How To Book A Hotel Room – Tips !

Finding a good hotel of your choice and booking it is a very tough job.It will very stressful if you try to book in last moment for bigger family. Now a day’s there are so many options for hotel booking in online. With help of that you can search for many hotel around and compare the ratings also. After that only you can book the right hotel for yourself or family. And if in case you have never done this before than don’t worry it is a very process. All that you need to do is follow some steps.

1) Considering your budget :

Before starting anything the first step that you need to look after is the budget. This help help you out in find a hotel according to your need and budget. And it will become more easy for you. The first thing is that how much you can spend on your hotel ? What are your requirements or needs ? According to that you can proceed to further steps in find out a hotel according to your choice. This way will take very time in find a hotel and booking a room in online.

2) Making a list of requirements for your stay :

Do you need room for your family or only for yourself ? At first make a decision of it. How big room you want and how many beds you want in your room including the bathroom size ? In case if you are travelling with your family with than in that case you may need two rooms or more than that. Along with that you can even prefer to have WIFI, facility for disable, laundry facility, water heaters in bathroom, spa, gym and swimming pool. Make a list of all your requirements after that according to that start your research.

3) Search your ideal location or place :

Usually location can cause a lot of affect to the budget as well the accommodation, especially if you are looking for a very convenient place. The ideal location will depend upon the type of trip your are going for. If it for official work than obvious you will search that will near to the work event. But in case if you are going on a family trip than it will depend upon you whether you want to stay near to site seeing areas. Or in the center of the city from where you can access to every place easily.

4) Search for hotels in online :

Ones you have decided the budget, requirements and ideal location. You can start research related to hotel. There are many apps or options where you can search the hotels. Open the app set the check in and check out date, and filter other amenities, ideal location and price from low to high. After that you will get to see many options of hotels from which you can choose of your choice.

5) Compare with other hotel :

Different apps or website give with different discounts on all hotels. And the discount varies from hotel to hotel and website to website. If you want you can even call personally to the hotel and what type of offers or discounts they are offering. All that you need to do your price points and travel date. And if you call personally than try to ask all the doubts and things you want to clear. Before booking the hotel have a look after the customer’s review. From that you can decide finally out of all which hotel and which room you will book for your family or yourself.

6) Book the room online :

Ones you have decided which hotel and room to book. You can book very easily through online in the hotel website. Through online booking you need to provide your basic information and traveling dates like both check in and check out dates. If you want you can book by calling to the hotel personally also. Always prefer calling in the evening time as morning and mid afternoon time is busy for the front desk.

7) Select mode of payment :

After completion of your booking of your hotel you can move on to next to step. That is the payment for your booking. You will get two modes of payment online by card or any other method. Or else offline that is after reaching to hotel directly in the hotel. According to your comfort you can choose your mode of payment there is no restriction in it. Sometime some hotels or cards offer discounts on online payment in that case online payment is the best option. Where you will an opportunity to save some of your money. Or else you can prefer offline payment also.

8) Confirmation of the booking :

The first step is hotel booking, next is payment method and last and final step is the conformation of the booking. Ones you have completed your booking you can have a print out of receipt of the booking. And in case you have booked through phone than you can ask the hotel manager to send a receipt. Which will act as a proof of booking in the time necessity or requirement. Have a overlook of the receipt so that the dates of traveling and booking are same and are correct or not.

9) Enjoy your stay :

After completion of booking on the day of check in. You can direct go to hotel and check in your room. And in any case you don’t any idea about the proper address. Than you ask the hotel member to send you appropriate address. Or else if they are having the taxi facility than you can ask them to send it ti pick you up. If you haven’t done the payment than after reaching you can complete that process by card or cash depends upon you. And know full detail about all the fees like cleaning fee, parking fee, laundry fee or any extra fee. So that you it wouldn’t a hidden surprise for you during the check out time.  So enjoy your stay and have a great trip.

How To Plan A Travelling Budget – Tips !

Travelling is the good way for mind refreshment and collect memorable experiences. Travel can cost expensive for which you need to do saving and plan for the budget from ahead of time. Take time to calculate the cost thoroughly by including all the necessities and leisure. You have to work on your budget ready for the whole trip.

1) Estimate how much you can afford :

At first estimate how much money you can afford for your whole vacation. Keeping into consideration all the whole ongoing expenses and all the things that you need to take care of like home rent, food cost and all the utility costs. You need to spend your vacation happily without any stress of not having any money after the return from trip.

2) Take advice from family and friends :

Take advice from your family, friend and relatives who have already visited the place that you have planned to go. There are many online websites and web where you will get reviews which are helpful. But still you don’t know or not sure about the reviews are they true or fake. So family and friends are the best ideas. You will give personal experienced opinion and trustworthy advice.

3) Take help of online budget tool :

The technology has developed so much that there are so many application launched or introduced in the market. This websites will help you a lot in calculating the budget specially for trip or travel. They will help you out in determining the all the local costs and other expenses by providing all the information about that particular place.

4) Consider your mode of transportation :

Travelling to your destination place or to place of your choice can cost expensive to you. Therefore at first know the distance of that place from your place. And the mode of transports available to travel that place from your place. After that find out the cost of all the modes of transports to your selected place. It will include train, buses, flight, rental cars and cruise ship. Air travel or flights are the most quickest and costliest mode of transport than others if the distance isn’t too long. But more than cruise ship is more costliest and luxury option. And along with that it will have many number of stops also.

5) Consider local mode of transport :

Ones you reach to your destination location, it is obvious that you will surly go to visit near by local site seeing area. So for that local mode of transport is most important. And this too is going to included in your travel budget. Usually the local mode of transport will include taxis cabs, ride sharing cars, local buses, metros, or subways. But if you can effort that much or in case your budget is little high and than you can prefer local rental cars also. For this you have to do research about it  or inquiry about it from others. If you are going for renting car option than find out about the agencies near by airport, stations, bus stands or hotel.

6) Calculating Lodging expenses :

Lodging is the one of the most important and significant part of the whole trip. One can never forget or should forget to include it in the travel budget. Lodging are expensive and their cost varies with the quality. So make a consideration what all things you need and what all is available over there in local. And in case it is a tourist place or hosting many tourist than there will wide variety of options in hotels, motels, resort and bed and breakfast. At first search for lodging near by your site seeing areas. From all filter a few that comes within your budget. And check all the amenities and facilities available. After all this have a look after the customers reviews and choose one of your choice out of all that.

7) Including the food costs :

When you will go for a trip than it is obvious that you will surly eat. So make a budget of overall meals that will cost. Surly you are going to eat out and specially, delicious and local dish of that place. And you never know how much it is going to cost as prices varies from place to place. There are some many apps from which you can estimate to some point and a approximate cost.

8) Keeping incidental funds :

Always make a travel budget so that there is some money left over. Which will helpful in time of need or emergency. Because no one knows what is going to happen next. It will useful for medical issue related or in time of something which you need.

9) Consideration of  site seeing costs :

Site-seeing is the most basic and common thing in case of travelling to other places. So mostly people think more about the transportation, admittance and the cost related things specially. There might include many site-seeing areas like parks, museums. monuments etc. Out of all some may cost money and other may not. While some will cost very little money and others more than that.  So have a look on that before visiting to the place so that you can include that in your budget. And plan for the site seeing within your budget.

10) Consider your entertainment, gifts and souvenirs costs :

If you are planning for attending any show, night club or nightlife or any other entertainment factor than these will also include in your budget. And in case you want to have a very rough schedule or plan for your daily entertainment than research on it from ahead of time. So that you plan a proper schedule with appropriate places. As your travelling so you are surly going buy gifts for closed ones and souvenirs yourself. So have a budget of it also separately. So within that limit you will handle everything. For that first you have to make list of people whom you want to give gifts. Ones you have done this after that you can buy that particular person is  going to like it.

How To Design A Movie Set – Planning & Execution

Making a movie set is also a kind of unsung art. If you do it in wrong way than the audience are going to think that movie is very cheap and is of low budget. And in case if you do it right way than no one is going to notice it at all. The good way it not about flashy or expensive, it is all about setting it simply naturally into the scene.

1) Studying the script :

The most important part of the movie is the script. It consists of all the information about the movie like story, characters, plot and the required information of the movie. By going through the script you will get an idea how to set should look. While reading the script make a note of some of the things like the time period, ambiance, geography, background props needed. And also the mood of the scrip, number of characters And the location of the design.

2) Discuss with the director about the set :

You must remember one thing that is you have to design the set the way the director has visualized the movie. So for that you have to talk or discuss with the director. From which you will come to know his point of view or else you can also give some free ideas in relation to script. You can sit and discuss with the director about the whole plan, theme, and all the necessary props that they want to incorporate or that can incorporated. Before that the most important that you need to know is the budget. So that you can start planning according to the script within that budget.

3) Sketching the mock design of the set :

There are many ways by which you can design a set and the final goal is to design a set. You can design it in sketch up, or drawing or photography or from other films. But before starting any things ones show to the direction so that your time is not wasted unnecessarily. Click photos of the props, locations, and rooms which you get through online or real life. Or else you can even sketch with pencil and paper, the front view is the best to understand it best. And lastly by showing the director the clips of other films which you will design it in more unique way to make it look different and beautiful.

4) Decide how to build the set :

First of all you have to decide whether you are going to build the set or use the exiting location as set. This is the most crucial decision to make. As it will affect the budget, scenes, and  film making process. And in both the cases it has both pros and cons. It will best if the director make a decision related to it. Because he knows better what he actually want ? How is actually want the set to ?

5)  Make a budget for your design :

Budget is the most important and least fun part in the whole process. It is an essential skill for everyone involved in the film making. You want any problem or issue in the middle of the design like shortage of money or you have run out of money. Therefore it is very essential to have a calculation of everything like pros, location etc. So that within that budget you can plan and design the whole set. And in case if you are using any existing location than  make sure to inquire if there is any fee for it.

6) Search of a location :

Grab a nice camera and set out on the road in search of a location. Visit as many places a you can and select and click pics of some of the options. That you would like to use in your set. Take shot of the whole room from every angle with proper lighting. So that when the director see it, he can analyse it clearly. And also click pics of furniture, decorations, and props that will suit with you design perfectly.

7) Decide which part to use :

Decide in the whole room which part of it you are going to use. You can divide the room and design with two to three walls. But in case if the director want to use the whole room than make sure to design it such a way that it will look like as it is in the movie.

8) Designing room lines :

Create lines in the room, which will create a illusion of movement for the audience. Create lines everywhere on couches, floorboard and the horizon of the room. Remember to create design in 3D and the lines in the 2D plan. Thinking of your set like you were composing a photograph will always lead to more interesting designs.

9) Removing the brand images :

Remove or cover up or hide all the brand names or images that are in the set. Because it may sometime cost money or else you may get sued for anything. So it is better not to take anything of that sort of risk. Or else if you want to show than take permission from respective brand. And if they charge and if you have that much budget than you can pay for it.

10) Less is more :

Unless the point of the scene is that things are cluttered and chaotic, less is more in the scene. You don’t want the audience focusing on your set, you want them focusing on the actors and action. A great set is unobtrusive it feels natural and realistic, less like a set and more like a room you could visit in real life.

11) Light the whole set with cinematographer :

After lighting, there is a good chance you’ll need to redesign the set a bit to eliminate awkward shadows or fit in lighting stands. This is also a chance to put in any practicals, which are lights that appear as part of the final movie, like lamps or ceiling lights. The cinematographer is also in charge of camera placement, meaning this is the time to work out crew placement and check how your scene looks at specific camera angles.


How To Host A Radio Show -Planning & Execution !

Radio is one of the oldest technology which is still in trend in the present world. Through this one can reach or contact with wide audience in both local areas and across the country. In radio show you can telecast music, interviews, stories, journalism, or any other audio content which is created by an audio DJ or host. And to organize a successful radio show you have to make yourself get involved in this varied and exciting field. For that you have to do a proper and systematic planning.

1) First contact the local radio stations :

At first try to contact to the near by or local radio stations. And ask them if they have any position left vacant as host in any of the main program. Or else you have that much of budget than you can contact for buying the air time. You can discuss with them about the type of radio show you want to organize. And their process or rules and regulations for hosting the new radio show. Fix a day with time each week so that you can increase your listener numbers who want to hear you. But in case you are planning for a DJ type radio and play music, songs, than contact the type of radio which does this.

2) Record your own show for online broadcast :

Record your own radio show one with all the equipment’s you are having and broadcast it online. So that you will come to know about the potential of listeners in around the world. You can even do live show online or else if possible try to make it available through podcast service.  Podcast is a perfect idea to host a radio show where you can record, edit and after that broadcast it online. And this process is going to bring success for your radio show.

3) Enter you show into a contest :

With all the available equipment’s record your own radio show. Which you can edit and than broadcast it online. And if you want you can even submit it to any contest. This is the only chance to broadcast it in any of the popular radio station. And through this you will even collect your large number of audience. You can even submit it to any ongoing podcast service also.

4) Listen to other show :

Listen to as many shows as possible of the type in which you are interested. By this you will come to learn many things. This will helpful as a guide in the things that you want to do. Pay a keen attention to each and everything in the show. Take a note of everything and you can even make changes that you dislike it. This will keep you engaged and make a habit of listening.

5) Make a checklist of the basic components :

Note down all the basic information that are required for you in hosting the radio show. Make a checklist of main key elements like the name or title of show, objective or main goal, theme, schedule, number of audience, show elements and most important is publicity or advertising of the show.

6)  Write a script for your show :

Write you script for your show in which you will write what you want to say during the show. It can include questioning type, or narrative or wrap one between sets of songs. You can write basic outline or detailed script according to your comfort. Which you will able to understand just by seeing it during the show in time of need.

7) Getting used to with the equipment :

First find out what all equipment are required for recording and broadcasting the show. After that try to learn all the functions of the equipment like speaker, microphone, sound mixer etc. If possible take a tutorial of it so that it will make you feel confident during operating it in the show. Try to acknowledge that much of knowledge about the equipment so that you can fix small issues or problems that will come across during broadcast.

8) Speak properly on live broadcast :

If you are doing live broadcast instead of podcast be very careful while speaking. Speak slowly with proper language so that listeners can understand easily without much difficulties. Follow the proper guidelines on the show and also follow the content properly so that you can achieve your targeted audience. And if in any case something goes wrong, than learn to know how to manage it by playing music or song or moving to another segment.

9) Announce the station call sign and frequency :

Every time on the start of the show always first remember to announce the name or title of the show. And all the basic information about the station like frequency, call sign etc. This will help the listeners to get tune any time during the show segment and also in identifying what they are listening to. This will help in increasing the number of listeners of your show and also for publicity purpose in social media, blogs etc.

10) Online broadcasting :

Doing online broadcast through the process of podcast. In this you can do offline recording of your audio with the help the available equipment. Or else you can even record just with the help of your phone or computer microphone. If your are recording with the help of equipment than sync it with your computer or any editing device. So that there will no issue of transferring the file for editing purpose.

11) Editing and Sharing your show :

It is the last step of broadcast. After completion of your recording transfer it for editing purpose. Download a editing app where you can edit, cut, move, change and add effects. After editing before broadcasting keep a copy of it saved. So that if in case you lose it than it will helpful for you in need of requirement. After that you can share it through social media sites, blog or website. Don’t upload it all together, upload episode after episode which will great excitement and anxiety between the listeners.


How To Host A Game Show-Planning & Execution!

Game show is the best way to have fun with family and friends. Hosting a game show is a easy task but there are some things which are important  to note if you  are doing it for first time. Doing preparations before the game is as important as maintaining it throughout the show. All that you need to do is check the equipment’s, interact with players, make sure players follow the rules, and behave casually and friendly manner.

1) Organizing a game show party at home :

At first host a game show party at your home, it cannot be that big. But still there is no issue in getting practice and no one will stop also. All that you have to do is to invite your friends for some special theme party. And run a live game show which will entertainment them. You might not able to reward the winner with money. But within your budget you can give some moderate prize. This is the good way to mix up the normal dinner party where everyone can hangout. And it will give you low pressure to test your hosting skill.

2) Host a game show event for local charity :

There are also other ways by which you can practice your hosting skill. And you can even volunteer as host to any event hosted by any organizer. By hosting any event you will get chance to access with larger audience and  budget. This is not possible in case of organizing party. As host you can include the night game show for fundraiser purpose in any organization. And the prizes will donated by the business and proceeds going through a special cause.

3) Browse for professional host jobs :

In most of the cases the hosts of the game shows are hired solely on bases of their personality. Sometime there is necessity of having degree or interest in acting or TV production. You can get a job as a crew in any game show that will eventually lead to hosting job. And if your serious about this profession. Than you can call and contact and try to know the requirements required for hosting job in any game show. The best place to start this profession is from business and gain experience. But you not able to visible in TV etc. And for gaining experience you can start your work from small parties, hosting games and challenges specially for kids.

4) Have a check of all facts and information for accuracy :

If you want to create any type of puzzle or question or prompts based on the game shoe than very careful about it . And have every accurate information about it. Have a accuracy and clarity of the question that you want to ask in the game show. And to every questions make sure that there is only one correct answer clearly and understandable without any confusion. 

5) Go through the material that you will say in the show :

Going through the question, answers and the other scripts related to the show before the show starts is the most important part of hosting. Read each and everything properly and ensure that you don’t stumble and sound confused during the game show. In this process there will  cases where you need to memorize the script sometimes. Instead of reading you can even rehearsal the whole show with the players. So that the feeling of whole show will come in a flow. This is the good idea for better representation.

6) Learn how to pronounce the contestants’ name :

Just before the game show starts have a interaction with the contestants’. And ask each and everyone the pronounce of their name. It is just a type of rehearsal so that you don’t mispronounce their names during the show. And if in case you do so that it will very annoying during the show. Prepare yourself with some physical or mental notes related to pronounce which will helpful during the show.

7) Check all equipment before the show :

Check all the equipment like microphones, speakers, buzzers, screens and sound systems used in the show from beforehand. So that there will no problem or defect in the middle of the show. And if there is any use of props or any set pieces, make sure to check that whether they are set in proper place or not. Other than they can easily movable or not in time of requirement.

8) Search a co-host partner with you :

Every game show has co-host partner as it cannot handled by single person. For every departments they should have separate host. And you will also get a partner for helping you and. Your work will get divided equally between two without too much of stress and pressure. At first have all the information related to show. After that you can appoint that many people for help, so that whole game show goes smoothly and successfully.

9) Introducing the game show and their rules :

The first stage is to introduce the game show to everyone. And let everyone to know about the rule and regulation of the games. So that they will feel familiar and will able to understand  what is going in the game. Understand the whole process of the game from starting to the end to all the players. So that they will get to know how to play and what to do throughout the game show.

10) How to  win and what is the prize :

Every game has it’s rules which differs from each other. So explain the rules to the contestant and make him understand how can he win. Tell him what need to done to win the show. And also announce about the prize money for the winner or top players of the game.

After that time to time or after each round you can remind them about the points gained by them . By this process one will come to know each other scores. And you can increase the competition level between the players. And other than that the top scorer will try to do more better or maintain is position. Whereas the low scorer will try to score more and compete with the topper. A best host is the one who will always have fun with the players and create a refreshing and enjoyable surrounding. So that players will play it very interestingly without getting bored in too much seriousness. And also always try to motivate and encourage the players who is back in the game. This is how you can become a best host and host a game show.