Dinner Dance event- Plan It All

Dinner and dance events have been a major part of different cultures all around the world. They can be big or small, formal or informal, masquerade or any other theme. Dance and food are two things that make everyone happy. Attending a dinner-dance fulfils both the needs and also helps you interact with the people and build connections.

Organising a dinner dance event is not all fun and games. Depending on how big the event is, the size and intensity of the preparations increase and can make you really anxious if you are just a beginner. With so many different technologies and new ideas being used to host these dinner dance events all over the world, it becomes really tough to come up with something that makes your event stand out.

Set A Date And Start Early Preparation For The Dinner Dance Event

Set a date for your dinner dance event as early as possible so that you can start the preparation earlier. The date should not clash with any other big event or holiday coming up. If the dinner dance is an informal one, try to fix a date during the weekends and if it is a formal office dinner dance, fix a date on the working days so that the people do not have to spend their holidays for office functions. Starting early will also give you time to find the perfect team and arrangements.

Make A Guest List

Secondly, make a guest list. Decide how many people you want to invite to your dinner dance event. If it is an invitation based event, note down all the names and give them a call personally to know about their availability. If it is an event that sells tickets, define an accurate number of tickets that will be sold. Add some celebrities and famous people to your guest list to increase the publicity of the event.

Select A Theme

An innovative and interesting thing can instantly make a boring party into an exciting one. Take examples from the internet. Depending on the size and the age of the people in the audience decide a theme such as a masquerade ball or an 80s party etc.

Pick A Venue

Depending on the number of guests and the theme pick a venue that would make the event look even more magnificent. Keep in mind that the venue has all the following facilities available:

  • There should be enough room to fit all the guests and enough space for them to dance and move around.
  • Make sure there are enough chairs and table for everyone to sit and eat.
  • Parking facility is a must. So, make sure there is enough parking space around the venue.
  • Location of the venue should be in a quiet area and easily accessible to all the people.
  • The facilities like electricity and sound systems should be provided by the venue owner. If they are not, then make arrangements as soon as possible.
  • Manually check every decoration that is done on the venue and supervise the job. It should be in accordance to the theme.
  • Make sure the dance floor is proper and not slippery. A, so see that the dance floor is big enough to fit all the people easily.

Staff and Volunteers

It is a big task to organize a huge event all by yourself and you will need the help of a few volunteers and a team. You need different people to handle the different aspects of the plan. Make sure you audition these people before hiring them to work with you. Remember not to hire anyone that is not qualified for the job. Give each member a particular job to take care of. Take everyone opinion on anything to broaden your options. Brief your staff regarding everything they have to during the event and after the event.

Food And Drinks

Food and beverages are a very important part of the dinner dance event. Serve food that suits the theme of the event. If the theme of the event is the 80s, make sure you serve foods that are in accordance with that time. The fancier the theme, the fancier the food should be. It does not mean that you have to go, gourmet. Ask your chef or the catering staff to take the simple food and turn it into something interesting. Innovative food designs and decoration attract a lot of people. Put up a bar and have one bar tender per 100 people. Ask the catering staff to attend the guests while they eat.

Seating Plan

The seating arrangement is another important task. Make sure you seat adults with adults and children with children. Check out all the guests and do not give separate tables to the people who belong to one family or a group. Try and seat them together.

Invitation and Tickets

In an invitation based dinner dance event, an invitation card has to be printed. Make sure the date, theme, venue and itinerary of the event are clearly mentioned on the invitation card. For the ticket based events, price the tickets appropriately an start selling them as early as possible. You can sell the tickets online and offline. Make sure that you publicize the event well to attract as many people as possible.


Publicity will greatly help you in selling tickets and increasing the attendees. Publicize on every possible platform. Use social media and email marketing to your advantage. Social media is the free promotional option for you. In addition to this, print flyers and distribute it to the people. Also, put out newspaper advertisements and hoardings for the people to see and get to know about your event.

During the dinner-dance try and meet as many guests as possible and thank them for attending the event. Treating the guest in the best way possible should be your responsibility. Although you are the head of planning for this amazing event does not mean that you should not have fun. Once everyone is settled and all the guests have arrived, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the party to the fullest. Moreover, with these amazing steps, you will never have any problem in throwing an amazing dinner dance event.




Professional Conference Event- The Plan

All the people from the business world or any other field have attended a professional conference once in their lives. A professional conference is a huge meeting that involves a lot of people from all genres of the profession. It is of many different types and each of the conferences has their own agenda. A conference can be just for the employees or the employer’s or the heads and big names of the different companies. In other words, a professional conference can be described as a huge scale meeting of the people of the same profession who sit down to discuss the matters of the company or the stream they are working at. A professional conference can be a small company, a state, a country or an international event.


We always see the big arrangements and the state of art facilities that are given at these huge conferences. A professional conference has to meet a set criteria for the people attending it. There are some rules that need to be fulfilled while organizing the conference event. The key to a successful event is making sure everything goes smoothly and people are able to gain some knowledge out of it. People love to go to these conferences since they get to meet many professionals that are doing great in their respective fields and being able to share the knowledge with them is a great experience.


If you have been given the opportunity or responsibility to organize a professional conference and you have no idea how to go about it. Do not worry, you are not alone. It is normal to feel lost when such big events are handed over to you for the first time. For this reason, we are here to help. We have curated a step by step guide to help you devise a foolproof plan for your professional conference that guarantees you a 100% success. Keep reading:


Start Early and Pick A Date For The Professional Conference

A professional conference needs time to plan and starting early is the best thing to do. As soon as the date or the idea for the conference is passed by the team, start preparing. Set a date and make sure it does not collide with any other big meeting, event or a festival. Make sure that the conference is held on working days since not all the members will be able to attend it if it is on the weekends. If the conference involves people from outside the city or country, try and arrange it on Thursdays and Fridays so that the attendees can do some sight seeing during the weekend.

Make A Team

Creating a team is the second step. Choose the people that have a thorough knowledge about organizing the conference and the things are going to be discussed in the professional conference. It does not matter how big or small your team is, the members should be hard working and dedicated. Always remember, quality is always better than quantity. Build your team at least three months prior to the professional conference. Pick up people from different fields to take up different tasks.

Make A Plan

As mentioned above, all your plans should be ready at least three months prior to the event. Take the first step and decide a name and theme for the conference. This will help you in creating the logo and sending out invitations early. Set a feasible budget for all the activities in the professional conference. Divide the budget evenly amongst all the teams that are taking care of all the departments.

Get The Sponsors

A professional event needs sponsors to run and you will need to find them as early as possible. Remember that the sponsor will need some say in your professional conference so it is only alright to look for a sponsor if you can divide the time of your conference with someone else. But to look at the brighter side, this might even be good for the publicity of your professional conference. If the sponsors are a big and famous company, they will obviously draw more interest that you possibly can.

Pick A Venue For The Professional Conference

Picking the perfect venue for your professional event can be a little painstaking since there are lots of things that you need to consider. They are:

  • Type of venue: Depending on the concept and the theme of the pick out the best venue that suits you. It can be a hotel, some banquet or a university conference hall etc.
  • Location- Find a location that is easily accessible. Also, make sure that the location is welcoming and peaceful surrounded by greenery, if possible.
  • Parking- No matter how big the venue is, there should always be ample parking space for the people to park their vehicles properly. The place should not get congested.
  • Availability- Make sure that the venue you have selected is available to rent on the dates. Make the bookings as soon as possible.
  • Technical Equipment- The audio settings, the stage, the lightings and other visual equipment should be accessible at the venue.
  • Catering- Food and drinks are also a big part of a successful professional conference. Take care of the special dietary requirements that people might have and have a lot of variety.

Pick Out The Speakers

Selecting the perfect speaker is not as easy as it might sound. There are a lot of things to consider before finalizing somebody. Find a person that is engaging and suits all your requirements. Ask the speaker for any special arrangements he needs. Also, appoint a few volunteers to take care of the speaker.

Promotion and Media Involvement

Promotion is the last and one of an essential step in organizing a successful professional conference. Create a social media page of your event. Print brochures and flyers. Use social media and email marketing to your benefits. Print out beautiful invitation cards and send them to all the attendees individually. Make sure the agenda and the itinerary are clearly mentioned on the invitation cards.

During the conference make sure you interact with all the guests and make them feel comfortable. Also, keep a check on all the arrangements and set volunteers everywhere to guide the people around. After the conference ends, ask the attendees for their feedbacks and work on them for the next time. Do not forget to thank them for attending the professional conference.



Dance Event For All Age-How To Organise?

Dance is a form of art that has lots and lots of dimensions for different people. For some people dance if a form of exercise, for some it is a career and for some, it is just an art form to relax. No matter what the reason is, everybody loves it. With the increase in dance reality shows all over the world, more and more people are getting attracted to dancing. People have started attending the dance shows and competitions more readily now and dance events are becoming increasingly popular.

A dance event is a great way to promote dancing and also to bring out dancers from all around the world to showcase their talents. Dance events can be big or small depending on the size of the audience and the purpose of the event. A dance event can be anything from a dance competition to a dance party to a casual ballroom performance event. Many people have been organising these shows from all over the world and they are becoming instant hits. Different choreographers are coming up with new forms and new ways to perform the already known dance forms. Different technologies are being immersed into the dance forms to make it more attractive and entertaining. If you want to experience all of this under one roof, you should definitely attend a dance event.

If you have planned to organise a dance event by yourself, remember that it needs a lot of knowledge and experience. It is important for you to go and check out some big dance events of all sorts and thoroughly observe them. This observation will help you build a plan of your own. However, if you are still not able to understand how to make this arrangement work, we are here to help you. We have made a guide of the steps that you should include in your plan to organise a dance event.

  • Decide The Type Of Dance Event

    First thing first, decides the kind of event that you want to host. Like we have mentioned above, it can be a dance competition, a ballroom party or anything. Make sure you decide the type based on the theme and the reason for the event. Once the type is finalised, decide the theme of the event as well. Be creative with the selection of the theme and make it as grand as possible.

  • The Budget For The Event

    The next thing is the budget of the event. The budget of the event greatly depends on the sponsors. Make a detailed plan and mail it to the potential sponsors to approve. Make sure you email it to more than one sponsor. This will help in cases when one sponsor backs off, you will have another one ready to help you organise the event. Let the sponsor know what kind of profit will come to them if they invest money in your event. Without any profit, there is no chance that the people will be interested in giving you money. Do not overspend but also make sure you do not compromise with the quality.

  • Number Of Guests and Performers

    Decide the number of guests you will be invited to the dance event. If you do not have a definite list of the people, make sure you have a rough estimate. Do not just ignore this step since it is very crucial in deciding the steps that will come ahead. Do not invite people more than you can actually accommodate. Invite some professional dancers and performers to the event in order to make it even more exciting and enjoyable. If you are inviting some really famous performers, send the invitations or the proposals early. They usually have a packed schedule and you will have to book the dates with them early on.

  • The Venue

    The selection of a good venue is the most important step in planning the dance event. The venue should have enough space for the people to sit and enjoy while for the other people to dance and perform. Make sure the stage or floor is big enough for all the people to get accommodated easily.

  • Facilities and Utilities

    There are many facilities that need to be taken care of when organising a dance event. The facilities include the parking facility for the guests, the accommodation for the guests that have been invited from outside, the food and beverages and much more. Make sure there are enough water supply and enough toilets for all the guests. Set up the volunteers to guide the guests through the venue so that they are able to find all the utilities easily. Make sure there are enough chairs and table for the people to sit and relax.

  • Music and Dance Floor

    Since it is a dance event, floor and music are the most important factor in its success. Make sure that the dance floor is comfortable and not slippery for the people. The music system should be proper and the sound should be audible in the whole venue but it should not be too loud. The electricity is another major arrangement to look for. Make sure there is enough electricity supply in the whole venue throughout the event.

  • Invitations and Publicity

    Send out the invites early so that the people free their dates to attend the event. If it is an event without a definite guest list start promoting the event early on so that the people get to know about it. Use social media and email marketing to make the most out of free promotional options. Also, put up hoardings and distribute flyers for the people to get to know about the event. If there is an entry ticket to the event, make sure you start selling them early and price the tickets such that more and more people buy them.


After the dance event is over, make sure to thank all the dancers and the guests for attending. Set up a group of volunteers to escort the important guests out of the venue. Post the pictures of your event on social media so that the people get to know more about it. The publicity will help your next event get even more famous. Do not forget to shake a leg yourself and have some fun at the event. Afterall dance is the best form of enjoyment and even though you are organising the event, you should not stay away from the fun.

Celebration Event For the Family

A family celebration is a time when the whole family comes together and has a gala time with each other. The celebration can be about anything from birthdays to anniversaries to marriages and what not. Having a celebration at your house or a family members house is no less than a festival. With the families becoming more and more nuclear and the family dynamics becoming more and more complicated, this kind of celebrations has lost their charm. People have stopped going to these gatherings and have become more secluded.

However, there are numerous reasons for the people to attend the family celebration. One of those reasons is to get to know the family better. If it is a huge occasion like a marriage or an anniversary party, there is a possibility that the family members from the far of places will also attend it. This means that you would get to meet them all over again and rekindle the relationship from the beginning.

Another reason to encourage family celebration is to teach the children about the importance of their culture and the bond in their own family. The importance of having a family needs to be taught fairly early in a child’s life. If he is not taught properly, there is a huge chance that they might end up being alone and not having a successful family life. It is also important for the people to meet each other at these gatherings and get to know the new members of the family.

The most important reason to attend or organise family celebration is to have some fun. These are the times when the person stops stressing about work and the other problems in his life and actually enjoys himself or herself. So, if you have any second thoughts about attending that family celebration, stop thinking and go for it.

If you are planning to organise a family celebration yourself and want to celebrate the happiness in your life, we would like to help you. It is not that tough to organise a family celebration, however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while doing all the preparations. We have made a list of all the things that you need to do in order to have a perfect family celebration that all your relatives and friends will love. Keep reading:

Type Of Family Celebration Event

Decide what kind of a family celebration you want to organize. The reason for the celebration is a great factor in deciding the type. The event could be a party, formal dinner, lunch or just a small get together. Also, decide how big you want the celebration to be. The bigger the celebration, more preparation will be required to make it happen. Decide everything in advance and then only move to the further arrangements.

Number Of Guests

Next step is to decide the number of guests. Make sure you know exactly how many guests will be attending the event. It is better to give each guest a call and confirm their attendances. If the guest is coming from different places, you will have to make arrangements for their stay as well. So, make a guest list in advance. Give each guest a call and let them know about the date of the event so that they can get free from their work and attend it.


Next thing is deciding the budget. Now, it is important to note that the bigger the event, more the budget. So, make sure you only organise an event that you can afford. The budget will include the venue cost, food and drinks, accommodation cost, decoration cost and many other miscellaneous things. Divide the budget for everything in the beginning so that when you start making the plan, you will not fall short of money for anything.

Venue For The Family Celebration Event

The venue is very important in making any celebration event enjoyable. Select a venue depending on the number of guests attending your event. If the gathering is very small and all the people can easily fit in your own house, it is a great idea to make all the arrangements there. This will save you the cost of a lot of things and you can make the arrangements easily. If the gathering is very large, a party hall or a banquet is the best venue to go for. Find the venue that fits all the guests and also fallen in your budget. Make sure the venue provider guarantees all the amenities like chairs, tables and the decoration for the whole venue.

Food And Drinks

Next, come the food and beverages. The type of food served is decided on a variety of factors. The factors include the time of the event, the season and the kind of guests. Make sure whatever you deliver is seasonal and looks delicious. If you have the adults attending the party, putting up a bar can be a good choice. Take care of everyone’s need and offer a variety of products so that no one is left out of having their favourite food. Have a few varieties of beverages and sweet dishes as well.

Attending The Guests

Once the the guest starts pouring in, make it a point to attend all the guests. Ask your immediate family members to look after everyone’s needs and make sure no one is having any kinds of trouble. It is obvious that you will not be able to take care of the whole thing alone and would need help from the other people. So, do not shy away from asking help.the the guest starts pouring in, make it a point to attend all the guests. Ask your immediate family members to look after everyone’s needs and make sure no one is having any kinds of trouble. It is obvious that you will not be able to take care of the whole thing alone and would need help from the other people. So, do not shy away from asking help.

After The Family Celebration

After the event ends and the people start to leave, stand on the gateway and thank everyone for attending. Give some return gifts if possible like souvenirs or chocolates etc. Arrange for the transport of the people who do not have one. If the guest is attending your party, it is your responsibility to drop them home safely.


Follow these simple steps and add some touches of your own to have yourself an amazing family celebration. In addition to all this, do not forget to have some fun. Afterall it is a celebration and celebrations are for you and your family to enjoy and have the time of your life.



Family Reunion- Tips To Plan Successfully

A family reunion is a timely gathering of the members of the family at one place so that everyone is able to meet each other and spend some fun quality time. For some people, a family reunion is a monthly or a yearly affair and for some, it just happens after a very long period of time. Some families are really big and some very small. It is easier for the smaller families to meet up once in a while and catch up on all the stuff whereas with a bigger family it gets really difficult for everyone to take out time from their busy schedules and meet just at one time.

Evidently, there are a lot of benefits of having a regular family reunion.  The most important reason is to keep in touch with every member of the family. Humans are social animals and families are a big part of their lives. So, staying in contact with your family is very important for you to survive in a society. The second reason for attending or having a family reunion is to rekindle the relationships that have been forgotten. People are most likely to keep in touch with their immediate relatives but they really do not keep in touch with the people that have a long distance connection with them. For example, you are more likely to be in contact with your first cousin than your distant cousins. The family reunions are a great way for all the people to meet and get to know each other.

The second reason for attending or having a family reunion is to rekindle the relationships that have been forgotten. People are most likely to keep in touch with their immediate relatives but they really do not keep in touch with the people that have a long distance connection with them. For example, you are more likely to be in contact with your first cousin than your distant cousins. The family reunions are a great way for all the people to meet and get to know each other.

Another reason for a reunion is to teach the younger generation the values of their culture and their family heritage. Your family heritage gets passed from one generation to another and a family reunion is a great way to sit everyone down and teach them about the ancient culture and how they can take it forward.

If you are planning to organise a family reunion for your big family, there are lots of things that you need to arrange. The bigger the family, the harder it is to organise a reunion, especially for a newbie. But you need not worry because we are here to help you. Here are some tips you can use to organise an amazing and successful family reunion.

  1. Decide The Family Members And Make A List

    First thing first, decide which family members you will invite to the reunion. Do you want it to be just close family or the whole family? Make a list of all the members that you want to invite for the family reunion. Make sure you do not miss out anybody. Mark one member in each of the families that will serve you as the centre point to contact all the other members.

  2. Give Everyone A Call

    At first call the person that you have selected from each of the families. If it is a very close family reunion, call all the people and let them know about your plan and what is expected out of them. This procedure is going to take some time so start early.

  3. Set A Date

    While confirming the attendance of the people, ask them about their schedules and whether they will be available on the said dates. Try and plan the reunion during the holidays so that the people are actually free. For the working people, try and set the dates of the weekends, so that they do not have to take an off from work and attend the gathering. Decide the dates after confirming from everyone. This can be a really tricky task but it is one of the most important ones.

  4. Pick The Venue

    Depending on the number of people attending the reunion and the kind of activities your family likes to do, decide a venue. Arrange a small vacation for the smaller crowd. For a bigger crowd, a cruise or a house party is a better option. Rent a huge villa or a guest house if your house is not big enough to fit all the people. If you can accommodate all the people at your own house, it is the best thing possible. Just make sure everyone is fine with the arrangements.

  5. How Long Will It Last

    Decide the time duration of the reunion from the beginning. Most reunions last for a couple of days but if you are going on a vacation, it might get extended to an even longer time.

  6. Decide A Budget

    Inviting too many people at one place will need you to have a big budget. The accommodation, food and activities cost a lot of money. The best way to go about it is to ask each member to take care of their expenses. Let them know the venue and the date. Ask them to make their own bookings or make bookings for them and they can pay you later. If the reunion is at your house, you have to set aside a budget for food and services on your own.

  7. Plan The Food

    A family reunion vacation does not require food and beverage planning. The reunion at home does require a lot of food planning. Depending on the number of days the guests are staying at your place, make a menu. Ask everyone about their allergies and medical conditions in advanced. Plan all the food accordingly.

  8. Send The Invites

    Send the invitations over email or through postal mail way ahead of the date. Do not forget to give everyone a call and let them know of the arrangements and ask them to confirm their attendance.

Keep one thing in mind while planning everything- this is your own family! Even if something goes wrong, these people will understand and you can take your time to make things right. Also, do not forget to have fun yourself. Just keep these tips in mind and enjoy.