Tips To Plan To Pack For A Beach Holiday !

Beach holidays are the best choice to fun. It is one of the perfect place to spend time with family, friends, and relatives in holidays. But packing for a beach holiday is a type of challenge. Make a checklist of all the essential items and don’t forget to take items like sunscreen,  and swimsuits.

1) Making a checklist :

At first make a checklist of all the required things for the tip. Refer and go through the checklist while packing your essential and extra items. Whenever anythings come to your mind write it down and pack that immediately so that you will not forget later. And if you are going with your family and kids and packing their stuffs also. So take care of it and pack everything. Specially the things of the kids and add the things required for them in the checklist.

2) Packing All beach related accessories :

To improve your outfit accessories is the most important thing. Ensure a outfit that your comfortable with at the beach. You can take flip flops, glasses, or contact lens or beach bag, sun hat, sunglasses in case you need it. White sun hats are more effective and also help in protecting you from the sun. Sunglasses with larger lens work best as a shield for your eyes. Buy sun glass straps in order to avoid from losing them you if you are going to wear them in water.

3) Pack the swimsuit :

As you are going to holiday to beach than swimsuit is the most basic thing that you should take. Therefore always pack a a pair of two swimsuit for the tip, and if you think you will need them more than you can pack more according to your need.  Take swimsuit in which you yourself will feel confident and comfortable to wear.  Or else you will unable to enjoy the beauty of beach. You can use it while doing any water activities.

4) Packing of casual cloths :

It is the most thing which no one is going to forget to take with them. According to your need and style pack all the casual you want for your trip. Find out if there is any laundry. Specially for beach loose, comfortable clothing of linen and cotton material are good to wear in the breezy day of the beach. Casual sandals, like flip flops, are versatile and easy to wash.Pack athletic clothes if you have a habit of working out or gym. Other than that you can pack cover-ups and sunglasses for casual dinners and while visiting hotels.

5) Pack formal cloths :

If there is any plan of any meeting with any client or business partner or other than that any other formal activity. Make sure to pack the formal cloth in that case don’t forget about it.

6) Pack other healthy and beauty accessories :

Don’t forget to pack all the other necessary accessories that you might need. Like the toothpaste, brush, razor, your beauty products, and required necessary basic medicines. As you are going to most of the day out time outside in beach so don’t forget to take the best sunscreen lotion. According to me SPA 50 will best for that. Also carry a SPA lip, because sun can even effect the lips. Other than that carry first aid box, aloe Vera gel, bandages and bug spray. And most important thing is sanitary napkins or tampons because will come in need anytime during necessary. This things will be very useful to you if your planning to wear a swimsuit.

7) Pack your own beach towels :

Beach towels are very essential for dying purpose after you come out from water or from sand. All hotels and resorts provide with towels and some of them don’t. In that case you should carry of your own. And while some don’t prefer the hotels one than pack your own personal one.

8) Pack your all personal documents :

Don’t forget to carry your pack all the required personal documents like id proof, passport, print out of reservations, and maps or directions. And most importantly the money. Pack all this stuffs in a plastic bag to protect it from water damage. And mail a copy of it to yourself in case of emergency and pics of it in your phone.

9) Try to pack light :

If you are travelling by plane and they are charging free for luggage. Than try to pack your luggage light. Instead of keeping the cloths in a very spaces way.  Try to roll them and keep them so that you can enough number of required cloths. And always pack those cloth which  you can mix match them. And multipurpose items like sandals which will best for both beach and casual dinner.  Carry all small items like swimsuits and inner in a resealable plastic bags for comfort use and easy access. In this way your luggage will very light. And if in case travelling by train or any other means to transport than it will easy for you to carry and travel without much heavy load.

10) Pack extra entertainment activity things :

What all the things that make your holiday more enjoyable, a travelling journal, pack all that required things. Like book, laptops for watching movie and camera for clicking pics. Or else if you want you can even download books in tablets or e-reader.

11) Packing snacks items :

Always carry snacks with you while travelling time, it will useful in the time of need. But always pack some healthy food like dried fruits, nuts, and some home made snacks. This are very to carry and kids will surly going to love it. During the hot day at the beach cold drinks are going to one of the most refreshment idea. Carry snacks boxes and sipping cups for your kids, it can eat comfortably. And if in case you are travelling by road, carry a small fridge with yourself so that you can carry cold drinks, and other snacks in it.

After all this proper planning and packing you are going to have a perfect holiday. Enjoy and a great holiday.



How To Acquire Racing Sponsors -Tips !

Racing is a competition of speed against clock or to some specific point. The competitors always  compete among themselves and try to complete the task in very shortest period of time. Racing can of different types like car racing, horse racing, boat racing, cycle racing, aircraft racing, animal racing and running is the basic form of racing. There are also racing like speed-skating, long distance swimming, cross country skiing, and etc. The racing can organized in both track and road. Usually racing involves travelling some distance. But it can also involve reaching to a specific goal with a particular speed.There are many sports like marathon, running and cycling included in the racing. and other than there are also many other multi sports like triathlon etc.

Sometimes race are run continuously without any stop and finishes. While in other types it is divided into different stages or legs or heats. A heat is usually run in different times for the same course of time. A stage is a shorter section for a much longer course or for a period of time trial. Taking parting in any kind of race costs and need money. Being a racer is a very great thing. And to take part in any race frequently or in any high level racing all you need is sponsors. After that everything’s depends upon your hard work and aim. But how to get sponsors is a very tough job ? All you need to do is follow some steps to achieve it. So continue the article you will come to know :

1) Knowing the sponsorship process :

Knowing the whole process of sponsorship is the first step. To understand this process you have to read as much as you can about that subject. Ones you come to know or  understands the whole process how to get the sponsors after that you can get of your own.

2) Find out what you can offer to the potential sponsors :

Now a days sponsors demand for more, Logos on uniforms and equipment packing them in sponsorship and offering them has become a very most common and basic thing. The more you offer to the sponsors, the more and the better is the chance to get the sponsorship deal. The sponsorship checklist is the best tool to find out everything that you can offer to the potential sponsors.

3) Decide where you will search for the racing sponsors :

At first decide in which type of race you are going to take part. On basis of that you can start searching for the racing sponsors. If you are going to take part in local race. Than search and approach the local businesses in the place where you live or where you are going to race. But in case you are taking part in national race. Than you have to search and approach a very huge number of businesses. In this case there will a very big competition among all you have applied for the same businesses.  In this case, learning and having knowledge related to how to research and evaluate potential sponsors is a very good idea and will have a very huge advantage out of it. So read as many books as you can on this topic.

4) Start contacting everyone for the racing sponsorship :

Ones you have decided or made a list to whom you are going to approach for the sponsorship, start contacting the sponsors. When you are trying to get sponsors for racing than contacting them directly through phone call is the best idea than emailing them. Emails can ignored very easily but in case of phone calls they cannot ignored. Searching for a racing sponsorship is very time taking process. So start approaching as many people as you can and start conversation with them as soon as possible. This will only lead to getting of more better and early sponsorship deal.

5) Preparing a sponsorship proposal for the racing sponsors :

Ones you have completed with the conversation with a business that is interesting or might want to sponsor you, you need to provide them with a sponsorship proposal. A sponsorship proposal is a sales brochure that contain your sponsorship programmers. It includes the benefits of becoming your sponsor and the total cost for doing so. The proposal can have many number of pages of information or else it will very short, the length of the proposal doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you need to answers them so well that it will make potential sponsors say yes to you than any other.

6) Get contract from the sponsorship  for the racing :

When the business decides to sponsor you, you need to get a contract from them. The contract is a legal bind that consists of all terms and conditions that are required to work together. This contract is a sponsorship agreement. And before this you should hire a professional lawyer who will handle all this aspect of the professional process in behave of you. This will one of the most rewarding experience in your life in signing a sponsorship agreement as a racer.

7) Signing the contract with the sponsors for the race  :

Before signing the contract along with you lawyer you also read all or through the contract or agreement. If you are happy or satisfied with the terms and conditions than you can go ahead and sign the contract. And if in case you are not happy with the terms than ask your lawyer to renegotiate all the terms and conditions. The most important thing is you need to realistic, or else you are going to lose the deal in case of being pushy. Ones you have completed with everything. now you can go ahead and sign the contract or agreement. Congratulation, now you are the having the racing sponsorship. Now you can take part in any racing competition according to the terms and conditions written in your contract or agreement. You have successful achieve it, now its time to work hard and achieve your goal and fulfill your dreams.



How To Plan For A Bachelorette Party And Execute It !

Bachelorette party is a wedding tradition that the bride and her friends and guests are looking for. They are going to enjoy and have lot of fun. And if you have taken the responsibility of organizing this party there will little pressure on you. Start with choosing date, location, setting budget, and the activities that the bride will love to enjoy.

1) Decide about dos and don’t with bride :

Don’t involve the bride in this planning. It will a surprise for her before her wedding. But still decide about the details related to it with which she is comfortable with. What all things she is expecting or what all things will make her happy? Ask her what type of party she want ? A dinner out or stereotypical or raunchy bash.

2) Deciding a date for bachelorette party :

If your planning for a surprise party than don’t consult the bride. Or else decide with the bride about the date whether it will for one night or weekend long affair. The date should one month before the wedding day. It is a good time frame between bachelorette party and wedding. But make sure to focus on the bride availability.

3) Making guest lists :

Make a list of guests you want to invite to the party. Specially don’t forget to invite the bride close friends, and special guests. It will a good idea if you invite the bride future sister-in-law also. Still if they are not so close. It is the  chance to bring them and build a strong relationship between them. And avoid inviting the guests who are actually not invited in the wedding ceremony. The number of guests you want to invite depends upon you. The bigger the group more the impact on the party, more the hectic and potentially more the excitement. And in smaller groups there will more intimate and very easy to handle and keep them together.

4) Calculating the budget :

As it will surprise party from your side to the bride. So the whole cost of the party will shared among the guests and you. It will divided among you all. The budget cost will include hotel booking, food, drinks, decoration and all other entertainment things required for the party. To set a fair budget if you want  you can take help of other guests or friends.

5) Selecting location :

First find out where do the guests live ? After that according to that book the majority convenient place, keeping into consideration the bridal choice also. Do the booking from beforehand so that you get the location that you have selected for the party.

6) Sending invitations :

Send the invitations to all the shortlisted guests ones the date and location id decided through their mails or by post or text it. And also let them all know about the budget or cost per head which may change after final count. The party theme or dress code and all other things that they need to know .

7) Deciding about the activities for the party :

Plan for the activities that you want to include in the party. This planning should also start a very long before. tails. o that you can start arranging all the things in details. Take into consideration the bridal choice also. What type of activities she like include that also in the list. And lastly if you booking catering or making food of your own do have a check on the foods that the guests have allergies with and try to avoid it.

8) Having a proper timeline :

Have full details about all the guests. When they will arrive ? How they are going to come from airport ? If they have any transportation facilities or not ? Have a full query about all and in case of need help them to do the arrangements. Decide when will the dinner or cocktail part or when you are going to head from first winery to second. Having a proper timeline with schedule is the best ideas. But in most cases there is a chance of changing it in the party night.

9) Setting transportation facility :

Do booking of the transportation required for the night from one month before the party. It will help you in keeping the bigger group together during the party night out. Or else if you want you can even split into smaller into ubers or taxi’s.

10) Buying decoration staff for the bachelorette party :

If it is a theme party or you are going to host in the house than you will need some stuffs to decorate according to the plan you have decided. Stick to the budget and plan according to it. Don’t spend much on the decoration stuffs. You can get it very easily in the near by your place store or order online for best offers. And if possible buy some fun or theme based stuff for the bride specially.

11) conformation from the guests :

One to two weeks before the party take full conformation from the guests about their arrival or is there any last moment cancellation. According to the conformation of the guests inform the caterer about it. So that the cooking will made according to the number of guests that are coming.

12) Point person of the bachelorette  party :

As you have taken the responsibility of planning the party and organized t. So obviously guests will look for you in time of need. The problem can be anything in the party starting from food, drinks, or controlling the too much drunk guests. All have to handle by you only and everyone will seek  or search for you for help. And you have to get prepared and ready to handle every issue. Same way you be relax and have fun and be alter for the problems. And don’t let bride know about it and come to stress. As it the party specially organized for her so look after that she enjoy it. And having full fun without any stress or worries. It is the most important day of her life and it is your responsibility to make it memorable for whole life time.



Wedding Reception – Full Planning And Execution !

Planning for a wedding reception need lot of effort. It will start with deciding date, selecting location and type of reception you want to organize. Just to need to follow some steps and organize it properly. After that you will have lots of fun with your family, friends, relatives and all other guests.

1) Setting a date for the wedding :

At first fix a date for the wedding after that only you can start looking for a reception location. Keep in mind that some of the booking are done one to two year before. So according to that date if you get your favorite venue than well and good. Or else you have to change the venue according the date and availability.

2) Setting the budget :

Setting the budget is one of the big thing  in the whole event. Planning for the wedding reception will come with very expensive. Ones you go for any booking pf hall for the reception you have to give them the round figure of number of guests going to attend the reception. So to calculate the budget for reception add up the estimate expenditure per head and all the requirements and room size.

3) Decide what you want indoor or outdoor reception :

If you are planning for the indoor reception than there is not much safeties that you have to take. But in case if you are planning for a outdoor reception there are things that you have to look after and have a back up plan. Like no one know about the climatic change, sudden rain will ruin your party in that case you have to prepared with hidden ace up your sleeves. Proper lighting and many other basic things you need to take care. If you plan your reception to the end of the January during winter season will offer you with some discount and save your money. Sometimes you have choose between weekends days as Saturday and Sunday are very convenient days, and Sunday it will less expensive. By this process you can save some of your money and there will less pressure.

4) Type of reception :

The very first basic thing that you need to decide about the type of reception you want to have. There are two types of receptions organized nowadays. One is Sit-down meal or cocktail part and the second type is simple cake cutting or beach or picnic type reception.

Different types:

  • Sit-down meal is one of the most expensive type reception option. It is one of traditional style reception preferred by mot of them. Guests will get attracted and will appreciate it. It goes perfect for the speech style reception. Where all the guest can toast and give speech and wishes to the bride and groom.
  • Cocktail reception is one of the modern style reception liked and enjoyed by most of the guests. It is less expensive than sit down meal. But in this type it feels little disorganized ways. Where it will become very difficult to gain attention of the guests towards cake cutting and toast time.
  • Simple cake cutting is best for those who have registered marriage or simple marriage ceremony. This can be organized at home or small cafe with friends who have attend the marriage in a small scale without much expenses. It is best for those who don’t want to have a very big reception and can end with tea, coffee, cookies or cupcakes and some snacks among themselves.
  • Picnic style is best for nature loving couples. But it will look little informal for the wedding reception but still you have no problem than it is the best idea. It is going to outdoor reception so you need to all the protection from beforehand. Catering will be very easy in this part so no issue in this part.
  • Beach reception is similar to picnic style and it is also an outdoor reception. So there is risk of weather change or else all your guests are going to have fun and enjoy it. And again it is going to informal type but your going to enjoy a lot.

 5) Decide to have a receiver line or not :

If you think of positive side of this part than in this way you will get the opportunity to greet all the guests and all guests will also get opportunity to wish the bride and groom. On the side the guests will also sometimes very tired and irritated for standing in the line for too long.

6) Decide the time when to toast :

Toasting is one type of traditional and it is very wonderful. One can start toasting in between or during the dinner courses with two to three people speaking each time. Give someone the responsibility that all toasters should short and keep little time. And follow it very strictly. And when it comes to the point of bride and groom they can speak just before the cake cutting.

7) Sitting arrangement :

Seating planning is very necessary in case of sit-down meal. Try to focus on it from before the reception so that you make the chair and table according to it. The bride and groom will sit on the raised platform. Parents of bride and groom can sit in the front near to them. And Elderly people  should be seated like away from platform just to avoid loud noise or sound. The other arrangements should made and place card over the table just to avoid confusion on the reception day. It will be the best idea to keep the dance floor in the center.

9) Planning for the food :

By keeping all the guests into consideration you have to decide the menu. Some will prefer healthy and oil free food while others will junk food. Taste will surly differ from person to person. Some will pure vegetarian while others will non-veg. Decide the menu according to your budget to have. Sit-down meals have their menu printed from before according to budget you select out of it. Tell to keep veg and non-veg different, snack and main course different and specially if there is any alcohol than that should different and away from all.

10) Appropriate place for wedding cake :

At first decide when you will cut the cake. According to that cake place will organized. Make sure that photographer is ready to take photo of you while cutting the cake. You will have a best reception from all the way you like.


Garden Party – Plan And Execute!

Garden party is all about outdoor gathering with family or friends or relatives by taking garden as a theme. These parties are usually organised during spring season because of the good weather and flowers blooms. It is not necessary to have a garden in order to organize a garden party. But still you can have a garden party outside. Plan for it properly and make sure it goes successful.

 1) Deciding a location for garden party :

If you want to organize your garden party outside or outdoor. Set it up in your house backyard, park, or any garden. While choosing the venue keep in mind about the surrounding scenes and views. The location has to one level, plain enough, clean so that there is enough place for comfortable seating.

2) Setting the lights for the party :

If your are organizing your garden party during evening or night time. Than decorate the whole garden with soft and romantic lights, which will create a mood or atmosphere of the party type. You can even decorate with beautiful lanterns or  outdoor string lights with flowers and others amends. You can even decorate with candles to create soft lighting. Torches, floating candles, lights are also best idea. Lighting can used for the pathway direction in the whole party.

3) Choosing color scheme :

At first choose two to three color that you can use for your party color scheme. You can choose bright color or dark color according to your comfort or choice. You can coordinate the color scheme with the party decoration, tables, chairs, lights, tableware, and all other accessories of the party.

4) Setting tables and chairs :

Set the chairs and tables in the venue space before the party. You can set any types of chairs and tables that you have inside the house and outside in the patio. If in any case you are not having sufficient chairs and tables than you can rent from party or any event stores for party purpose. Set enough number of chairs and tables for all the guests in sufficient amount. If require you can set the whole venue with blankets and pillows and make your garden party picnic style.

5) Decorating the table :

At first you can decorate the table with table cloth which will coordinate with the color scheme. You can choose any fabric material table cloth according you choice and budget. In the center of the table as centerpiece you can use flower vase or flowers in distilled water or with floating candles or candle stand or small standing candle lamps.

6) Measure related to bugs :

No matter how perfectly you plan for the garden party, how much delicious food you make, set good music or have fun games and entertainment. It is not going to stop bugs from disturbing or irritating your guests. For this you have to take measure steps from making bugs to stop inviting themselves to the party. Keep all the food and drink items covered with lids or else keep it inside the house only. Set the whole party with citronella candles and bug zappers to keep the bugs away from the party.

7) Planning for the food :

Have proper menu of the food for your garden party. Set your grill ready outdoor space of the venue before the party. If you want to grill any food it is the best idea. Have enough propane and all the food that you want to grill ready. Have side dishes ready for your garden party. It can be salads, fruits, or cucumber  salads. It will be best idea for the guests so that can eat while mingling. Along with that you can also have the main course. And lastly set your dessert ready for the guest on the dessert stand from before hand. If you want you can make at home or buy from store. It can include sweet, cup cakes, ice creams or anything of guests choice. And also get ready with welcome drinks, and other refreshment drinks. You can also serve cold alcoholic drinks like mojitos and margaritas.

8) Setting of music :

Get ready with the mixed CD having all the songs of your choice and which will liked by guests as well. Make  playlist from before the party so that there will no issue during the party. The playlist should suit with the atmosphere of the party. You can choose any type of music like classical, romantic, pop, electronic, country or even of nature sounds. Along with music keep the music system or speakers also ready. Check them before the party are they working properly and are loud enough for party ya not. Have enough extension cords  so that you can set them in proper space you want. Or else in alternative have wireless speakers.

9) Setting games for the party :

Get ready with some games which will add some fun and entertainment in the party. You can set outdoor games as well like badminton, miniature golf, boccie and many others games. The guests can enjoy it during the party.

10) Setting photo-booth :

You can even set homemade or store bought photo-booth in the venue of the party for the guests. You can only hand backdrops and have photo-booth props like glasses, scarves, or signs. Guests can use their personal cameras or phones or else you can even set camera tripod for clicking their pictures with family and friends. It is also a part of party. All this will draw the attention of guests eyes and they are keep themselves busy and entertained without getting bored in the whole party.

After planning for the whole party. Get yourself ready for the party with coordination to the color scheme of the party. After that get ready to welcome the guests in the venue. Enjoy yourselves and entertain your guests as well. Take proper care after each and every guests. And greet them well in the whole party till the end. And along with that enjoying playing games, listening to music, dancing and have  good healthy delicious food and drinks.