3 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid with Free Facebook Event

A free Facebook event helps to list any event to the list. These will appear on the feed of people. Listing is not enough and there are a few things that must be kept in mind in order to get proper response. Even after listing an event, many people do not get expected response. There are quite a few reasons for that. In fact, most people make certain mistakes in this aspect. It is necessary to learn about these mistakes in order to avoid them. In this article, we are going to talk about these mistakes in details so that you can promote your free Facebook event in the right way. These mistakes make it problematic to attract people to the event.

Not creating the event professionally:

If you are one of those people who have set up free Facebook event, you will know that the task is not that tough. People, who are new to this, must also know that setting up a free event is never tough. One can do it manually or create an event through a Facebook partner. The reason to listing an event is basically to drive the sell. But if you create your event manually, it may not be that helpful. When you add more events it becomes a job in itself. But an event created manually does not scale. Even, if it is only one simple event, creating it manually may not help and you will not get the results as expected. A manually created event is not considered to be official. To make it official, it is necessary to create an event through a Facebook partner.

The solution

Setting up the event on any Facebook partner helps to publish the event directly on Facebook. The event will also be considered as an official event. There are benefits of making an event official. It gets a comparatively higher ranking in the algorithm of Facebook. This higher ranking helps in getting into the feed of more and more people. So if you are still creating an event manually, avoid it and create it with a Facebook partner to attract lot or attention. Make proper use of algorithm and we can assure you will get a result that you always cherished for. Qualification for higher ranking helps in getting attention of more people and this will help you to get more attendees.

Limiting your efforts to Facebook:

Do you think that Facebook is enough to promote your event? If yes, you are completely wrong. There is no doubt that Facebook is really helpful in reaching people. This app helps to reach potential new attendees and that too very easily. But the attendees you can reach on Facebook are not enough to have a successful event. Rather, it is necessary to make proper use of other apps also.

The solution

In this case, listing on Facebook is not the only option. People also use other apps in order to search for events. You may think that copy pasting the same thing on different social media app is a difficult task. But you need not to copy paste. Just like your event becomes an official one on Facebook by creating it with a Facebook partner, the same thing also happens with other apps. By creating an ad with a partner you get it published on social media apps. There are many options for this. These are attached with other apps, like twitter. Without copy pasting or creating an event for different apps, you can get it published. In this way, you will reach those people whom you cannot reach through Facebook. Rather than limiting to only one social media app, it is best to go for as many apps as you can. When you work with a partner, this task is made easy. This is one of the best options to get to as many people as possible for your free Facebook event.

Jumping for registration:

Creating a perfect event for any social media app will help to get people interested towards your event. Once they get interested, they will try to register for it. This is one of the critical things that can affect response in a great way. Many event creators make people jump to another site for registration. People often use Facebook and other social media apps on mobile. If this site is not made for mobile phones, they won’t be able to complete the registration. In other cases, jumping to another site makes things complicated. In many cases, people may not get convinced about the site. Sometimes, this registration process gets too much lengthy and complicated making people leave the site without registering for your event.

The solution

When you lead to another site, you must make it sure that it is compatible with the phone. People are not going to waste their time by trying to register to your event through different devices. It is better to add the register or book tickets icon on your page. Directly leading to registering or buying ticket helps to complete the process easily. Keep the process a short one so that people do not leave it without registering. Try to avoid leading people to another site and make sure your potential attendees get all the things done easily. This will help you to get more attendees and your event will be a successful one.

Your free Facebook event – Promoting your event through social media

Success of any event depends on response it gets from audience. To get good response and to make it a successful event, it is necessary that any event organizer reach their target audience properly. Promoting events with ads help to reach the right people who will definitely be interested in such an event. In fact, it is also necessary that these ads reach more and more people. Today, social media apps have made it big everywhere. It has become much easier to reach people and through these ads on social media. Facebook is one of such apps that help us to do these things easily.

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