Nightlife Event- Host and Promote

Every weekend or just after a hard day at work people want to have some fun and usually head to a nightclub or a bar or a nightlife event. Nightlife events have now become an essential part of our lives. Nightlife event can include a night time concert, a nightclub party, a DJ night or a dinner party. These usually involve night time celebrations that are supposed to be fun and relieve stress. Nightlife event can also be a great way to meet your friends or new people and build contacts. There are so many nightlife events taking place every now and then that there is no need for a person to look further than your social media page.

If you are the one organising a nightlife event, it can be one of the best things for you as well. First of all, it helps you promote your venue or a club or restaurant or your brand. In addition to this, it is a great way to build contacts for your business. The biggest plus point of hosting a nightlife event is to gain a lot of profit. Most of the people are usually free during the night time. Most of the youth are looking for the places to hang out and spend some time having fun in the night. So, arranging a kickass nightlife event can be an amazing opportunity for you to sell a lot of tickets and make some profits.

Now after reading all these benefits of hosting a nightlife event, you must have liked this idea. A few of you must have even decided to plan your own nightlife event. Planning a nightlife event for a beginner can be a little tricky. There are many reasons. It is not easy to appropriately make out what people actually like. If you publicise too much, the people get irritated. If you publicise to little, the people will not know about the event. There has to be a fine balance between everything.

To solve your problem we have made a list of the things to keep in mind while planning and publicising your nightlife event. Read below to know more.


There are essentially two parts of preparing for any nightlife event and they include planning and promotions. Let us understand how these are done:


Planning For The Nightlife Event


Decide what sort of a nightlife event is suitable for you. If you are a club owner, a cocktail party or a Dj night would be suitable. If you have a huge concert hall then a night concert will be suitable. Depending on what your resources are, plan the type of event.


The next thing is the budget for the nightlife event. The first concern is arranging the money. If you already have the funding, it is well and good but if you do not have the fundings go to sponsors and arrange for it. Make a proper proposal with all the details in it and send it personally to all the potential sponsors. Partnering and sharing your profits with the other organisations is also a good way to arrange some funds for your event.

Target Audience

Decide your target audience. What are the people you want to attract? This will be very helpful in choosing the venue and also promoting the event. It is also essential to decide the number of attendees. Only invite or sell out tickets to the number of people that you can easily handle. Do not overdo tickets sale. It will ruin the event.

Date and Time

Decide a date and time for the nightlife event that will be suitable for your audience. You know what kind of people will be visiting your event. It is easy to make out on what days and what time they will be available to have some fun.


After the date and time come to the venue. The venue is an essential part of any planning and promotion of an event. Make sure that your venue is perfect to fit all your audience. Pick a venue that is easily accessible and also perfectly ventilated. Since most of the nightlife events are musical events, make sure you check the sound systems in the venue,

Promotion Of The Nightlife Event

After the date and time come to the promotion. Since the promotion will need essential information like date, time, venue and the type of event, this is the last stage of planning. Here are the various platforms for promoting your nightlife event:

Social Media

Social media is a boon for the promoters. It is one free promotional channel that has a huge scope. There are so many social media platforms and people are usually present at least in one of these. The social media is so powerful that it can shake the economy of a country. So, if you use it properly it can be a real profit to you. Make a page for your event and keep adding interesting information on it regularly. Do live videos and post pictures of the people who have already registered to attend.


Email marketing is another amazing way to attract a lot of attendees to your nightlife event. Everyone has an email id. Since most of the work in today’s time happens on an email, people constantly keep checking their inboxes. Hence, it is a perfect opportunity for you to reach out to them make a nice invitation for the people and send them through email. This is sure to grab their attention.

Print Media

Print media involves newspapers and magazines. Put up advertisements on the newspapers for your nightlife event so that the people who can not be reached on the virtual platforms can be reached through these.


Everyone listens to the radio. There is a radio in every person’s cars. So, announcing your event on the radio can really help you get the attention of a huge number of people for your nightlife event

Hoardings and Flyers

If all this is not enough then put out huge hoardings at the places where people can easily see them and also distribute flyers. Make sure both the hoardings and flyers are beautifully made and have catchy designs. Put up all the necessary details of the event on these.

Keep these points in mind while planning and promoting your nightlife event.  Furthermore, this will guarantee you an instant success.

Networking Event- How To Plan

In today’s time building up a business is a very tough task to do. Building something from scratch and making it successful requires a lot of planning and hard work. Any business is only successful if the people are interested in it. This means that you have to tell them what your business is all about. This is also known as networking.

Networking is also important for you to sustain your business in the industry. No new business can run if it does not have any contacts. Running a business is a give and take a process which requires loyal partners and helps from the already settled companies at times. Especially in the case of startups, it is much easier to establish a good base if you have an angel company supporting you.

There is a huge competition in the market and making contacts is the way to succeed. The best way to make contacts is by hosting a networking event. A networking event is a type of event that is held by the new companies or even old companies to let the people know about their services and for them to know the people they will be serving or working with.

Not only are networking event good for you to build contacts but they also help you in many other ways. You will meet many successful companies and you will get to know the ways they have worked in making their business a success, this helps you learn a few key points and apply in your own business. Apart from this, you will also get a live feedback about your business from some of your biggest contenders and potential partners, this will again help you improve. This will also create many new opportunities for you to have business partnerships.

Because of all these benefits, hosting a networking event does sound like a good idea. It is the first hurdle that you have to face while stepping into the big business world. This might sound like an easy task to do, but let us tell you. It is not!. Planning a networking event is a complex procedure. Hiring a planner is the right thing to do but since most start-ups are short on funds, they try and do it themselves. So, for such people, we have curated a list of things that you need to do in order to arrange a perfect networking event for your company.


The Purpose Of The Networking Event

The first step before even starting the plan of the networking event is to know the purpose. What is your goal? Do you want to publicise your company? Do you want to attract possible partners? Or you just want to make some new connections and get to know your rivals?

Define a purpose to your event. This will help you make better decisions in the planning and execution of the event. All the other things directly depend on the purpose and goal.


The Plan For The Networking Event

After the purpose of the event, next most important thing is the plan. Nothing can be achieved without a proper plan.if you wish to make your event a success, make a proper plan so that everything is arranged in order. The plan includes the following:


The budget of the event plays a major role in the execution. If you have a large budget, you can do more things than if you have a constricted budget. Make a separate budget for everything big and small. Try and stick to it and cut costs whenever possible.


The venue plays a huge role in the success of any event is also very important to its success. If you have a big office space, consider hosting the event there. Chose a venue that is easily accessible and has enough space for all the guests.

Date and Time

Set the date and time in such a manner that all your attendees will be available for it. The time is also very important because it will help you decide what kind of food and services that you will offer.


The Guest List For The Networking Event

Decide who to invite. Make a list of all the important people that you want to attend the event. Send them personalised invitation cards. Curate your guest list carefully and mark the VIP guests so that they get the best treatment throughout the event.

The Food And Refreshments

The food and refreshments are a perfect way to bring people closer. Depending on what time your event is supposed to be held make a list of all the food choices that can be offered. If the event is during the night time consider providing dinner and if it’s during the day and just for a few hours consider providing snacks. If the event is a party you can serve alcohol as well.

Promotion Of The Networking Event

Apart from the decided guest list, other people will also be attending your networking event. So to attract those people you have to advertise your event. Especially for the people who are hosting the networking event to build a customer base, start advertising as soon as the date and venue are finalised. Make a promotion plan and set a separate team to take care of it. Promote your event on various platforms like social media and print media and emails etc. This will help you target all the type of audience.

On The Day Of The Event

After all the efforts done to plan the event, the day of the event is very crucial. Make sure all the last minute preparations are done at least two hours before the guests arrive. Leave no stone unturned. As soon as the guest arrive start mingling. Tell your staff and the members of your team to treat each guest with respect and give them importance. Make the event as interactive as possible so that you get into the good books. Do not be shy and talk to as many people as possible.


With these small steps and some changes of your own, you are set to have the best networking event ever. So get planning!

Live Music Event- Plan Successfully

Live events are becoming famous day by day and are an amazing way to attract a lot of crowds. Live events are also a great way to earn a lot of money. A live event can be anything that includes a live performance by an artist or a group of artists of any kind. A live music event is the most famous and successful of all these. The live music event can be of any scale from a huge concert to a small private gig. With so many types of live music events being held everywhere in the world and with so many new innovations and technologies being used in each of them, planning a unique live music event becomes a strenuous task.

There is a lot of competition from all around the world. So planning a live music event in a certain budget requires intense planning and preparation. There are a lot of factors on which the success of your music event depends such as the artist, the venue, the facilities, the sound system and the management.

So, if you want to plan a live music event and do not have any knowledge about it. We are here to help. We have curated a checklist of all the things to do in order to make your event the best live music event in the area and the world.


Plan Plan Plan The Live Music Event

First thing first, make a detailed plan. In all our other articles we have mentioned how important is building a foolproof plan is for the success of any kind of event. The live music events are the type that if one thing goes wrong, everything starts getting wrong with it. The pointers to keep in mind while creating a plan are:

The Type Of Event

Decide what type of music event you should host. The type includes the kind of artists, the size of the event and what will attract the most people. The types can be a huge concert, a DJ night or a theatre performance and so on. Also decide whether you want a band, a solo singer, a dancer, a DJ or many different artists for the show.

Type Of Attendees

After you have decided the type of event, decide your target audience. These will be the people who your marketing team will target the most. So, think carefully about who would be interesting in your gig. Also, make a rough guess of how many people will be attending your live music event.


Since you know the size of the audience and the type of live event, select a suitable venue. The venue should have all the facilities and enough space to fit all the people. Make sure the stage is properly visible from where the crowd will stand. Also, see that all the things that you need for the gig like electricity and stall arrangement space are provided in the venue.

Sound Levels

Since it is a music event, checking the sound levels is very important. Make sure the sound levels are not too high or not too low. The music should reach to the people but not cause irritation.


For an outdoor music event, you will need some permits and certificates from the local government. Make sure you have all of them before the day of the event.



Finalise a budget for your music event. Frame a nice and catchy proposal and send it to all the potential sponsors sometime before the event. If you do not want to work with the sponsors then find some partners. Divide your profits and ask them to fund you.

Once you have the money for the event divide it properly for the different arrangements. In addition to this keep some money aside as the emergency budget and do not use it unless very necessary.


Since you know the genre of music you will be playing at the event, sort down the best-matched artists. Contact these artists and their managers. Discuss all the terms and conditions in details. There are the people that will single-handed handle your gig. So, make sure everything is set properly.


The tickets will be your way to earning profit from the event. Make sure that the ticketing is done properly. Do not overprice the tickets in order to earn extra money. This will not only decrease your ticket sales but will also put you in the loss. Price the tickets as such that you earn some profit and also sell all of them. To attract the people to buy the tickets, try circulating some free passes.


All the responsibility of a huge live music event can not be handled by one person. So, you will need a team. Select the people that have all the knowledge about the live gigs and who have an experience of working in this field. Remember, the quantity of the team members do not matter but the quality does. Make sure you pay these members well for the work they put in planning and executing your live musical event.

Market and Promote

Make a separate team for marketing and promotion of the live music event. There are misconceptions that if there is a huge artist performing in a gig the crowd will automatically be attracted. This has failed many events. Make sure yours is not one of them. Market smartly and extensively. Start marketing as early as possible. Reach out to people on all the platforms. Social media can be used to sell tickets and market effectively. Use email marketing to attract attendees. Send out flyers and put up boards so that more and more people see your gig and get attracted to it.

Check And Re-check

After planning everything revisits all the vendors. Make sure everything is coming up as planned. If there are any problems, solve them immediately. In addition to this rehearse the whole event with the artist a few times before the day of performance so that there are no glitches.

On The Event Day

Stream your live on the social media channels. Make sure all the arrangements are done at least a couple of hours before the guest start arriving. Brief your team on the type of behaviour they will show the attendees.


Keep these things in mind and make some customizations to plan a very successful Live Music Event.

Festivals Handbook: Plan A Successful Festival

Festivals are becoming more and more popular with time these days and each and every festive has something different and better than the previous one. There is such a huge scope in the variety of festivals that it gets really confusing. Not only is the scope big but with the technological advancements, these festivals are becoming something huge. Festivals sure are an amazing way to gather people and bring them together to have some fun. They are also a great way to spread awareness and share the different music and art cultures all around the world. There are so many different types of festivals like music festivals, food festivals, cultural festivals and art festivals etc. people love them and they are always a huge hit.

The festivals are also a great way for the companies to promote their brands and for the artists to promote their music and much more. Festivals can be big or small. They can be planned for just a group of people or the people from all over the world can come and have the time of their lives. The festivals are held at an outdoor space usually and include a lot of preparation.

Festival does sound as an interesting thing to do but when it comes to planning it, it is way more complicated than it looks. Planning a festival is one of the most tiring and draining tasks especially for a beginner. There are a lot of things to be taken care of and if one of these things go wrong, the whole festival gets ruined.

So if you are planning a festival for the first time and have no idea how to go about it. We are here to help. We have curated some steps that you can follow to plan yourself one of the best festivals ever. Read below to find out more:

The type of festivals and its plan

The first thing that you will do is to pick out the type of festival. The type of festival will not only include the type of activities that will be displayed. It will include the size of the festival, the venue for the festival and a number of people you want to attract to the festival. So, decide how big you want the festival to be. This will directly impact on your search for a good venue and the number of people to invite. Decide if it is an indoor festival, a field festival or a beach festival etc. Keep in mind that the venue you choose should have all the facilities for the guests.

A festival is a big celebration and might need some permits. Enquire about all the permits and get them ready for the day of the festival. Draw a well-defined plan for all these things before going any further.


Next, comes the goals of the festival. Decide whether the festival is a non-profit one or you are earning some cash from it. This will greatly impact the costing and pricing of the things. There can be other reasons for a festival like promotions or generating awareness and much more. However, most festivals are organised to gain profits. So, make sure you arrange everything in a way that you make some profit by the end of it. For this decide a definitive profit goal.


The team you pick is responsible for making the festival a success or a failure. So pick wisely. The number of members in the team depends on how big the festival is. So, decide what kind of team members you need. If you have enough funds, paying your volunteers is not a bad idea. This will make them work better. If you do not have enough findings, pay back your volunteers in some other ways. Always make sure that the people you hire have the required skill set for the festival event. Remember one skilled person is better than 10 unskilled ones.

Partners and Sponsors

Now you will need some money to host the festival. In order to get that money, you need partners or sponsors. Getting sponsors is not an easy task. So make a good looking proposal and talk to the sponsors a long time before the actual event date. This will give you enough time to talk to a lot of interested sponsors. If sponsors are not what you want then go for partners. Partner with various companies. Divide the profits amongst each other. This is a win-win situation for both the parties.


After arranging for the funds, it’s time to decide the performers or the participants. The participants are a very big part of the festival since they are the people around whom the whole festival revolves. So, make sure you choose the people accordingly. Make a separate budget for these participants. Rehearse and practice the whole event proceedings with them and let them know everything you want from them.


After deciding everything comes marketing. Although this is the last step. However, it is the most important step in making the festival a huge success. Attracting the crowd is very important. So, start marketing early. As soon as you decide the date and venue, kick start your marketing plan. Make sure to promote on various platforms. Social media is the best way to market your festival and that too for free. Make a page for your festival event and send out invites. Another way is to use email marketing to attract the attendees. Sell your tickets online and ask the people to share it with their friends.

In addition to the social media marketing try out radio marketing, television and print media marketing. If these are not enough then there is always flyers and posters to attract the people towards you.


Just make sure after all the arrangements are done, you check and recheck with the venue and other people that the arrangements are coming out as expected. Always make a backup budget and a plan in case of emergencies. With these steps in mind, arrange a successful and fun filled festival event.

Check and Re-check


Music Concert Event Promotion Tips

A music concert event is a great way to collect some funds and promote your company. The more the crowd is attracted to the concert event, the more successful it is. To attract the crowd, promoting an event is necessary. Promoting a music concert event does not look like a very difficult task in the beginning but as you get into it you realise it’s tougher than expected. The popularity of the artist sure plays a huge role in the success of the event but a proper plan and a well-planned marketing scheme is the biggest factor. There are a lot of preparations that have to be made in order to host a music concert. The steps involve:

Planning For The Music Event

Planning is the very first step in planning any musical event. Make a detailed plan of everything and start bringing it into action as soon as possible. The plan consists of your budget, activities and the promotional strategies.

Booking a celebrity

After finalising the plan, next step is to book a celebrity. There are a lot of things before considering a celebrity for your musical event. The type of targeted crowd is the biggest factor followed by budget and availability of the celebrity. Take everything into consideration and book a celebrity for your event.


Budget is the basis for all the preparation. Without a proper budget, all the planning is a waste. Set a well-defined budget for everything and stick to it.


Select a venue that is big enough to fit all the crowd and is also under the budget. It should be easily accessible to all the guests.


Tickets are the way to earn profits from any musical concert. So, price the tickets properly. In addition to this make sure the marketing is done properly to sell the tickets before the show itself.


After all these preparations next come the promotions. Promoting a music event can be really tricky. So, if you are having issues in building your marketing plan for your musical event, here are a few tricks to help you out:


  • PR Management

The first thing to do while marketing a music event is to hire or create a team to handle all the planning. The promotion is a big part of any marketing strategy and a set of intelligent people can only make it work. Hire people who already have experience in this field and can work according to your preferences. This can be very useful when the time is less and you have no idea how to go about it. A professional gets the job done under a required budget and time. They have the strategies to do cut costs and deliver the best in your budget. The only downside of hiring a PR Management team is that it will cost you a little more money than not hiring one would.

  • Social Media

There is no better way to promote a music event than social media. Social media is such a vast platform and the best part about it is that it is totally free. Start by creating a website and pages for your event. Keep posting interesting information about the music concert and the performing artists. Keep tagging people and ask them to follow you. Make an event page on Facebook and let the people know the details about your event. Create polls online. Start creating small contests and reward the people with small gifts if they attend the concert.

Selling of the tickets online can also be a good way to publicise on social media. Invite a few local celebrities and bloggers and ask them to promote your music concert on their social media page. In addition to this, ask the performing artists to promote the music concert on their respective social media page.

Snapchatting or live streaming the preparations for the concerts with the performing artists can also help attract their fans and boost the sale of the tickets. Be as creative as possible because social media has no boundaries.

Email marketing is another type of free marketing that can be considered under social media. So, start sending email invitations and newsletters to the people you think might be interested in the music concert. This is a good way to get attention.

  • Print media

The print media includes newspapers, magazines and flyers. Newspaper articles and advertisements are the way to reach out to those people that are not available on the social media. Post paid ads on the newspapers regularly. Start as soon as the date, venue and the artists have been finalised. Create an advertisement that is attractive and also has all the information about the music concert.

Make attractive flyers for your music concert. Hand out flyers to the people at public places and let them know about your music concert. In addition to this print out a few ticket passes in advance and then distribute them for free amongst some influential people. Ask them to give the passes to random people. 

  • Radio

Radio might not sound as a very new generation idea to promote a music concert but let us face it, everyone listens to the radio. Most people who have their own cars and drive them regularly listen to the radios. So, make an attractive audio advertisement for your music concert and put it on the radio. This is sure to attract a lot of people to your music concert.

  • Posters

Posters are a great way to grab the attention of a lot of people at one time. The placement of the posters is important. Find a place for your posters that is easily visible from a distance and is a very accessible place.make sure the pastor is catchy and attention grabber. Print big pictures of your performing artists and clearly mention the date and venue of the concert.

  • Television

Television advertisement might look like a very expensive promotional tactic but in reality, it is very useful. If you have a budget them make a good but small television advertisement and run it on the music channels. Make sure the advertisement is shown as frequently as possible and is also available for a long time. 


With these small tips in mind make your marketing plan and host a successful music event.