Host a promotional event for companies on a budget

Small companies and small business need a lot of publicity for it to become a success. The publicity can be from the peers and the consumers. Whatever the business be like, it only works when people know about it. The best way to promote a business or a company is through promotional events. The event can be anything from a business dinner to the launch party or a musical event. You need a huge budget to host a promotional event. Now with new businesses coming up and startups being set everywhere, the budget becomes one of the key issues.

There are a few tricks and tips that can be applied by these small companies to host promotional events even on a very low budget. Find simpler and free alternatives to the things that otherwise cost a lot of money.

Follow these steps to host a promotional event for small companies on a budget:

  1. Decide the budget

The first step is to decide the budget. Deciding the budget not only means that whole amount of money that needs to be spent on the event needs to be decided. Make a detailed budget. Every activity that has to take place in the event like decorations, food, games, gifts and much more has its own budget. Divide the large budget into smaller chunks and leave no activity underfinanced. Since we are discussing the small companies, the budget is usually very low. Try and cut costs as much as possible. This leads to the second step, planning.

  1. Make a plan

The second step is planning. Make a detailed plan of what the event has to be like. For example, make a list of the caterers, venue, activities etc beforehand. Plan ahead of time, at least a month before the event is to take place. This gives you enough time to go through various options and cut the cost in some ways or another. A plan is also important to set aside a budget for every activity. This will help determine how much can be spent on each activity and what other things can be added.

Make the plan flexible. No plan goes as per expectations, so you should be ready to make small changes as the time proceeds. Although keep the keep the budget the way it is. Make a proper guest list of the attendees and book the venue according to it.

Know the people that will attend the event and make the arrangements accordingly. Each type of crowd has its own priorities and each event has its own theme. So, do the planning accordingly.

  1. Choose a venue to host 

Next big thing that costs a lot of money is the venue. Choosing a good yet budget friendly venue can make a lot of difference in the event as well as the cost of the total event. Keep in mind a few things while venue browsing. First is the number of attendees and second is the type or event. If the attendees are in huge numbers, outdoor spaces can be used. If the attendees are limited, one if the following options can be preferred:

  • Your own space- The best place to host an event for free is your own space. It can be your office space of the backyard of your house. This will totally cut the cost of a venue.
  • Somebody else’s space- If you are a startup struggling to get a big office space, try and ask your friends for a space to host your event. Make sure to hand back the place in the same condition as before. This is another way to totally cut the cost of the event.
  • Public spaces- Host an event at the community halls or school gymnasiums or any government run community halls. Save money and rent these places for minimum amounts.
  • Coworking spaces- Coworking spaces is a fairly new concept but works incredibly well for the small events. Coworking spaces are the spaces that the people who want to work in an office like environment but not an actual office on a temporary basis. These spaces have rooms, especially for meetings and events. The cost is very low and would save a lot of money.

If the there is no set list of attendees, book outdoor spaces. Never go for conventional places because they are costlier. Rather look for a place that can fit the crowd and cost you way lesser.

  1. Use social media

Social media is one free tool in our hand that can be used to send invites as well as promotes the event. Create an invitation card describing everything the event has to be about and send it through email to the attendees. In addition to this, make a social media page about our event and let people register for it. This will greatly reduce the cost of printing and send out invitations. Use social media to the fullest for promotions.

 Although, do not forget to send printed invites to the VIP guests.

  1. Do it yourself

Another way to cut the cost of planning is to do it yourself. If you have a small team, divide the work amongst every member. Spending money on planners can cost a lot of money. Supervise and take care of everything according to the plan. Use the extra money to provide better services for the attendees.


  1. Look for sponsorship and partners to host

Sponsorship is another way to host an event with a low budget. Try and partner with big companies that can finance you. This has two advantages. The first one is that it will cut cost and the second one is that their customers will become your potential customers.

Various NGOs are always looking for sponsors. Since a tight budget can not let you sponsor them monetarily but host the event with them can give them publicity. This is beneficial for the company in a lot of ways. NGOs usually have their working space, use that as a venue. Ask the volunteers to help plan the event and much more. This also associates the company with social work, which is always helpful for the publicity and building customer base.

4 Tips for Food and Drink Event Planning

No matter whether you are looking for hosting a food and drink event or exhibiting a marketing expo, face-to-face networking is very very essential.  From promoting your brand to greeting and meeting your potential clients and showcasing concepts can take your business to a new level of achievement.

It is indeed a challenging task of organising food and drink event. One should have the idea of how much to order, how much coffee do people drink in average, how many servers you will need and so on. A slight miscalculation can trigger big problems, resulting in failure of the event. But, that doesn’t mean having less or having more than enough and wasting the things. Here in this article we will give you some tips on effective planning for food and drink events. These are some of the great thumb rules, which, if followed will obviously make your event a hit.

  1. Sharing news of your food and drink event on social media:

Nowadays, with the help of social media, it has become much easier to make an impact online. This is one of the low-cost marketing strategies with the help of which one can access millions of possible attendees for a food and drink event. So, it is very important to remain attached to social network. Whether you are exhibiting at any marketing expo, or organising any event yourself, it will be a great idea to encourage online followers to attend. You can join Twitter’s hashtag option, or even investing in Facebook’s sponsored ads is a good option to opt for. Through this you can access both online audience and active followers.

  1. Understanding your event and audience

Before hosting an event it is important to know whether the food and drink event is professional or social. Plus, knowing your audiences and their likes and dislikes is equally important. Knowing the type of event and audiences will help you in planning the meal and drink options, service levels, and how much to order for food and beverage.

  1. Time and number management is very important

It is also essential to plan sufficient time for functions. For breakfast, leave 30 to 40 minutes, for lunch, leave 45 to 60 minutes, but keep in mind that it all depends on how the meal is being served and to how many people you are serving. You can give refreshment breaks for minimum of 15 minutes for about 100 people, 30 minutes for around 1000 people, and 45 minutes for about more than 1,000 people. In case of smaller groups, you can plan for self-serve buffet option as that requires considerably less time. However, for plated meals, it is more time consuming, especially when one single server is serving several tables. To make things faster, you can arrange for one server for one table. But still, for this, you have to pay for additional labors.

  1. Order the right amount of food

Whether you consume or not, remember that you have to pay for every meal. Thus, it is always a challenge to order the exact amount of food and drink. So, it is better to order less initially and later order more when it is needed.

Planning Culinary For An Event

Food has been the center of gatherings ever since ancient times. Similarly, food plays a major role in the planning of any social or business event. No matter how big or small the event is planning the culinary is very important. For some events, the food or drinks choices are kept small and for some big. A perfect event is strongly based on the type and quality of the culinary offered to the guests and visitors. Everyone appreciates good food and services. If you wish to make your event a huge success, here are a few things to keep in mind while planning the culinary:


Theme of the event

The theme of the event and the culinary when in perfect synchronization is the perfect recipe for a successful event. So, before planning the culinary it is very important to decide what the theme of the event is going to be like. For example, for a business event, there is a need for different kind of culinary planning than a fundraiser or a music concert. The foods that are put out the need to go with the theme and the venue of the event so that they do not clash. Hence, planning the interiors of the event need to go hand in hand with planning the culinary for it. Also, pre-planning is important. Do not treat culinary planning as a last minute affair. As soon as you know the theme and venue, decide the culinary. This will leave a lot of time on hand to manage every small detail.

Number of people

A list or an estimate of the number of people attending the event is another thing to make a note of. Do not let the food and drinks fall short. The planning for culinary is easier in the case of events that have a set list of people attending since there are a set amount of tickets or invitations that have been sent out. But, in the case of events that are public and everyone can participate in them, there is no set estimate of how many people might end up attending it. The safe way to go by in such cases is planning the culinary according to the number of people that would accommodate the venue.

The larger the venue, the more crowd can fit into it. Ensured that the served food and drinks are enough for each and every attendee. For events with a set number of attendees, prepare a little more food and drinks for emergencies. Prepare extra food for about four to five extra guests for every hundred guests.

What to serve

After estimating the number of people, plan what to serve. Planning what to serve can be very complicated and differ with each and every event. The food and drinks served should be appropriate for the type of people attending the event and the time during which the event has to take place. Some events such as the corporate meetings and seminars usually happen in the morning or early afternoon and serve either breakfast or lunch. Some events serve dinner and some serve only drinks and snacks. It is important to keep choices of foods according to the most common food preferences like vegetarian and non-vegetarian, dairy and nondairy, alcohol and non-alcohol etc.

In addition to this, the time duration of the event also affects the planning. The events that last just for an hour or two need lesser food items like the starters and snacks. If the event stretches for a full day, then there will be the need to serve more than one meal.

In addition to these things, the budget of food is the next point. The amount and variety of food that is provided directly depend on the budget of the event. If it is a high budget event there can be more choices of cuisines. In the case of a low budget event, decide the food choices very carefully.

Appointing a team to take care of the culinary planning can be of great help.

Presentation Planning

Presentation of the food is as important as its taste. If the food and drinks served to look beautiful, they will automatically become much more likable. It is not necessary to go extremely overboard with the designing but setting up cutlery and crockery according to the venue and theme is important. In the case of formal events, the presentation of the food can be a key factor. Serve the food in proper platters and make sure that the glasses used for the drinks are appropriate.


In any event that includes food and drinks, a good serving staff is essential. Select the caterers that have experience in providing both excellent food and services. The number of people behind the counters should be in proportion to the number of people attending the event. For example, for the bar at the event, appoint one bartender for every 100 attendees. Similarly, there need to be enough staff to serve drinks and starters to the attendees if it is not a buffet.

Choosing a good caterer is a big task on its own, hence starting the planning beforehand can help. If this is the first event you are hosting, take advice from the people who have experience in event planning. Alternatively, you can also search on the internet for the best matches. Meet and try out their services before appointing them for the job.


Food makes a great impression on the people. If you want to give people another reason to like the event, good food with a great presentation is essential. In addition to this, the most important thing to keep in mind while planning culinary having enough for everyone.

In some cases the food is leftover. Donate the food to the shelter homes or to the NGOs. This will not only prevent the food wastage but will also put it to great use.

Keeping these small things in mind can help anyone plan the culinary for events successfully.

How To Start An Event Planning Service?

Have you been dreaming since a long time about commencing an event planning business? You probably might have been a part of the event industry for a few years and you are figuring out ways to finally start your own business. It could also be that you have organized a several events successfully in the past and are now confident of doing it all on your own. Now, if you are serious about getting started with your very own event planning business, make sure that you do take care of the factors mentioned below.

Gaining the much needed expertise and experience

If you want to taste success in the event planning industry you will need to ensure your clients that you have all the experience and knowledge required for this field. You need to bring it all before your clients. With this, you also need to have proper understanding about what an event planner does. You need to make certain and be confident about some solid skill:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Managing budget and be good with negotiation
  • Staying organized and time management is a must
  • Public relations
  • Explaining client how marketing and creativity help in expanding business

If you are qualified with a certified certification, it would be quite useful for fulfilling your dream.

You need to determine your forte in the area of event planning

Probably you have been steadily working in the area of corporate meetings and are quite efficient by now, and are ready to commence your very own business. The prime thing here is for you to realize what your strength is in the corporate field as a skilled event planner. The first and most common blunder that many event planners do is- they are ready to co-ordinate every and all kinds of events, like wedding, corporate meets, fundraising meetings, etc.

If you are planning to do the same, you need to STOP. Even though you would want to offer a repertoire of services, you have to understand that due to your past experiences you are where you are standing today. This is why determining your market properly is the key and a must here.

Developing an efficient business plan

Since you decided on your market, you may feel you are all set to declare to the world what all you have in your kitty. But, pause, you need to go slow. The urge to start a business is great, but you need to also get real as it’s not a world of fantasy. Just like every other business, even commencing an event planning company will need you to come about with a well-set plan.

But the positive news here is there are so many resources available, and you could get a lot of help from here. There are so many places where you get to understand and read about basics of business planning and several articles published, which would be quite handy for you.

Select the kind of business entity works best for your company

At the beginning, understand that the structure of your business is crucial. The most important part is to understand the sort of business entity which best works for you. Hence securing skilled and reliable advice comes in handy. There are several kinds of options accessible, but you will have to select what kind of business organization eventually represents your interest.

Social Event Promotional Tips and Tricks

Planning an event is a huge task at hand. One of the most important parts of planning any type of event is the promotion. No matter how nicely the preparation for the event has been done, if it does not attract the proper type and number of crowd, its effort went waste. If you are planning a social event and are confused about the promotion and publicity of it, here are a few tips that can help you make your event a success.

Target the appropriate crowd

The very first thing that any social event require is a crowd. Now, getting a crowd does not necessarily mean that these are the kind of people that will actually be interested in the services that are being promoted. There are some social events that require random crowds but most of them target a section of the society more than the other. So, it is very important to plan out your promotional strategies as such that the particular section of the society, be it the youth or the elderly or the working class etc gets information about it easily.  

Start Early

Now since you need to do plan the promotional strategies for your social event and also implement them, starting early is very important. Making other arrangements and promoting the event should go hand in hand. Set up a team to take care of all the planning and promoting.

Create your social event page

Since the internet is everywhere in today’s time, creating an event page is one of the most important things. It is important to make sure that your website gives all the information regarding the event and has a proper theme that accurately matches the purpose of the event. Most people use the internet today and your website is the first impression they will get of what the event is going to be like.

It is also a plus if you design a logo for your event. The logo can help you spread the word much more easily than the whole name would. Make sure that the logo is catchy and goes with the theme of the social event.

Never Ignore The Social Media

As already said, the internet is everywhere these days and so is social media. The biggest and the cheapest marketing strategy these days is the social networking sites. Every person of every generation uses one or other forms of social networking sites. The first thing to do is to create a page for your event on all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Next step is to put all the details on the page including the related pictures and videos. Tell your friends and your team to share the page on their respective social media accounts. Do not forget to link the website on the page.

Another brilliant strategy is to come up with a quirky hashtag for your social event. ‘#’ or the hashtag symbol is used to mark the important keywords on the different social media sites. So, anyone that is interested in the topic can use the hashtag with their post. This is very famous on the Twitter and Instagram.

Blog and Email

Blogging and Vlogging are two of the trends that are getting a lot of attention these days. Creating an interesting blog is an amazing publicity trick. The most important thing is to keep the content of the accounts interesting and keep updating regularly so that it keeps on popping up on the feeds of your followers.

Another way to make people aware of your event is to send in regular emails. Collect a database of the people subscribed to the event page or who might be interested in it. Send them notifications regarding it every week or ten days. You can also design a newsletter and send it to them every week that can have various deals and coupons etc to attract them.

Bring In Familiar Faces

Another great way to promote your social event is to bring in familiar faces. They can be anything from actors to ministers to sports personalities. It is even better if the celebrities have some connection to the event. You can also invite these celebrities as special guests to your events or to speak and perform at your event. This will direct their fan base, no matter how big or small to check out what their favorite celebrity is talking about. This will directly get you a lot of attention. Secondly, the celebrities no matter how famous are the ones who get the biggest media coverage. So, if a celebrity talks about your event, it is obvious that the media to notice it, increasing your publicity.

Tying up with famous brands can also get you a lot of publicity. So, try and get the famous brands that the people you are targeting would usually consume. Get them to either sponsor you or partner with you. This can be a two-way street, their name will publicize your event and in turn your event will be a nice platform for them to publicize their products.

The Print and Television Media

Print and television media are another amazing way to reach to the crowd. Most of the homes have at least one newspaper subscription and read it regularly. So, putting up an advertisement with the details of your social event can greatly popularize it. This can help you reach the people that do not have the access to the internet. If possible keep repeating your advertisement once in a week so that the people do not miss it.

If you have a good budget for the promotion, then television advertisements can also be a good source of promotion. Creating a catchy and unique advertisement that attracts the people to come to the event is important.

With these tips and tricks, you can easily get a lot of publicity for your social event. Also, the biggest tip to promote any kind of event is to be unique and to stand out.