Triathlon Event – Plan and Execution!

Sports is the most basic and important part of life. It keep a person healthy and active for whole day. It is one type of mind refreshment for some and for others it becomes their profession . There is no age limit for sports. In sports one will find two sides where one will win while other will lose it similar to life. It teaches us the rules of life where one is not going to win every time. One may even lose also but it not the end that what it teaches. It strengthen one’s mind, gives motivation to except challenges. Also motivate to not to lose hope until and unless you achieve your goal. Sports are of two types one is indoor and another is outdoor in which includes the triathlon .So it is very necessary that one has to include playing as their part of life.

It develops one’s physical and mental energy. By sitting at home or in their respective comfortable place one can enjoy playing.  In schools and colleges also along with education they have kept sport as a part of it. As triathlon is combo of  three games which was played one after the other without any break. It is introduced for first time in France in the year 1920s. Cycling, running and canoeing was part of it  before but later  it is changed to cycling, swimming and running. When it comes to rules and regulation point of view, there is no such rules to follow according to the sequence. Planning is the most important part for organizing an triathlon event. There are 8 simple steps to follow.

Let’s see below and continue reading it:

 1) Goal and objective of the event :

It is the first step before planning for an event. One should know the goal and objective of organizing this event which means that the main aim of organizing this event, how it is useful to others, what are the achievements ?

2) Team organization for the event :

Team work is the most important part of an event organization. As a single person cannot handle all the works on its own. Work is equally divided in the team, for the perfect execution of plan individual member of the team gives 100% effort. By doing so it will lead to completion of all the works in time. Usually the team of an event includes the event manager which include the venue manager, volunteer manager, sponsors, entertainment team, speaker, and publicity team.

3) Selecting perfect date and time for the event:

Select a perfect date and time so that one can attract a quite numbers of auditions towards their event. Always try to keep the dates on weekends so that most of them gets the opportunity to attend it. And keeping a maximum gap so that one can get enough time to plan for the event perfectly. Sometimes it is very necessary to decide the dates according to the VIP guest, chief guest, speakers or presenters.

4) Choosing a perfect venue for the event :

When it comes to the an event related to sports than it is very important than one should choose a good and a big stadium having a swimming pool, and a perfect and big ground for running and cycling purpose. As  it is selected for triathlon event. And having proper green room or changing room for the players,  with enough space for parking purpose and should be barrier free so that it will be accessible by all.

5) Designing of logo for triathlon event:

The triathlon has its own logo for Olympics. The organizer can decide  whether they want to use the same logo for the event or else they can even design another logo which represents it.  The logo should be such that one will come to understand just by seeing it. The logo is the representation of the respective event. And triathlon has its own organization team.

6) Designing of master plan of the event:

The master plan should consists of all the aspects of the event like the venue, logo, whole team of the organization ( speakers, represented, sponsors, publicity, volunteer manager, and entertainment team) , date and time, activities included in it, VIP guests, chief guest .

7) Sponsorship and budget planning for the event :

Estimation of the budget is the most important part of every event. The budget include the venue, logo, travelling cost of the VIP guest and chief guest and the in whole the master plan of the event. And usually the budget planning depends upon the sponsorship. The master plan attract the sponsors that the sponsorship will come time to time in time of requirement.

8) Publicity plan for the event :

Publicity is very important for an event. Through publicity both the players, audition and all other people will come to know about it.   It will lead to increase of the success rate. Very easily it can spread all over the world through the social networking sites, website, newspapers, advertisement, and social media.

It is not necessary to follow all the steps accordingly,  small changes can done according to need and requirement. As it is a sport event so the registration date and event date should be different. So that the players will do registration from beforehand and a team will formed before the date of event. It is the most important part of the event is to publish the winners and consolation prize from beforehand to attract more number of players and auditions. On the day of event calling the media, doing publicity and giving the auditions the updates time to time will increase the success rate of the event.

The winner is honored, respected and awarded. The name of the winner is updated by social media. The other participation’s and finalists honored and awarded with consolation prizes. This will lead to a very successful event and along with it the popularity will also increase. Hope this article will be very helpful to all those organizers who want to plan and execute for a successful event.

Group Camping Trip- Organize

Outdoor events are an amazing experience if done in groups and with the people of the same interests. They can be a great way to explore the nature and learn a lot about them. Group camping has been the basis of a lot of outdoor trips in schools and colleges. However, they can also be enjoyed with the friends and family. Campings are usually done at forests and picturesque locations and now there has been a lot of designated spots that have come up especially for this kind of camping trips. These spots have many adventure activities that people can participate in and have fun.

However, there are times when you need to plan a group camping trip yourself. It could be for the school children or college mates or colleagues and even your friends. Each of the camping trips is different. The school camping trips are more like excursions in which the students are taught about the various flora and fauna around them and also they are encouraged to participate in group activities. In the college, the group camps are held for fun as well as the same educational tour as the school children. They fulfill the basic need to a trip and also help the students gain some knowledge from them.

The planning of a group camping trip can be a little tricky since you need to take care of a lot of things. Since these trips usually are organized in areas that are away from the main city or town every arrangement needs to be perfect. However, if you have no idea as to how this all goes and how the trip has to be planned we can help you. These are the few things to keep in mind while planning your first or the next group camping trip.


Decide The Type Of Group Camping

The first step in planning any outdoor trip is to start planning as early as possible. Decide the kind of group camping you are about to plan. The plan for every group camping is different. So decide whether the trip is for fun or for educational purpose and what kind of people will be attending the trip.

Decide The Venue Or The Location For The Group Camping Trip

The venue or the location of the camp is the next thing on the list. Decide the location after taking everyone’s opinion. Give the people a few options and only then start making the arrangement for the group trip. Do not plan a trip to far of places that not everyone in the group will be able to afford. The main aim of the camping is for everyone to have fun and budget makes a big part of that fun.

Set The Budget For The Group Camping Trip

When it comes to the budget for the camp trip or any trip for that matter, the budget is either entirely the responsibility of the administration or the attendees. Decide a budget by including all of the possible necessities and expenditures. Make a realistic budget and don’t try to fit a lot for things in less money. Also, make sure to have an emergency budget and do not use it in any case until the trip has ended. If you are taking the money from the people that are attending the camping trip, make sure that the price is convenient to them.

Set The Date And Start Advertising It For The Group Camping Trip

Set a date that is suitable for the trip. There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding the date for the group camping trip. The first thing is the time duration of the trip. The second thing is the weather at the camp venue. The last and the very important thing is the availability of all the attendees. Do not set a date for the festive holidays or special occasions. After the date is final start advertising it to all the people. Give an open notice so that all the people can start registering themselves for the camp trip as soon as possible.

Make A List Of All The Necessary Commodities

Depending on the strength of the people going on the group camp make a list of all the things that you will be needing. The things like tents and beddings come under this category. Make sure that you have extra of every necessity. Also, ask the attendees to bring their own things in case of special arrangements. Additionally, ask all the attendees about their special requirement and make the arrangements accordingly. Keep in mind all the small and big things and do not forget anything.

Realistically Prepare For The Camping Trip

The only downside of camping is that the trip takes place in locations that are away from the city and the civilizations. Hence you need all the arrangements to be on point. But everything on your list and keep adding stuff on the way. Do not be careless with the preparation. If possible take help from the professional campers or the people who arrange these trips.

Include Some Adventure Activities In The Group Camping Trip Plan

Adventure activities are the most thrilling part of an outdoor group camping. According to the camp, place decides the activities to include in the trip. Keep in mind that not all the people will be able to participate in all the activities. Hence, have options ready.

Make Proper Arrangements For Transportation

Make all the arrangements for the transport beforehand. Keep a separate budget just for transport. Book all the tickets as soon as possible. Book only reliable transport and look around for discounts. Make sure to look around and explore all the options before deciding.

Keep Everyone’s Safety A Priority

Since you are the organizer, it is your duty to keep everyone safe. Know all the details about the nearest medical stores and hospitals. Keep a first aid box with you and all the essential medicines in stock. Be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Make It As Fun As Possible

The main motive of the trip is to have fun. So, include all the activities that are fun for everyone. Try and involve everyone as much as possible. Be interactive and include games that everyone can play. Make it more about fun than anything.


Follow the above steps and plan an amazing group camping trip for yourself. However, make sure that you also have a lot of fun on the trip and do not keep stressing about the planning all the time.


College Fest Event- Plan!

College life is one of the best times of a person’s life. The amalgamation of all the activities that come with the studies is what makes this life so amazing. The kids are fresh out of the schools and the no boundations study atmosphere is extremely attractive. However, the most fun part comes with the extracurricular activities such as sports and fests. Fests are the times when all the students unleash their talents and this is also one of the most memorable times of any college life.

A college festival is basically held for two to three days and sometimes more. Depending on the college, various activities are organized for the children to participate in and showcase their talents. Activities like dance competition, debates, drama competitions, fashion shows and much more take place. Students from the host college and the guest colleges attend the fest event and win prizes. The college fests can be organized in various ways and at different scales. Some colleges due to their sizes and stature have huge fests in which students from all over the world participate and learn. Activities such as guest lectures and science competitions are also included in some places.

The organization of the college fest is not an easy task to accomplish. A lot of planning goes into its organization and it is a huge responsibility. Usually, the students organize the college fests and make teams for various tasks. Some colleges even hire event management companies and event planners to do the job for them. If you are organizing the college fest of your college or you have been given the responsibility to organize a feast for some college you might need a few tips and tricks. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while making the plans for your event.


  • Pick A Name And Date For The College Fest

    Pick a date for the college fest that suits all the students and the college authorities. Do not pick a date close to the examinations. Additionally, decide a catchy and unique name for your college fest. Most of the college fests have the same name year after year but in some cases, the responsibility to decide the name comes to the organizing committee.

  • Pick Out The Theme For The College Fest

    Pick a unique theme for your fest. Ask your team to pitch in the ideas and pick out the most interesting ideas of them all. Make sure the idea is cost-effective. Additionally, make sure that the theme goes with the name of the fest.

  • Decide The Events For The College Fest

    College fests are filled with different events and there are a lot of options to choose from. However, there is a time restriction and only a few can be placed in the limited time slot. So, make the choice properly. Include only those events that have enough participants and students interested in them. Look at the majority of the crowd in the college and then decide the events to include.

  • Distribute The Budget And The Work Mindfully

    Pick out an efficient team that can handle all the work for you while you supervise. Pick out people for every activity and give them responsibilities. Allot them a restricted budget and tell them to work inside the budget.

  • Get A Budget For The Fest

    Decide a budget for all the activities and arrangements and ask your authorities for the fundings. You can also contact the sponsors to partner with you and help you arrange funds for the event. You can either pay them back from the money that comes through the tickets or by publicizing their product in your event.

  • Book The Celebrity Guest Performer For The Fest

    Celebrity performances are the best part of any college fest. So depending on your budget pick a celebrity performer for your college fest event. Make sure that you do the booking early since celebrities are really busy and might not be available on the days of the event. Additionally, check all the details before signing the contract with the celebrity.

  • Publicize The Fest

    Use social media to your advantage. This will save you a lot of money and most of the youth is available through social media. So, this will help you target a huge crowd. Additionally, print out flyers and banners and distribute them amongst the students. Create an email database and send email invites to all the students personally.

  • Sell Tickets And Passes For The Fest

    Start selling the tickets and passes at least 15 days ahead of the fest commencement. The earlier you start, the more passes you will sell. Also sell the passes online and offline at the venue. Keep a tab on the number or sold passes.

  • Take Care Of The Catering Requirements

    Food is another big responsibility during the fest event. Tie up with the local vendors and ask them to put up stalls in your college and sell food. You can also ask the students to put up stalls and sell food and drinks.

Keep these points in mind and have yourself a successful fest. However, keep in mind that every college is different and you might need to make a few changes of your own in order to make your fest stand out. Do not stress unnecessarily. Distribute the duties from the starting and let people do their jobs. We know it is extremely tempting to do everything by yourself, however, it is not a smart thing to do. There is a time restriction to everything and your job is to supervise and not work. There are a lot of students that want to be a part of the college fest organization team and do not want to work. Keep away from these people since they can create problems for you.

Furthermore, do not forget to enjoy the whole experience. Overworking yourself is not a good thing to do and it is in no way going to help you get anything. So enjoy and have yourself a fest of a lifetime.

Food Championship- Plan and Execute!

Food is the basic necessity of life. Ever since ancient times, food has been associated with l lot of things. It makes the basis of almost all the social gatherings and festivals There is a wide variety of food available in the world and with every culture, religion, and region it changes forms and shapes. One of the best ways to bring different cuisines together as one and create harmony amongst the people from all over the world is having a food championship or a cooking championship. This is a championship in which the participants bring the foods of their region and their community to the judges and the best one wins.

Food championship is held all over the world at various places at various times. These can be organized in huge scales or small scales. The food championship can also be of the regional food or the competition to cook the food of the same cuisine. These events are extremely fun to attend and also to participate. The public gets to try out a variety of foods and cuisine and the participants get to showcase their skills and also learn from the others.

Food championship may also reward the winner with a big cash prize or something that might help him do better in his/her future. Chefs and food enthusiasts from all over the world come to attend food championship of any sort. Big organizers and planners are hired to plan and execute the food championship of a huge scale.

Organizing and planning a food championship is not an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of preparations to be made and a lot of things need to be kept in mind. However, with a little experience and practice, anyone can easily do the job. If you are planning to organize a food championship, it is important to note that it will take a lot of time. Hence, it is advisable to start the preparation as early as possible. Also taking notes from other people’s work is not a bad idea. This can help you achieve your goal much easier. So, visit as many big and small food championships as possible and work under the organizers to gain experience.

Here are a few points that can help you in planning out your food championship and executing it well:

  • Decide The Date And The Name For The Food Championship

    Decide the perfect date for the food competition that is feasible to everyone. Keep in mind that some of the participants might be working and not be able to attend the event on weekdays. Hence, it is advisable to choose the weekends and holidays. However, do not choose the festivals or vacations for such events. Additionally, choose a name for the food championship. Select a name that suits the occasion and the theme of the food championship. This is very important since it will help you in branding and promote the event.

  • Decide The Kind Of Food Championship

    The kind of food championship includes cuisine involved, type of food to be cooked, the theme of the food championship etc. Decide all of this just after the date and the name to make the preparations. Look at all the pros and cons before selecting everything.

  • Decide The Budget For The Food Championship

    The budget is one of the most important parts of any event. Make a detailed budget for everything big and small. Now approach the sponsors that can lend you money. Sponsors can be companies that manufacture food and food products. Make a written proposal and a blueprint for the whole plan and give it to these companies. Then make sure you read all the terms and conditions in the proposal before signing the contract.

  • Book The Perfect Venue For Your Food Championship

    The venue for the food competition will be its focal point. Hence, choose a place that is approachable, easily accessible and has a lot of space. Make sure there is a lot of space for you to set up a kitchen like an experience for the participants. Additionally, make sure there is enough parking space in or around the venue. Also, make sure that the venue is in a location that does not have a lot of pollution and noise coming from the outside.

  • Approach and Invite The Judges

    The judges are supposed to choose the winner for the event and picking the right judge is extremely important. Hence, choose judges such as celebrity chefs and food critiques. Make sure whoever you pick has an experience in cooking the food of the selected cuisine. The celebrity judges might charge you an extra fee for attending the event. Hence, make sure you have enough money in the budget before booking anyone.

  • Publicize The Food Championship

    The publicity of the food championship is very important. Choose free platforms such as social media and email marketing to your advantages. This will not only save money but will also help you reach a large crowd effectively. Make a website for the championship and link all the social media accounts with it. Additionally, print out flyers and billboards for the people to notice your event. Use every kind of possible marketing technique.

  • Open The Registrations For The Food Championships

    Open the offline and online registration for the food championship as early as possible. This will help you fill the seats early. You can also have a few levels of selection of the participant. Hence start early with the registration and the selection procedure.

  • Take Care Of All The Basic Necessities

    Basic necessities include raw material, cooking utensils, and other essential things. Keep these things ready before the event.  Additionally, keep extra of everything. Arrange the cooking desks of the participants before the event. Take a second look at all the arrangements on the day of the event.

  • Make Arrangements For The Emergency Situations

    Since it is a cooking competition and will involve fire. Hence make sure there is enough facility to put out the fire if something gets burnt. Additionally, arrange for medical professionals to take care of the patients in case of emergencies.

After the food championship is over, make sure you thank all the judges for coming. Thank all the participants and the viewers as well. Give appreciation gifts even to the participants that have not won. Make sure to share all the happenings of the food championships on all social media channels. Also, make the required changes to the above points in order to personalize the event according to your preference.

Save Money On A Night Out- Tips!

Partying in the nights after college is the best part of the university life. We could also say that partying, in general, is an enjoyable experience for everyone. But if it is the end of the month and you have spent all your savings or your salary and now do not have any money to spend at expensive bars and clubs. Partying is just an unavoidable part of anybody’s life. But with a pocket that has no money, it becomes really hard. Hence you need to save some money whilst having a lot of fun.

There are ways in which you can save some money on your next night out with your pals. All you need to do is apply these small tips and tricks and you can save a lot of money. Additionally, this can be better than spending a lot of money and you might have some different and better experiences along the way. To read more about the ways in which you can save money on a night out, keep reading.

  1. Eat Before You Leave To Save Money

    Most of the money on a night out is spent on the food and the drinks. So, make sure you eat a meal before leaving your place so that you are not hungry at the party destination. This will save you from ordering a lot of food and hence save your money. Just make sure you eat some kind of carbs before leaving. Also, there is a huge possibility that you might get hungry after the party. Make some after drinks meal beforehand and keep it at your house. Eat them instead of eating out at the outlets opened in the night.

  2. Have Some Drinks Before Leaving

    This is a very common trick that every person uses to save money. Let’s face it, the drinks at the bar are way more costly than a bottle of alcohol would be. Hence it is better to have a few drinks before leaving for the club. You can have your friends over and sit for a round or two of drinks with the food you have cooked for yourself. This will save you from spending a lot of money on the alcohol at the clubs and also you will stay in a good mood all throughout.

  3. Set Yourself A Budget To Save Money

    When you are short of money, setting a budget is the best thing to do. Make sure you have a set budget for yourself and ask your friends to stop you if you start spending more than it. It is better to carry only the amount of money that you will be spending at the club. If you do not have the money, there is no chance that you will spend it. Also, opt for places that have other activities apart from just food and drinks to keep you busy and entertained.

  4. Pay Using Cash

    When you pay with your card, there is a huge possibility that you lose track of your spendings. Also after a few drinks, money kind of becomes irrelevant and you tend to spend more than decided. Hence, carry cash instead of a card. Pay for the drinks and tip with cash. As mentioned above, carry only the amount of money that you can afford to spend. Also, make sure that your budget is aligned with your friends budget.

  5. Get To The Club Early

    Another trick to save some money is to get to the club or the bar early. These places usually let the early comers in for free or for a discounted rate of the entry fee. The entry rates usually increase as the night passes and that might burn a huge hole in your pocket. So start the night early and reach the club as early as possible. There is an added advantage to reaching early than just saving money. The advantage is that you will eventually avoid ques and long waiting hours for an entry into the club. Sounds like a good idea.

  6. Offers Can Be Life Savers

    Every club or bar is on social media and they post offers constantly. Look out for these offers. The offers like happy hours or special ladies nights can be a huge profit for you and your friends. On a ladies night, go with your lady friends and they can easily get you free drinks at the bar all night long. However, there is also a time restriction on the free drinks. Hence make sure you reach there on time and enjoy free drinks with all your friends. Happy hours can also be a great way to save some money where the clubs and bars give discounts on food items and drinks.

  7. Have A House Party

    If you just can not afford to go out, have a house party instead. Call your friends over and pool in the money to buy food and drinks. You can also cook at your own house and have much more fun than you might have at a club. Having a house party is a very good option when you are broke and are looking to save some money.

  8. Do Free Stuff Around The Town

    Instead of going to the clubs, you could also do other things. These things may involve going on a small trip or a ride, going to the beach on the night, going to an arcade and much more. Think of all the things you and your friends like to do and make a plan accordingly. This can be a fun way to bring variation to your daily party routine and you might have some really great experiences.

  9. Plan The Party Mid Week

    The clubs and bars are usually crowded during the weekends. This is the reason that the price of everything is hiked on these days. If you are in college, waiting for the weekend to the party is not that important. So, plan your party mid week to save a lot of money on drinks and food. You might also find some really nice offers during these days.

  10. Buy Beer Or Cheaper Drinks

    While at a club try to order the cheaper drinks than the costlier ones. Try buying beer instead of shots. Also, but a pitcher of beer at once rather than buying bottle by bottle or mug by the mug. This will save you from tipping the bar tender again and again. Also, the bottles cost more than the pitcher. Do not do a round of shots if you can not afford it.

These are some of the tips that can help you save some money the next time you head out to party with your friends. Some of these can be used all the times to stop you from unnecessarily spending a lot of money.