Multi-Sports Event Planning and Execution.

Billie Jean King once said, “ Sports teach you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life”. This is one quote we completely agree with. Sport is something that teaches a person about life. Ask and athlete or a player that has participated in a multi-sports event and they will define the importance of sports in the lives of people. Sports are the best kind of physical and mental exercise. Does not matter if you play professionally or just for fun, they play a huge role in building a character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life”. This is one quote we completely agree with.

Sport is something that teaches a person about life. Ask and athlete or a player that has participated in a multi-sports event and they will define the importance of sports in the lives of people. Sports are the best kind of physical and mental exercise. Does not matter if you play professionally or just for fun, they play a huge role in building a person.

There are a lot of things a person learns by playing sports. Team building, perseverance, patience, endurance, and strength are what comes from playing any kind of sports. Multi-sports events are one such way to encourage all the people to participate more and more in sports. The multi-sports tournaments or events are basically events that include more than one sport. These are held over a course of a few days and can be of large or small scale. Some of the most common examples of such multi-sports events are Olympics, School, and College Sports Days, State Sports Competitions etc. These can include a lot of different kinds of sports.

People and teams from all around the world participate in big level multi-sport events and hence the planning for it needs a lot of hard work. So, if you are planning to organize a multi-sports event, remember that it is a huge task to accomplish. Depending on the scale of the competition, the arrangements have to be made. However, you need not worry we are here to help. Here is a step by step guide to how you can organize a perfect multi-sports event in 10 simple steps. Keep reading below:

  1. Pick A Date And Time For The Multi-Sports Event

    Pick the correct date and time that suits all the participants and the attendees. Having a multi-sport event is best on the weekends. The people are free and you will have more spectators than you would on week days. If it is a big sports event, there is no doubt that the players will be present there. However, if you want to earn profits, organize it at a time when people can actually be free to attend the multi-sports event. Also, make sure to check the weather at your multi sports event.

  2. Decide The Type Of Sports To Include In The Multi-Sports Event

    Since it is a multi sports event, you might need to decide the kind of sports that need to be included in it. There could be athletics, team games, indoor games, swimmings and much more. Depending on your budget and the available arrangements, decide what kinds of sports are to be included. For example, you can only include a swimming competition of you have a swimming pool available. Also, make sure you have enough participants for each sports competition that is included.

  3. Choose The Name And The Logo For The Multi-Sports Event

    The next step is to choose the name and the logo for the multi-sports event. The logo is the most important part of the advertisement campaign. Hence, decide a logo that is appropriate for the event and matches the theme of it. You can hire an artist to draw out a few logos for you so that you have a few choices to start with. Additionally, you would need a mascot for your multi-sports event. The mascot can be anything related to the logo.

  4. Get The Budget For The Multi-Sports Event

    The next step is to get the right budget for your multi-sports event and utilizing it properly. You can get the sponsors that are already in the sports business. They could be the companies that make sports instruments or the ones that make clothing and accessories. This can be a win win situation for both the parties because the sponsors get their advertisements and you can get your funds. Make sure you sign an agreement before accepting any kind of monitor help from someone.

  5. Create An Organizing Team For The Multi-Sports Event

    A multi-sports event is a very big deal and you can not organize the whole this all by yourself. You need the help of a hard working and qualified team to get you through this process. Make sure the people you hire have some prior knowledge in this field. Also, interview all the candidates before giving them the job. Make sure you have enough fundings to pay for their salaries and wages. However keep in mind, quality is always better than quantity.

  6. Decide On The Venue For The Multi-Sports Event

    The venue you choose has to be large. It can be an indoor or outdoor stadium. Depending on the kinds and types of activities that have been included, the size of the stadium is decided. Make sure there is enough room for the players and the spectators. Additionally, select a place that has parking space and is easily accessible to all kinds of people.

  7. Decide The Speakers And The Judges For The Multi-Sports Event

    The speaker or the announcer is one of the most important people in making any event work. Make sure you choose a person that can captivate the audience and get the crowd interested in all the games that are taking place. Another thing is the selection of judges. Have a judging panel filled with sports persons and people related to the genre. Before inviting a celebrity athlete, make sure you have enough funds to pay them.

  8. Start Publicizing For The Multi-Sports Event

    Start promoting the event with banners and flyers that have all the details mentioned clearly on them. You can also start publicizing on social media and make a website. Link all the social media accounts together. Additionally, try out radio and television marketing. Email marketing is also a great way to attract the people.

Follow the steps and make small changes according to your own requirements. Remember the sports events need the teams to prepare in advance so start as early as possible. Also, keep the people updated about the proceedings of your multi-sports event on social media. Furthermore, if it is possible, ask a tv channel to cover the whole tournament for you. Share the after updates and the names of the winners all over the social media. Additionally, do not forget to appreciate the efforts of each and every team. Decide on a good reward for the winners and also the consolation prizes.



Children Painting Competitions- Plan!

The painting has always been a way of expression ever since the ancient times. Art and painting have always been a great way to bring the people together from all over the world and grow friendship and harmony. Painting competitions are a healthy way to bring out the new talent in front of the world and to let the people know that art can be a great way to communicate.  Having such competitions for children is a great way to encourage them. This Is the time when the children have the most imaginative minds and encouraging them to develop their talents can be really helpful.

Painting competitions can be a great way to show the children that there is a potential career in the field of arts and painting. The painting competitions are held everywhere on small and large scales. They can be interschool, interstate or even bigger than that. Many great talents have emerged from these and keep on emerging.

If you plan on organizing a painting competition for the children, remember that it can be a really tricky task. There is a lot of planning that goes into the painting competitions at any scale and the bigger the event, the more preparation is required. A lot of new technology and creativity is being used all over the world. Take inspiration from it and plan your event. However, if you still have no idea how to go about it, we are here to help. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while planning a painting competition for the children. Keep reading:

  1. Set A Date And A Time For The Painting Competition For Children

    First thing first! Set a date for the competition. Depending on the type of competition it is, the date has to be set. If the competition is an inter-school painting contest, weekdays can be a perfect time. However, if it does not involve the schools, weekends or holidays might be the best option to go for. Since the small children usually have schools. However, you could also keep the timings in the evening that is after the school ends. Decide on a date as early as possible.

  2. Pick A Theme For The Painting Competition For Children

    The children painting competition should have a creative theme. It could be about a social message or anything that inspires children to unleash their creativity. Decide the theme when you are deciding the date since you will have to circulate the information early for the students to come up with ideas.

  3. Decide On A Budget For The Painting Competition For Children

    The budget can be a real tough thing to decide. If the event or the competition is being held at a school, they are responsible for giving you the budget. However, if it is a big event, sponsors are a good idea. You could also partner up with various companies that make supplies for children painting and ask them to help you finance the event in return for an endorsement.

  4. Decide The Audience For The Painting Competition For Children

    The audience and the participants are the souls of any children painting competition. Decide what age group you want to invite as the participants. You could always have different groups of ages compete against each other and decide on a separate prize for them. Also, inviting the parents is also a big decision to take.

  5. Select the Judges For The Painting Competition For Children

    Pick out some talented and inspirational judges. Having a famous person on the judging panel automatically increases the fun of the competition even more. The judges could be some famous artists or any celebrity etc. Make sure you have enough budget before inviting a big celebrity to your children competition.

  6. Invite The Participants To Regester For The Painting Competition For Children

    After deciding everything, start inviting the students and various institutions for the competition. Keep the seats limited and start the registration early. If there is a registration fee, make sure that it is kept such that it fits the everyone’s budget.

  7. Choose A Nice Venue For The Painting Competition For Children

    Decide a venue that has enough space for the children to sit down and work on their paintings. Make sure it is well ventilated and there is enough parking space around it. Outdoor venues are the best for the competitions like these. The outdoor venues give the children a liberty to work in their own time and space.

  8. Make All The Arrangements For The Painting Competition For Children

    You have to provide the supplies to the participants in most cases. If you are not providing the supplies, make sure you announce that in advance. Also take care of the other arrangements like space where the competitors will paint, the judge desk, the refreshment area etc. Furthermore, assure that everything is in sufficient quantity for all the attendees.

  9. Decide Your Marketing Strategy For The Painting Competition For Children

    You have to market your children painting competition in order to attract the attendees. The best way to market is doing it for free on social media. You could also print flyers and put up bill boards to inform the people. Send in the personal invitations to the special guests and attendees.

  10. Decide On The Prize For The Painting Competition For Children

    Deciding a good price is very important. The prize could be some cash amount, a scholarship or anything that can be useful to the participants. Als, a good prize attracts the attendees to the event and will bring you some extra publicity.

The given steps are the basics that will help you organize a good painting competition for the children. However, if you want your event to stand out amongst the others, creativity is the most important thing to go for. Your painting competition arrangements and theme should not only be attractive to the children but should also be attractive to the other attendees. Make sure you treat and appreciate each and every participant equally and encourage them even if they did not win. Also, set up a team at the venue to show people around the venue.

After the event is over, do not forget to take the feedbacks and also share the pictures of the event on the social media and the event website if there is one. This will help you in getting more crowd and participants to the next painting competition that you organize for the children.



Summer Events- Top Ten!

Summer times, the temperature gets hotter, schools and colleges are closed. Most people are in the mood for a holiday during the summers. The days are longer and the people have much more time to attend fun activities. This is the perfect time for any kind of event to take place because there is a huge possibility that people are looking for things to spend their time on. If you are an event organizer, summer time is the best time for any kind of event to take place.

If you are wondering how? Let us enlighten you. During the summers people are usually free as mentioned above. The weather is nice in most of the places and people want to get out and make the most of it. Additionally, the college and the school students have their vacations and any event that targets them as an audience is an instant success during this time. At the starting of the summers are springs and the weather is really pleasant and nature is at its best. This is the time for the best agricultural events and outdoor events to take place.

If you are still wondering as to what event you should organize this summers to attract the biggest crowd, here are a few suggestions for you:

  1. Summer Gardening Event

    Summers or the springs are the best time for a person to organize a gardening event. The gardening event can be any kind. It could be a practical event that shows the people how to use the gardening tools and techniques or it could just be an interactive event to make the people aware of the fun hobby gardening and its enormous benefits. Also, organize some healthy competition to attract the most attendees.

  2. Outdoor Parties and Marriage Receptions

    Summers are the best times to organize the outdoor parties and marriage ceremonies. The parties organized especially in the nights are the most successful. If you are into the party planning business and unable to decide the venue, an outdoor garden or lawn is the best place to choose. The decorations look great. Also, since it is usually windy in the night, it will save you the cost of cooling fans and ventilations and the guests will get enough space to move around and enjoy the event. Furthermore, there is no possibility of rain during the summers, so you do not have to worry about the arrangements being ruined.

  3. Summer Youth Festivals

    Youth festivals like music festivals, Food festivals or any other cultural festivals are usually held in the summers. The reason for this is the same as any outdoor party event. The weather is nice and many people, usually, the college going youth is free during this time and can visit. Furthermore, there is a huge sale in the tickets and these festivals have become extremely famous amongst the youth lately.

  4. The Beach Events

    The beach is the best place to go in the summers. You can sit and bask in the sunlight or take a dip in the sea to cool yourself. However, if you plan to have a beach wedding. It is better to schedule it for the summers. However, if you are organizing a private event, it is really tough to get an empty beach place during the summers. So, make the bookings as soon as possible.

  5. Summer Fair Events

    The fairs are not just for kids, these are fun for every generation and if you want to organize an event, the fair is the thing to do. The fairs can be of any type. For the younger generation, the classic fairs with a lot of fun activities can be organized. However, for the older generation, book fairs etc are the best option. Summers is the best time for an outdoor fair.

  6. The Night Concert Events

    The concerts are a great way for the people to meet their favorite celebrity singers and dance the night away. The concerts are way successful during the summers and organizing a night concert is the best idea to go for. Make sure you do a lot of publicity and price the tickets in a way that people i.e the youth can actually afford to buy them.

  7. Outdoor Interactive Fitness Event

    Fitness events! Summers is officially the beach season and people are finding ways to get fitter and slimmer This is the best time for you to organize a health and fitness event. It could be to publicize a gym or a fitness center. However, make sure it is interactive and targets a huge number of people.

  8. Large Scale Pool Parties

    There is no person who would refuse to go to a pool party in the summers. Make sure the pool party has a great theme and some amazing food and drinks. The large scale pool parties are organized usually in big hotels and resorts and a lot of different kinds of people attend them.

  9. Surf Day Events

    The surf day events and competitions are another thing that you can organize in the summers. Invite the surfers or the surfing enthusiasts to your event and host competitions. Make sure there is ample amount of safety facilities for the participants and other attendees.

  10. Farming Outdoor Events

    Summers are a great time for the people to learn a new skill and farming is something that attracts a lot of people. The farming event can be or any type. Just like the gardening event, this requires a lot of space and some experienced farmers to be successful.

Whatever summer event you organize or plan, make sure you use all kinds of publicity to reach the potential attendees. The people have to know about the event and the only way is through the social media and print media or other marketing tools. Use social media free marketing to your best advantage. Keep the social media and internet marketing as the top most priority for a youth event.

In addition to all this make sure you plan everything properly. Also, the event will not succeed unless the attendees are happy with the arrangements. Make sure the venue you choose has ample space and parking area. Also, do not forget to take the feedbacks from the attendees and have fun while organizing the event. Additionally, keep the theme of your event summer based and fresh to look at and organize the above events without any problems.

Deal With Competition In Event Planning.

We live in a fast changing world that does not stop for anybody. This is the world for the millennial generation and we are the fastest growing generation of all times. By growing we mean that the millennial generation is the fastest developing generation of all the time. From medicinal science to physical science to entertainment, there is nothing that we have not made progress in. Although this to a point is great this also increases the competition. Everyone has to deal with this competition in every sphere. There is a race to be better than the other and winning is really tough.

The same is true for the event management and event planning business. The competition is really hard to deal with. More and more people are trying out their luck in their business and there are a lot of people in comparison to the older times that actually plan to have a career in event management. All over the world, there are thousands of event planners. Each of them has their own unique imagination and unique set of skills. However, there are only few that make the top most list of the event planners because they have learned the art to deal with the competition successfully.

Every day we hear new events of different types being organized all over the world and each of them is better than the last one. The newest technology, creative ideas, and state of art facilities make them stand out amongst the rest. Everyone wants to be at the top of the game but does not know how to deal with the competition. It can be really stressful at times and hard to understand. Here are a few things that you can do to deal with the competition in your event management business. Read below:

  1. Do Not Stress About Everything And Deal It With Patience

Stressing is not a good thing for your mind and also for your career. So the first thing you should do is stop stressing about anything. Be ready with a plan and work on every single detail. Start early on every project and do not leave anything for the last. The more you procrastinate the more stressed you will be. It is very important to be active in your work.

  1. Stay Informed About The New Things

Keep information about the new technology trends and the themes. The world is developing at a very fast pace and the event planning business is not left out. Every day you can see many new things coming up. Spend an hour every day on the internet researching about everything that is happening all around the world and make notes.

  1. Attend A Lot Of Big Events

Taking inspiration from other peoples work is very important. Visit as many big or small events as possible and note down every intricate detail about them. Talk to the planners about their work. Most of the planners are glad to share their wisdom with the others. Make notes and use it while planning your own events.

  1. Always Be Humble To Your Clients

Success in event planning only comes with client satisfaction. If you want to deal with the competition and better yet rise above it, always make your clients happy. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you will get to organize and deal with new types of events. Always remember, the best publicity is the word of mouth publicity.

  1. Practice Meditation and Yoga To Deal With The Stress

If you are stressed with all the competition and it is affecting your work efficiency, try and practice yoga. Yoga is a great way to deal with stress and also to keep fit. You can also meditate for 15minutes to half an hour in a day to deal with all the stress and negativity that has been thrown at you. A healthy body is a home to a healthy mind. If you will be in a bad mood, it will affect how you treat your clients. This will wreck your reputation.

  1. Be As Creative As Possible

Creativity will take you a long way. The best event planners are the most creative ones as well. As we have already mentioned, take inspiration from the works of other people. However do not just copy them. Add your own ideas to them. Make the event look even better than the original one.

  1. Have A Great Team

A good team of a good set of vendors helps to get a lot of success. Have a good team. Furthermore, the number or the age of your team members does not matter. What matters is how nicely they can work to provide you the best results. Work with the best vendors in town. Do not go for the most famous ones. However, do your own research and make your own contacts.

  1. Learn From Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. There is no one that is perfect for anything they do. The best thing to do is to learn from the mistakes. Take them as lessons and move on. Do not hold back to the things you did wrong. It happens to everyone in the beginning. However, make sure you own your mistakes and mend them with time. Remember customer satisfaction is everything. Take a positive outlook to deal with your mistakes.

  1. Never Give Up

Event management is a very demanding work. You have to constantly be on your feet and keep working. This can be really stressful and you might feel that you are not going anywhere. Do whatever it takes to deal with it, but never give up. Furthermore, keep working and you will eventually succeed and become the best event manager or the event management company in the world.

These are a few things that you practice can help you deal with the negative emotions and stress of the competition. However, a little stress is good because the fear of failure can help you succeed. Although we might want to add that the most important thing in being successful at anything is to do it with all your heart. Love the job you do and be happy with it. Additionally, do not think about the profits it will get you. The thing about the long term success and goals. However, do not incur any losses at any cost. Also, always have a good plan and execute it with all honesty. Budget is also very important and working efficiently with the budget is very important. Last but not the least, have fun with your work and opt for the event business only if you can actually take the challenges.

Wedding Planning- Start Your Own Company!

The wedding is one of the most important chapters in a person life. This marks the beginning of a new life and lifestyle. Every culture has its own type of wedding styles and traditions. In some cultures, a marriage is a very big festival and in some, it’s just a happiness that is shared between some closed ones. No matter what, marriage is everyone’s dream and everyone has some or the other kind of expectations as to what they want their wedding day to be like.

If you think that this is true and that you are the person who can make this happen, the wedding industry is the way to go. Wedding planning industry is one of the biggest and the high grossing industry in today’s time. The job of a wedding planner is also one of the most lucrative and high paying one. This is the best time for anyone to venture into the wedding planning business if they have the proper skills and a want to see people happy.

The reason that the wedding planning industry has become so huge off lately is that with the increase in globalization and development, more and more people have a huge disposable income when it comes to marriage. The standard of living is rising and people want to spend more on their marriage. Marriage is not just a ceremony now, it is a day when the people expect to have everything perfectly laid out in front of them like they had always dreamt of. People are more opened to hiring wedding planners and expecting them to do the job than to do the preparations by themselves.

So, if you plan to start your wedding planning business now and do not know how to go about it, we are here to help. Below we have mentioned a few things that you need to do in order to start your successful wedding planning business. Keep reading!

Get The Required Education Related To Wedding Planning

The wedding planning comes under the event planning business and does not need any kind of formal education to start. However, if you want to improve your skills and be the best in the industry, taking a few classes is not a bad idea. Take a course that teaches you about the various aspects of wedding planning and let your improved skill set speak for you.

Get Some Experience In The Field Of Wedding Planning

The next thing that is very important is an experience. If you start a wedding planning company without any experience in the field, there is no way that you will succeed fast. Work under a successful event planner and pay attention to every detail. Learn from everything. This is a very crucial time in your career. The more you learn practically, the better wedding you can plan in the future.

Make Sure You Have The Skill For The Job

There are a few skills that are required to be a marriage planner. The marriage planner needs to believe in marriages and the dreams that are associated with them. He should be able to work under stressful circumstances. Good communication skills are a must. Team building skills and relationship building skills take you a long way. The planner should be creative and at last, he should work to the client’s satisfaction.

Decide The Name Of Your Wedding Planning Company

The name of your company is going to be its identity. Choose wisely and do not rush to a conclusion. Select a name that describes the ethics and the core of your company. The name should be catchy as well as easy to remember. This is important so that people do not keep forgetting your name and ignoring your company.

Decide The Theme For Your Wedding Planning Company

Although you should be able to plan all kinds of marriages it is great to have a specialty. Have a specialty so that every person who wants a wedding in that theme comes to you and only you. Be the best in whatever you choose. However be open to all kinds of work and ideas.

Get A Lawer To Do The Official Work

Once you are done planning everything about the company, contact a lawyer and have him register your business. This is a legal paperwork and is very important. Also, ask the lawyer about any other formalities and procedures that you will need in the course of years. Make sure you have a lawyer that handles all the legal formalities of your company and stays loyal to you.

Have A Well Thought Marketing Strategy

What is a company without a marketing strategy? Nothing. Sit your team down a build a fool proof marketing strategy for yourself. The more the people get to know about you, the more are the chances for you attracting customers and clients. Your name will also help you build a reputation among the other wedding planning companies.

Build Some Relations

The wedding planning business runs on relations. The best kind of publicity is the word of mouth publicity and of you maintain a good relationship with your clients, you will obviously have better chances of getting more work. Also, you have to work with a lot of vendors throughout your career. So, it is very important for you to be nice and understanding to them. Their services are what you will need the most.

Learn From Your Mistakes And Own Them

Mistakes are the ladder to success. This famous quote is heard by everyone but applied by very few people. Evan if you make a few mistakes in the beginning, don’t let them stop you from doing your work. The mistakes you make today are the lessons for tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes and try to improvise in those areas. It just the starting and marriage planning is a very big responsibility. It is very important to own your faults and mend them with time.

Enjoy Your Work

No matter what you do, the most important thing is that you should enjoy your work. The work you do should reflect your enthusiasm and love for the profession. If you love your work, the results will automatically come out better than expected.

If you have the zeal to make dream weddings happen, you can be a really successful wedding planner in the industry. Have a good team with you. Make sure they are as enthusiastic as you are for the wedding planning business and to make the dreams possible. Most of all, make sure you b e creative and have fun while at it.