3 Major Mistakes to Avoid when Planning Fundraising Events

When it comes to hoisting consciousness and funds for a cause, a prospective way to do so is through ‘Fundraising’ events. However, unfortunately as noticed, there are a few fundraising occasions which end up merely getting the costs covered or simply lose money.

We have come together with some very commonly done mistakes which many nonprofits end up doing. These are the kinds of mistakes which will end up leading one towards more losses than generating prospective gains.

Below mentioned are common mistakes which people do while planning any fundraising event:

Waiting for a long time to get started with planning fundraising for an event

A rookie misstep tends to be a very common blunder. It is easy to avoid it but even easier to commit this mistake. At some point of time we have overvalued our abilities without heeding attention to the difficulties that could arise in an event. Understand this, waiting until the last moment will not be beneficial for you.

So, when should you decide to start planning for an event?

You need to start with first determining what your fundraising goals are. What are you hoping to finally achieve from this event? When you get the answer, you will get a scope to start with the planning process. If you intend to raise thousands of dollars, you will need to work hard for hours for preparing for the event. Always have a goal set before you start the planning work for the event. Understand that the more time you devote the more time you would get to resolve problems and potholes which would come through your way.

Always give yourself about six to twelve months when it comes to raise fund for an event. If you are in doubt, it will be better to devote more time than you think you would need.

Not choosing a good fundraiser theme

With a proper theme you will be able to unite all the efforts under the same umbrella. Always remember that you need to raise money hence the theme needs to come from an honest place. It needs to have a genuine meaning behind it. Always ensure that the theme of should touch one’s heart and that it should also be thought provoking. The theme that you will be finally selecting, will subconsciously forward a message to the attendees. Hence make a careful decision.

Whatever sort of fundraise you are planning for, make sure that it gets a little thrilling. And, try to attach some fun to it. The theme should be attractive yet evocative.

Scuffling with Sponsorship Ask

We all know there is at the least one great sponsor behind a momentous fundraise. But the issue here is, most nonprofits turn up spoiling the initial ask. We understand, asking anyone money for business or in that case, for anything, is not easy. It gets uncomfortable and embarrassing.

But you have to get this point clear, they work as partnership agreement. You have that very important thing which is the need for every market-conscious business. You are working hard for a commendable cause. This is why when you approach anyone, know what you are talking and do the research work properly. Know exactly, what you are offering ahead to someone.

Make sure that you find someone from inside, as this will help to the goals of your company. If you lack any inside connections, no need to worry or fret. You could start with an informal conversation or probably go in for an informational interview.  Also, make sure that you do a lot of research work beforehand.

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