Using Email Marketing to Promote your Event in the 3 Most Effective Ways

Using email marketing is one of the most effective ways for event organizers to promote their upcoming events. The mechanism is simple. First, you encourage people to subscribe to your event mailing list. Second, you send emails once or twice per week to your subscribers. And third, more people will be willing to attend your events. Email marketing is a simple marketing process that you can use to sell your ticket events more effectively to your potential attendees. However, if you don’t know how to promote using email marketing properly, you might end up losing subscribers than getting more ticket sales.

Here are 3 most effective ways to promote your event using email marketing:

1. Test The Best Frequency For Sending Emails

While you might have some subscribers in your mailing list, it doesn’t mean that you have the privilege to bombard them with your promotional emails every day. The more often you send emails to them, the more likely they will unsubscribe from your mailing list, due to the spammy nature of your promotional emails. On the other hand, the less often you send emails to your subscribers, the more likely your subscribers will forget about you. So, you have to find the best sending frequency for your email promotion. That’s why you need to test your email promotion a lot.

2. Find The Best Days To Send Your Emails

Not all days are good to send promotional emails to your mailing list subscribers. Depending on the events that you are promoting, you need to find the best days to send your promotional emails. If the event is a kind of music and recreational event, then sending the promotional emails on Saturday or Sunday would be best. But, if the event is a kind of professional and business event, then sending your emails on Monday or Wednesday is better.

3. Make Your Email Look Professional

You need to have a good email marketing tool to create professional emails for your promotion. This is important because the emails that you send to your audience will represent your event organizer’s brand as a whole, so it needs to look professional. There are two types of emails that you can send. First is text-only email, and the second is HTML email. It is better for you to go with HTML email because it allows you to modify the appearance of your emails, and it is possible for you to represent your brand professionally with your emails.

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