise related to the event.

Here are 3 smart ways to sell your event-related merchandise:

1. Establish Some Official Stands Near The Event Location

For fans, they are usually picky in buying the merchandise from their favorite artists. They will only be willing to buy the official merchandise from the official artists. However, there will be sellers around the event location who selling various merchandise which are often not official. So, what you can do is to establish some official stands near the event location to sell only the official merchandise. In this way, real fans will trust your products and prefer to buy from your official stands rather than from other sellers.

2. Sell Limited Edition Merchandise

Don’t forget to sell limited edition merchandise. As die-hard fans, they are willing to shell out a lot of money just to collect these types of stuff. The limited edition merchandise should be offered only at a specific time during the event, and it shouldn’t be sold freely by other sellers. These limited edition merchandise should also give the premium feel. So that hardcore fans are willing to buy the stuff to add it to their collection.

3. Open The Pre-Order For The Event Related Merchandise Online

You can also integrate the ticket-booking website with the eCommerce website that sells merchandise for your event. You can let the fans pre-order the merchandise online. Of course, you need to provide this service as early as possible in order to give fans enough time to think about purchasing the merchandise. You can also offer this merchandise on the thank you page of your ticket-booking website. In this way, people who have just purchased your tickets can immediately be offered to this merchandise. Moreover, you can also offer some discounts for people who place the pre-order early, or people who buy a number of tickets for the event.

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